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>> Anonymous 6mar2017(mo)10:36 No.44860 OP P1

[G] Slave Lord Part II (formerly Concubines Of Whoredor)

Suprised to see this wasnt uploaded yet. Full version of Slave Lord

[IMG] slave_lord_2.swf (12.64 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 1186 frames, 24 fps (00:49).
Ver20, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>> mittsies 6mar2017(mo)13:41 No.44867 A P2R1

there is nothing more boner killing than torture themes

why would this have to be such a sad fucking raping game
can't i just tie her to chair and fuck her? why go through all that torture nonsense just for some

unless the author is some sadistic bastard who preys on this whole "breaking their will" type of

>> Anonymous 6mar2017(mo)18:30 No.44868 B P3R2

rape and torture adds that little extra something-something needed for perfection

>> Anonymous 6mar2017(mo)22:08 No.44875 C P4R3

Speak for yourself, faggot.

>> Anonymous 7mar2017(tu)00:04 No.44878 D P5R4

get outta my board, you fucking normal fag.

>> Anonymous 7mar2017(tu)14:16 No.44911 E P6R5


Aren't you that furfag that made the diseased squirrel asshole flash?

GTFO u fkn hypocrite

>> Anonymous 7mar2017(tu)15:59 No.44914 F P7R6

How do I lower her reputation?

>> Anonymous 7mar2017(tu)23:25 No.44922 G P8R7



>> Anonymous 8mar2017(we)02:11 No.44927 H P9R8

This was pretty fun. It wasn't too repetitive and there was enough variety in the sex scenes to
keep me interested. Good work!

>> Anonymous 8mar2017(we)04:14 No.44928 I P10R9

Great game, I love these types of games! Keep em coming!

>> Anonymous 8mar2017(we)09:49 No.44931 J P11R10

This is a legitimately good game. Took me a bit but I was able to max everything out. No
in-your-face patreon advertising either, which I appreciate.

Props to the creator.

>> CroNoX 8mar2017(we)18:48 No.44941 K P12R11

I think I hacked this game 1 month ago or so. If I find it I will upload it.

>> Anonymous 12mar2017(su)22:29 No.45090 L P13R12

I have no idea how to access the tavern. Is it later on, or is it not implemented yet?

>> Anonymous 12mar2017(su)22:45 No.45092 L P14

What the hell does the brothel even do?

>> Anonymous 13mar2017(mo)22:32 No.45134 M P15R13

Whenever the world ends, I want this backround music to play through it. Easily the best part about
this game.

>> Anonymous 14mar2017(tu)02:27 No.45144 B P16R14

It is pretty sweet, got a bit of Age of Empires feeling in it.

>> Anonymous 16mar2017(th)05:35 No.46266 N P17R15

Keep training the slave until you can access the tavern is pretty much it.
When you can, it means you can get ready to send the slave off to the brothel for cash. The little
odd room with girls sitting around seems to have no real purpose other than that one book for fluff.
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