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[_] Anonymous 04/20/17(Thu)06:54:21 No.3236160

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 04/20/17(Thu)08:06:46 No.3236170

  But think of all the diversity! Surely that's worth a few tens of thousands of rapes?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/20/17(Thu)18:30:04 No.3236248

  sorry to ruin the fun but it's only because the number of reported rape crimes has increased, not
  the number of actual rapes. example 1: regret blowing that guy the next day? rape! example 2: he
  talked you into it? rape! example 3: he groped you at a party? rape! example 4: she was 14, he
  was 16 and both wanted to have sex? rape!

  honestly we're doing a lot of harm to girls teaching them that they have been "raped" when in
  many other countries they just brush it off. first of all it reduces the impact of real rape (you
  always have to wonder if it was real rape when hearing about someone being raped). second it
  makes the girl walk around and feeling that she's been wronged when in reality it's just part of

  tl;dr actual rape (forced sex) is not really high

>> [_] Anonymous 04/20/17(Thu)18:40:26 No.3236253

  yeah, my brother Abdul is right, 100% of the time it's not a real rape

>> [_] Anonymous 04/20/17(Thu)20:00:06 No.3236262

  haha, awesome
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