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>> theinsanedolphinsays 13aug2017(su)19:40 No.52460 OP P1

Slave Lords of the Galaxy v0.1.6

Slave Lords of the Galaxy, now with secrets stuff

[IMG] Slave Lords of the Galaxy v0.1.6.swf (16.52 MiB)
1040x585, Compressed. 2221 frames, 24 fps (01:33).
Ver20, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 13aug2017(su)21:31 No.52465 A P2R1


>> Anonymous 13aug2017(su)22:24 No.52467 B P3R2


- Added an intro ( you don't have to start from the beginning to see it. There's a potion in your
bedroom which lets you revisit the experience)
- Added unlockable 'secrets'
-Added a couple more outfits
-More spelling corrections.

-5/8/2017 fixed bug with gag during spanking - update to 0.1.5

-11/8/2017 - update to 0.1.6

-Corrected some typos
-Added 'skip intro' option to intro

to unlock the 'secrets':

1 - spank her until her mouth opens and tongue hangs out
2 - save up 1000 credits or over
3 - feed like a dog for 3 days in a row

>> Anonymous 15aug2017(tu)01:54 No.52495 C P4R3


mah hero

>> Anonymous 15aug2017(tu)05:24 No.52499 D P5R4

this is fantastic

>> Anonymous 15aug2017(tu)12:20 No.52509 E P6R5

pretty promising new project
like what I seen so far and it gets better and better

>> Anonymous 15aug2017(tu)13:47 No.52511 F P7R6

Honestly fantastic,shame it's not done yet.

>> Anonymous 15aug2017(tu)13:49 No.52512 F P8

>nearly 6k per month
Holy shit they're making bank,good on them.

>> Anonymous 15aug2017(tu)16:53 No.52513 G P9R7


That matters how long they've been running. Are they already milking the patreon?

>> Anonymous 19aug2017(sa)02:28 No.52576 C P10R8


well at least this is thousand times better than that fucking farm game

>> Anonymous 19aug2017(sa)07:32 No.52584 H P11R9


Furries and their disposable income.
I actually support that they are being scammed so hard.

It's only here that OP flash don't work?
No buttons works after the intro, if I skip the intro or not it's not important, I keep stuck on
the city map before any dialog.
Chrome 60

>> Father analworth 20aug2017(su)11:49 No.52607 I P12R10

why are they even publishing unfinished flashes??

and pay for this no less...

i sometimes fathom who is stupid enough to sponser this shit

>> Anonymous 20aug2017(su)15:39 No.52610 J P13R11

>i sometimes fathom
Stop trying to use expressions you don't know.
>name, title, plebbit-spacing.
Just fuck off.

>I actually support that they are being scammed so hard.
Smart man, let them bleed money.

>> Anonymous 20aug2017(su)21:21 No.52619 K P14R12

Hey, that's pretty good.

>> Anonymous 13oct2017(fr)20:10 No.54211 L P15R13

frequently asked question: is it worth looking at?

>> Anonymous 15oct2017(su)02:45 No.54233 B P16R14

It's not bad if you like bondage/control/punishment fantasies. This is pretty self-contained as a
first chapter.
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