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[_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)13:29:18 No.3226604

  How to fix Flash:
  >In the address bar, type chrome:plugins to open the Plug-ins page
  >Find the Adobe Flash Player
  >Check "Always allowed to run"
  >Close the Plug-ins screen

  Daily reminder. That is all.

>> [_] friendsofsandwiches 03/20/17(Mon)13:44:18 No.3226606

  See, this is why I use IE for 4chan and little else, because it can run flash relatively smoothly.
  But if I go to other sites, I use Chrome because I can keep flash OFF.
  out there
  with advertisements has possible injection flash ads.
  Yeah I know, I shouldn't trust 4chan THAT much, but for the most part, it's been kept clean, and
  even with the ads we have on here, they're not pumped in from outside sources so I've never had
  to worry about them dropping something in that shouldn't be there. It's only when I open up some
  other external site is when I start having problems.
  And that's why I have chrome.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)13:44:44 No.3226607

  >Using a botnet browser
  Deserved it

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)13:56:17 No.3226608

  what are you using?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)14:35:02 No.3226616

  Any tips on network security? I use Firefox and that usually disables flash-related content until
  it's manually allowed but I'm not sure that is enough.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)15:24:57 No.3226623

  >this is a boy
  your allegations mean nothing to me

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)15:25:17 No.3226624

  God, I love traps.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)16:25:38 No.3226631

  I'd hit it

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)16:55:07 No.3226639

  Just get an adblocker and a scriptblocker

  There you go. You should have this shit installed anyway.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)17:26:02 No.3226647


>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)17:47:24 No.3226652

  Or just enable click2play in Chrome.
  Or, if you want whitelisting, install Flashblock.

  Also, I sure hope you mean running Edge.
  IE is broken as fuck. Edge is at least reasonably decent. (and was barely fucked with at pwn2own,
  besides a VM-escalation chain)

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)17:51:23 No.3226653

  Oregairu season 2.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:00:36 No.3226659


>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:05:48 No.3226663



>> [_] :3 03/20/17(Mon)18:40:46 No.3226675

  how to be the boy?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)18:48:32 No.3226677

  cut your balls and dick into appropriate size

>> [_] :3 03/20/17(Mon)18:52:02 No.3226679

  >:c i just want to be cute not a tranny

>> [_] :3 03/20/17(Mon)18:53:04 No.3226681

  fuck i wanted to do an angry face not greentext

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)19:06:35 No.3226682

  I wanted to but it

  >is faster
  >opens up faster
  >works well with most sites
  >plays Youtube videos really well
  >most contemporary extensions are in here

  It works so well that i don't really care if they could look into my porn history.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)19:07:38 No.3226683

  Be Asian.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)19:24:45 No.3226689

  every time I open up another browser, it would take the 5 seconds to start versus chrome's one.
  And those 5 seconds would be all I need to decide to reinstall chrome

>> [_] Anonymous 03/20/17(Mon)19:25:18 No.3226691

  Probably some autismo gentooman approved browser, like lynx
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