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>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)05:33 No.46709 OP P1


[IMG] BehindTheDune-V13.4.swf (11.92 MiB)
1152x864, Compressed. 22 frames, 20 fps (00:01).
Ver14, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)05:41 No.46710 A P2R1

And... what's the changes, comrade?

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)07:05 No.46712 B P3R2

Blowjob scenes with all the stillsuit girl shen you have the Voice. Later you get another one with
Jessica at the reservoir (it doesn't work right away, come back later)

They're pretty much the same scene with different heads though.

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)10:20 No.46721 C P4R3

>tit fucking scene with the huge boobed mutant chick
>you actually fuck the tit, like in the nipple

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)13:05 No.46725 D P5R4

how did you get a scene with the navigator mutant?
clicking on tank does nothing and dialog options do nothing, you can't have the voice unlocked by
then either

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)14:45 No.46727 E P6R5

are there any cheats or walktroughs for this?

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)15:43 No.46735 F P7R6

Again how did you get blowjob from mother?

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)16:57 No.46741 G P8R7

You have to use the voice on every freman. After that she won't be able to resist.

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)18:33 No.46745 H P9R8

How do you get this scene my friend?

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)20:59 No.46750 I P10R9

to get the mutant titfuck you need to kill both the emperor and the baron in the end

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)21:22 No.46755 J P11R10


do it too often with your mother will get you killed

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)21:34 No.46757 K P12R11

Do NOT threaten me!

>> Anonymous 29mar2017(we)21:42 No.46758 L P13R12

you can also titfuck jessica right at the beginning (or just choose chapter 2 from the menu), talk
to her, tell her you think the revered mother is hot, then that you can handle it, then ask if you
can play with them

>> Anonymous 30mar2017(th)01:35 No.46762 M P14R13

You have to kill the Emperor and the Baron at the end.

>> Anonymous 30mar2017(th)03:57 No.46765 B P15R14

You can also tell your dad that you got a boobjob from your mom. I have no idea what comes out of
that though.

>> Anonymous 30mar2017(th)23:01 No.46782 N P16R15

you can get a sex scene with the mother after you get a blowjob from her, leave and come back, tell
her to take a swim then command her to suck you off, then if you choose the ride me option she will
do it.

>> Anonymous 30mar2017(th)23:01 No.46783 N P17

you can have sex with the mom by getting the blowjob from her, then telling her to go swim naked
then telling her to blow you and then telling her to ride you.

>> Anonymous 31mar2017(fr)03:04 No.46785 O P18R16

Considering that the artist making this game generally likes to draw huge tits, I was hoping
there'd be both unique titfucking and nipplefucking scenes for each character, or at least more
than two total.

>> Anonymous 31mar2017(fr)04:25 No.46787 P P19R17

How do you get her to suck? I always get told I'm a rookie, feelsbadman.jpg

>> Shrek 31mar2017(fr)18:22 No.46795 Q P20R18

Another not-so-secret scene

No, Mother
I don't care
Don't kill baron Continue
Let's make

Thank me l8r plebs

>> Shrek 31mar2017(fr)18:29 No.46796 Q P21

Great game but 9/10 in my opinion.

Could've been 10/10 if they add more scenes to the fremen, like fucking and more boobs scenes stuff.

But still, one of the top ten best games in my hall of fame flash porn.

>> Anonymous 5apr2017(we)01:29 No.46950 R P22R19

Walkthrough here:

>> Anonymous 6apr2017(th)04:08 No.47989 P P23R20

*tips fedora*

>> Anonymous 11apr2017(tu)17:59 No.48161 S P24R21

how do u get the dickgirl scene?

>> Anonymous 13apr2017(th)22:06 No.48267 T P25R22

The game's really good, great art style and genuinely funny humour. I did a full playthrough of it
on Pornhub:
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