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  >> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)09:10 No.49524 OP P1

   ashi_loop.swf (7.95 MiB)
  1280x720, Compressed. 166 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
  Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
  Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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  >> Shrek 16may2017(tu)10:16 No.49526 A P2R1

  0/10 E X T R A T H I N

  >> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)14:31 No.49532 B P3R2

  he should of made the loop after they kiss'd in series

  >> Anomalous 16may2017(tu)16:08 No.49534 C P4R3

  Why does the one quote where she likes it has to be at the end of the loop?

  >> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)18:53 No.49537 D P5R4

  Thanks for uploading! I have no idea who the character is though and can only assume that it's
  someone from Samurai Jack? Judging from the art style.

  Honestly I'm surprised he released something in flash again. I'm pleased of course but I won't be
  fully happy until he release the swf for XXXtreme Ghostbusters, then I will fully embrace zone
  once more.

  >> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)19:03 No.49539 E P6R5

  This is silly.
  If you hate the guy that's shoving his dick down your throat so much, just bite down.

  >> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)22:02 No.49542 F P7R6

  And then you die

  A Chel loop was supposed to be next, but nope.
  I'm sure he'll continue releasing in flash.

  >> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)23:04 No.49544 G P8R7

  >This is silly.
  Welcome to hentai.
  The inflation porn is to the left, tentacles on the right.
  Please put on your seatbelt and be wary of low flying succubi.

  but seriously now. I think I've read somewhere that it's impossible to bite down when something
  is in you throat. some sort of reflex, dunno.

  What annoys me more is that he's visibly cumming down her throat, yet cum is shooting out the
  side of her mouth and then she's spitting out quite a lot.
  Is he cumming thru his skin or what?

  >> Anonymous 17may2017(we)06:42 No.49554 H P9R8

  The file is too big to be supported by flash, it would have to be released in multiple parts.

  >> Anonymous 17may2017(we)15:07 No.49573 I P10R9

  Thought we established that that's bullshit

  >> Anonymous 17may2017(we)17:02 No.49574 J P11R10

  This looks like it took a day to make

  >> Anonymous 18may2017(th)03:23 No.49592 D P12R11

  False. Zone has either lied to you or doesn't really know the flash format even after all these

  >> Anonymous 18may2017(th)04:20 No.49595 H P13R12

  Get shrekt, scrubs.
  >16000 onion layers.
  It's like pottery.

  >> Reportpugnaforfeed 18may2017(th)11:37 No.49607 K P14R13

  Why is it have to be rape?

  Jesus fucking christ what's up with zone's autistic rape fetish?
  normally i wouldn't give a f**k about this, but the show is ACTUALLY good! and this animation
  does nothing but degrade it, sigh... zone posts nothing for decades and no one gives a damn
  zone posts something shitty, and people are conflicted

  >> Anonymous 18may2017(th)16:11 No.49609 D P15R14

  Guys like force. Thousands of years have constantly rewarded the strongest, it's in our nature by
  now. Girls like to imagine being raped as well (by handsome men that also make them come of

  >> Anonymous 18may2017(th)16:16 No.49610 D P16

  You can get around the 16k limit by using MovieClips. Use two frames in the main timeline with a
  MovieClip in each one and you can now use 32k frames. I've tested it myself to be sure it works.

  Just the fact that Adobe doesn't mention this in the article you linked to proves that they don't
  give a damn about the format they bought. Regardless, if Zone's a flash expert he should know
  about it nontheless.

  >> Anonymous 19may2017(fr)03:05 No.49632 L P17R15

  No, FAGGOTS like force

  And this should have been one of the meme worthy dog girls getting fucked.

  >> Anonymous 19may2017(fr)04:07 No.49633 H P18R16

  Landwhale feminists detected. Everybody knows that rape is funny, so get over it. You're probably
  whores anyway so rape is basically like free sex to you.

  >> Anonymous 19may2017(fr)05:37 No.49636 M P19R17

  I kept watching more than I needed to cause I was curious just how many variations in dialogue
  would happen, and it seriously went past like 20+ (I stopped counting)

  >> Anonymous 19may2017(fr)05:44 No.49637 M P20

  wow, like I said ^ I kept watching, and in the end she actually likes it, and it has a different
  animation bit, but then afterwards it loops back to the start. (it was definitely like 25-30+
  dialogues beforehand though)

  >> Anonymous 19may2017(fr)15:18 No.49642 I P21R18

  Jesus I stopped after 5. I thought >>49534 was just trolling. This is a pretty long "loop".

  >> Anonymous 20may2017(sa)06:38 No.49666 N P22R19

  Anybody notice that fluffy fucking zone-stream thing floating by? It even says a line.

  >> Anomalous 20may2017(sa)17:07 No.49677 C P23R20

  That's Jack's conscience.

  >> Anomalous 20may2017(sa)17:10 No.49678 C P24


  >> Anonymous 21may2017(su)03:39 No.49691 O P25R21

  rape is awesome. there isnt enough rape flash out there, zone is the last we got so gtfo

  >> Anonymous 22may2017(mo)15:05 No.49737 I P26R22

  >90% of all MoonRuneTopia flashes are rape.
  >Moar r@p3 plz!!!!!

  >> Anonymous 22may2017(mo)18:13 No.49740 P P27R23

  Seeing Ashi like this makes me sad. Jack loved her :'(

  >> Anonymous 22may2017(mo)22:01 No.49742 Q P28R24

Rape is fine. But can someone edit it so it's just the one where she likes it?

  >> Anonymous 22may2017(mo)22:16 No.49743 R P29

  Get lost you rightwing, fascist, bigoted, literally Hitler, type Nazi.

  >> Anonymous 25may2017(th)07:54 No.49833 S P30R25


  Jack is just being a bit rough, Ashi as best waifu endures to please him.
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