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This is resource RJ6V9D5, an Active Thread.
Discovered:20/3 -2017 02:27:18

Updated:25/4 -2017 22:13:16

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>> Anonymous 20mar2017(mo)01:45 No.46409 OP P1



[IMG] frankie-foster-and-bloo.swf (2.05 MiB)
640x480, Compressed. 2342 frames, 25 fps (01:34).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 20mar2017(mo)04:15 No.46417 A P2R1

excellent, a repost.

>> Anonymous 20mar2017(mo)14:49 No.46433 B P3R2

Oh "bloo hoo" have a cry

>> Anonymous 20mar2017(mo)14:55 No.46435 C P4R3

This is like 5 years old dude...

>> Anonymous 21mar2017(tu)01:17 No.46441 D P5R4

I mean yeah, it's a repost... But I still jacked off to it, so it did its job. :P

>> Anonymous 21mar2017(tu)03:52 No.46445 E P6R5

One of my favs, a real classic, I don't understand why people are upset about it, the new
generation of shitposters probably don't know this flash.

>> Anonymous 21mar2017(tu)09:03 No.46452 F P7R6

Zone in that time (~XJ9 too) was the cream on my crop, if you catch my drift.
The way he perfectly implemented the original voice work is swf porn excellence.

>> Anonymous 24mar2017(fr)05:09 No.46534 E P8R7

Yeah, the golden age of porn cartoon flashes

>> Jesus 27mar2017(mo)22:24 No.46652 G P9R8

does zone even make new animations at this point?

man i miss zone, quality animations and what not
nowadays, barely uploads a flash once a year
fucking sad

>> Anonymous 28mar2017(tu)13:19 No.46678 F P10R9

yes, lots of, as usually
just not in swf anymore as it seems, who knows, maybe for the animated loops

>> Anonymous 3apr2017(mo)14:37 No.46891 H P11R10

never understood why he never included some kind of fap mode in this with next/previous buttons. it
moves so fast

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)17:32 No.46940 F P12R11

>moves so fast
I bet you know what you have to do anon
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