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>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)00:18 No.46912 OP P1

view at native res

[IMG] Freya Things by Stoic.swf (3.79 MiB)
800x680, Compressed. 215 frames, 24 fps (00:09).
Ver23, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)00:33 No.46915 A P2R1

if only it was vectors

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)01:42 No.46917 B P3R2

if only you were aborted

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)06:38 No.46922 A P4R3

it looked so pretty in the thumbnails, i cant help but feel let down when i get pixels instead

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)08:05 No.46925 OP P5R4

The artist shared the scenes in higher quality, we just need a flash wizard to reassemble this swf.

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)09:40 No.46926 C P6R5

>scene 1
ayyy flick a dick

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)18:26 No.46943 D P7R6

>Freya animation
>no cum
why live

>> Anonymous 4apr2017(tu)20:00 No.46944 E P8R7

>with a dozen lewds characters in FFIX, they animate an androgynous rat
>no Garnet in trance mode

Fucking furries.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)00:44 No.46947 F P9R8


Freya is the only reason people remember FFIX even existed. It has nothing else noteworthy about it.

>> Anonymous 7apr2017(fr)13:01 No.48037 G P10R9

same could be said for everything after 9

nothing but generic weeb shit as far as the eye can see
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