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>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)06:33 No.49075 OP P1

Alice and The Mech Maze

After lurking everywhere I found this, is it good. Hell if I know

[IMG] alice_mech_maze.swf (4.17 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver11, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)06:52 No.49080 OP P2

Seems to glitch out and impossible to progress at some point? Anyone have a better/updated version
that isn't 1.0

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)11:28 No.49087 A P3R1

I managed to beat it.

It's just a a lot of going back and forth clicking all the buttons

One of the doors that opens up has a further hallway you might have missed

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)11:35 No.49088 B P4R2

Same problem. After a while all cores start firing at full speed and trying to move will result in
30 second lag followed by 1 step forward.

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)12:21 No.49089 C P5R3

The second to last transition down that side hallway breaks for me.

>> Anonymous 3may2017(we)19:02 No.49091 OP P6R4

Think it's a browser problem or something? Everytime I get that electric-switch thing i cant head
back at all? >>49087 what browser did you use

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)01:01 No.49103 OP P7

Can anyone uploaded a fixed/recent version if possible?

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)12:32 No.49109 D P8R5

very glitchy indeed. i cant play it at all on firefox, she can't walk to the right? only to the
left. pity because i love machine bondage

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)14:38 No.49115 A P9R6


Using google chrome. Game works fine for me.

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)21:08 No.49118 E P10R7

This was surprisingly buggy and rather disappointing. So another quality game from 3DCuckhouse!

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)23:33 No.49123 OP P11R8

Im using chrome also? and it works fine up until as one anon said the 2nd to last room area where
you get that lever..switch thing? then you are unable to keep going right? were you able to go past
that or is this just luck based where it "sometimes" works

>> Anonymous 4may2017(th)23:36 No.49124 F P12R9

If you get stuck in Firefox try pressing tab until you have found the right exist and keep pressing
enter until she starts walking, worked for me so far.
And don't press right mouse button, killed it for me

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)01:29 No.49127 G P13R10

I got it to work by highlighting the right exit with tab, mousing over the left exit and pressing

>> Anonymous 5may2017(fr)02:11 No.49128 H P14R11

just walk left then right again

>> Anonymous 7may2017(su)05:36 No.49200 I P15R12

This worked for the broken transition.

>> Anonymous 8may2017(mo)19:35 No.49248 J P16R13

Is this game missing some buttons?
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