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Ended:21/7 -2017 20:22:19

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>> Anonymous 1apr2017(sa)06:49 No.46808 OP P1

Creambee Disney

Some small piece by creambee

[IMG] Creambee - Disnuts.swf (1.23 MiB)
900x700, Compressed. 268 frames, 24 fps (00:11).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 1apr2017(sa)14:41 No.46820 A P2R1

Literally could not have ended better

>> Shrek 1apr2017(sa)15:36 No.46822 B P3R2

Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts

>> Anonymous 1apr2017(sa)20:24 No.46829 C P4R3

isnt this traced from that one ben10 flash?

>> Anonymous 1apr2017(sa)23:03 No.46833 D P5R4

Is it? As usual...
You'd think it would atleast look good if it was.

>> Anonymous 2apr2017(su)00:55 No.46836 E P6R5

Nah the ben 10 flash is a bit different. Same pose, but the angle is all wrong, the arms are doing
different things, and the tits look different. Close though.

>> Anonymous 2apr2017(su)01:00 No.46837 F P7R6

fucking lol, nice cum sequence

>> Anonymous 2apr2017(su)20:52 No.46863 G P8R7

10/10 holy shit

>> Anonymous 2apr2017(su)20:57 No.46865 H P9

This faggots "quality" is all over the place, funny how it changes all the time.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the source material changing though.

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)14:37 No.46929 I P10R8

That JoJo Bizarre reference at the end

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)17:10 No.46934 J P11R9

It does seem like the style constantly changes. Probably getting more subtle about the sources he
traces. People don't trace when they know how to draw and you don't learn to draw overnight.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)01:36 No.46952 K P12R10

>that one ben10 flash
Which one?

I keep seeing people claiming he traces but I never see anyone posting which pictures in question.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)01:54 No.46954 L P13R11

I find the real stuff with cartoon outlines really disturbing

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)01:55 No.46955 J P14

His debut animation featured a traced pose from another artist, a trace of peach's face from a
nintendo promotional, and the dicks are continuously traced from what appears to be from a pornhub
screenshots. Although he is getting better about deleting images from his file libraries recently.
Which is how people initially caught him. At least the dick part.

Real artists reference, not trace. It's not plagiarism but because he does it for money, people are
shaming him. He's been mostly unapologetic and making excuses such as "I really liked that pose."

He also patrols this site so it's extremely easy to write off people pandering to his work as he
himself behind a proxy.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)06:03 No.46965 M P15R12

>everyone who doesn't follow my opinion is just OP shamefagging
Deez nuts indeed
Have yet to see anyone pander to those shitty files,
but at least it's OC.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)06:27 No.46966 J P16

I didn't say that but you are free to act as retarded as you want. It's kinda funny that you are
white knighting for a porn creator though.
Also sage. This entire conversation is stupid.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)15:39 No.47975 N P17

What a tumorous heap of cancer

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)20:33 No.47978 O P18R13

Good work Creambee! Make sure to check out his Patreon guys and show him some support ;)

>> Anonymous 6apr2017(th)04:27 No.47991 P P19R14

the samefagging is real

>> Anonymous 6apr2017(th)04:53 No.47992 Q P20R15

t. not creambee

>> Anonymous 8apr2017(sa)01:33 No.48064 M P21R16

Sure let me just grab the right proxy back, must be this one XXX---DDD
Wait, which one did I take for impersonating OP? God, I have so many of those...
>inb4 this whole thread is just one lonely anon pretending to have a conversation, don't hate

Oh. So naming OP's work "shitty files" flies for whiteknighting now, phew lad.

>> Anonymous 9apr2017(su)00:22 No.48092 O P22R17

Guys act mature. Instead of arguing just support Creambee instead. It doesn't cost much!

>> Anonymous 20apr2017(th)14:14 No.48510 R P23R18


ya know creambee, the harder you try, the more pathetic you look

>> Anonymous 1jul2017(sa)19:00 No.50841 S P24R19

I honestly wish this artist would try to draw their own work, or just off themselves already.
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