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>> Pasha1001 20feb2017(mo)11:08 No.44384 OP P1

Minus8 - Suzy - Pasha1001_EDIT

Yes I still exist! Another small edit.


I need some advice. I'm kinda in a ethical dilemma. I've been making Stacie Chan (Jade Chan) voice
samples the last couple of month. There is still a lot of work left and right in the middle I've
realized that she was 12 when she started voice acting. I thought her voice was just naturally
squeaky. Knowing that she was 12 in season 1 makes me uncomfortable. I'm thinking of doing another
char. But switching would delay my "original" contribution a couple of month and all the work I did
so far would go to waste. I'm stuck and need some opinions.

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>> Anonymous 20feb2017(mo)19:23 No.44396 A P2R1

Honestly don't worry about it. No one reasonable will care how old they were when voice samples
were recorded.

>> Anonymous 20feb2017(mo)19:37 No.44397 B P3

>No one reasonable will care
The law isn't "reasonable" when it comes to children and suggestive content.

>> Anonymous 20feb2017(mo)21:13 No.44402 C P4R2

I don't give two shits about how old the actress are when she is saying something. In fact I wonder
why there's no company out there that get children to say lines that are completely innocent but
then cut them together to be really naughty. I'm sure there's a big market for it in Japan, maybe
it even exists there already?

Anyway you just shot yourself in the foot, the correct answer is to pretend that you didn't know if
someone ever points her age out to you in the future. By making this post you are admitting that
you did in fact know and are making a big deal out of something that doesn't really matter.

Guys that would get a hard on from a girls voice would still get it no matter her age, it doesn't
matter. Girls voices don't really change much after 12 years old either, remember that they finish
developing faster than guys. As for being ethical, she was in no way in any harm during recording
so why should it matter how you cut it? You're still making porn of drawn children, how ethical is
that in the first place... Besides it's not like you are trying to cut together the IRL actress'
voice and make her look bad or anything like that, everybody knows its just samples from the show
taken out of context.

Btw what is .moho?

>> Anonymous 20feb2017(mo)22:05 No.44404 D P5R3

please for the love o god dont spam your mediocre lazy edits here again
cause no one give a shit i assure you

>> Anonymous 20feb2017(mo)23:02 No.44405 E P6R4

I'm fairly certain that it's legal for underage people to voice act in explicit material in Japan.
I don't know the legality of that kind of thing anywhere else but then again I don't know the
legality of taking voice samples from copyrighted stuff in general so, I dunno. Unless you're
trying to sell it I doubt many suits would care either way.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)00:35 No.44409 F P7R5

Look if you're going to make/edit a porn flash and put voices in it make fucking sure they're not
cheesy as hell

Also I don't know much about that shit so I don't know. I'm sure there's at least 10 different
loopholes in U.S Law that allow it, though.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)00:36 No.44410 F P8


You ARE gonna use those voice samples for something like editing a flash, right? Don't fucking
tease me with shit like that if you're just gonna decide "nop it's private lel. get cucked XD"

>> Pasha1001 21feb2017(tu)02:30 No.44412 OP P9R6

Wow only one flamer!

>>44404 I'll upload as many mediocre lazy edits as I please. There aren't many that like my edits
but there are some. So go scream in your pillow or something cause I'm not gonna stop.

.moho = Moho Studio 12 project file. If you had read the File Extensions.txt in my folder or used
google you'd know already.

I love lolis but they ain't real and I can pretend they are small women. But I personally don't
like using a 12 year olds voice be there loopholes or not. I've decided to finish the voice samples
but I won't use them personally. I'll just make the animation with subs or speech bubbles. You guys
can knock yourself out with them.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)03:12 No.44414 G P10R7

I thought you fucked off to 7chan. Whatever. It's nice to see familiar garbage rather than
unfamiliar garbage. Still doing these shitty edits, I see?

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)05:54 No.44421 F P11R8


So you're going to do exactly the thing that I asked you not to do. Okay. Fuck off.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)05:56 No.44422 H P12R9

As far as we are concern, we have might fap to cow squeals by now with out even knowing it. It's
not like I care though.

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)06:01 No.44423 I P13R10

the comments on these usually have me dying

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)09:03 No.44428 C P14R11

>or used google

>> Anonymous 21feb2017(tu)09:22 No.44430 J P15R12

don't start this discussion again -.-

>> Anonymous 22feb2017(we)01:46 No.44452 K P16R13


>> Anonymous 22feb2017(we)13:58 No.44470 L P17R14

what you do takes literally as much skill as growing mold

>> Anonymous 22feb2017(we)14:34 No.44471 J P18R15


>> Obvious Samefag -post letters are a myth 22feb2017(we)15:02 No.44474 M P19R16

I gotta admit,
I like this edit. Imagining she would love to grind that masturbation toy rather than random -8
shilouette dude.

Also please don't pay attention to such frivolous "moral" reasons when making content. It's all
about the content. Nice that you show consideration, but noone cares about cut voice samples from
some (underage) person going in an swf with non-underage content.
Except everyone who wanted to see it happen.
Can't give any legal advice though!
I for one, welcome our loli overlords.

>> Anonymous 22feb2017(we)17:14 No.44480 N P20R17


>> Anonymous 22feb2017(we)18:12 No.44485 O P21


>samefagging is impossible because post letters aren't tied to IP


>> Anonymous 23feb2017(th)02:29 No.44506 M P22


Jesus, it was just a joke in the namefield. Did I strike a chord? :^)

>> Anonymous 3mar2017(fr)06:27 No.44779 P P23

I thought this attention whoring faggot was laughed off the site?
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