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[_] Halo Wars 2 05/17/17(Wed)16:52:14 No.3245296

  Who here has Played Halo Wars 2?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)17:01:52 No.3245300

  Fuck off

>> [_] Halo Wars 2 05/17/17(Wed)17:04:40 No.3245302

  I go through all the effort to convert this to a flash. Rip

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)17:14:19 No.3245309

  sorry that you put in the effort just to look like a shill

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)17:21:53 No.3245312

  I don't say this often but this reeks of shill to me. If I'm in the right I'd advise you to try
  your luck in some other place since your time here will be most likely wasted. Only a few
  thousand browse this board which is a tiny fraction of the likes of /v/, /b/ and /pol/ and those
  who do will call you out not only on suspicion of what you are doing but for posting non native
  flash content too. In case you aren't promoting the game for money you should consider trimming
  the end to omit the outright xbox advertisement, it really makes it look like you are.

>> [_] Halo Wars 2 05/17/17(Wed)18:04:16 No.3245319

  That obvious, huh? Well, I'll take your advice, at least. Thanks friend :)

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)18:25:41 No.3245326

  daily reminder that ensemble studios died for this shit

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)21:06:12 No.3245384

  Kill yourself please

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)21:58:36 No.3245393

  Pfft, this isn't the eurobeat edit. Not worth watching. Halo is garbage anyway.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)22:08:55 No.3245398

  nigga did you just post an ad?

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)22:13:10 No.3245400

  video games are for little kids

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)22:14:35 No.3245402

  Okay, grandpa. Have fun watching TV and eating caramel.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)22:56:49 No.3245412

  television is degeneracy and I don't much care for caramel.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/17/17(Wed)23:43:45 No.3245431

  ah, a fellow table builder
  how many tables are you able to make before the afternoon
  I am up to 6 myself.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/18/17(Thu)00:18:51 No.3245444

  >2 whole seconds of play time
  for real, player, stop doing this. You ain't cut out for this shit.

  Sing it, bruthah.
  Also, remember that out of the paltry 'few thousand" A good portion of us are actual Flash
  producers who dump here. OP, you're in a minefield, /f/riend.

  The only way, mang
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