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Discovered:18/2 -2017 01:15:59

Ended:18/2 -2017 13:17:39

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[_] Goodnight /f/. I'll leave you with this Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)19:13:01 No.3216307

  also don't mind that bottom left message, it's very outdated

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:00:22 No.3216317

  I wont marry you but I will fuck your tight asshole.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:03:25 No.3216322

  why the fuck do I save the files instead of opening them in a new tab now?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)20:20:15 No.3216331

  You gotta reset firefox settings or some bullshit by deleting a file. Just google it, it's
  annoying as fuck.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)21:13:07 No.3216349

  Are you shitting me with this fuck?
  :v can suck my nuts

  check your behavior of shockwave flash objects under applications in settings
  maybe it's not set to adobe flash player?

>> [_] :v 02/17/17(Fri)21:34:38 No.3216353

  >inferior external gonads

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)21:48:27 No.3216357

  thanks I figured it out. just had enable flash to run every time instead of asking.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/17/17(Fri)22:00:30 No.3216359

  Sorry I'm already married to shitposting.

>> [_] friendsofsandwiches 02/18/17(Sat)04:32:23 No.3216447

  well at least it wasn't "the Game"

>> [_] Anonymous 02/18/17(Sat)06:02:12 No.3216464

  I'll give it a :V / 10

>> [_] Anonymous 02/18/17(Sat)06:09:08 No.3216465

  I don't know what these instructions are supposed to be
  which am I supposed to do first?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/18/17(Sat)06:11:43 No.3216467

  alright I figured something out:
  widen the screen until you can see the white on both sides
  right click > zoom in
  using the grabby hand cursor, drag inside the flash either up or down, doesn't matter
  click and drag the bottom right corner of the window to resize it and see some crap

>> [_] Anonymous 02/18/17(Sat)06:51:26 No.3216470

  cg everyone I hope you had fun

>> [_] Anonymous 02/18/17(Sat)07:06:55 No.3216474

  now that's just spoiling the fun
  don't make me redo this in full hd or in 2k
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