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[_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)10:35:21 No.3216153


>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)11:07:43 No.3216172

  Godspeed Pingu ._.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)11:39:04 No.3216180

  I've probably seen this a dozen times, and I still feel sad watching it.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)14:26:31 No.3216214

  Reminder that animals are retarded

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)15:05:01 No.3216224

  >But why?
  This is legendary in the most somber sense.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:12:42 No.3216326

  I want to see his full retard journey

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:14:48 No.3216329

  Same. What the hell possesses one to just up sticks and fuck off into nowhere like that?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:24:26 No.3216332

  Maybe it's the moses of penguins.
  Wants to go his own way, not that mainstream feeding grounds, where he's "supposed" to be.
  Goes into the mountains.
  Way off his folks.
  Meets strange superior spiritual beings, called humans.
  They inspire him to strive for enlightenment.
  Returns to the colony as a wise and sage creature.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:29:48 No.3216336

  Then gets his colony lost for 40 years looking for a new nesting ground.
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