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[_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)01:06:37 No.3287093

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)01:15:03 No.3287094

  This is why we need to increase the minimum wage

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)01:20:18 No.3287095


  good move, bringing back Szechuan Sauce.
  Thanks Rick and Morty!

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)04:12:25 No.3287115

  Every time I watch this I secretly hope someone's going to fling a cup full of fry grease at her
  stupid fucking face.
  I wish there was a way to detect if someone's gong to be this kind of person in the womb while
  they can still be aborted.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)05:16:05 No.3287125

  she is obviously having mental issues
  have some sympathy

  also since when do they only serve chicken nuggets in the morning?
  I never knew it was a time effected food...

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)05:42:44 No.3287129

  >10:30 AM
  I think they were still only serving breakfast. They do this until 11 iirc.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)06:51:36 No.3287135

  maybe she had a bad day

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)07:28:32 No.3287145

  I wish I had a girlfriend who watches anime

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)07:31:30 No.3287146

  She might be an addict. An addict addicted to McNuggets

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)09:09:19 No.3287151

  >Customer being a cunt
  >obviously having mental issues

  Drugs or actually a cunt.

  From what I remember working at McDonalds its 10:30 is the start of the lunch period on weekdays,
  and 11:00 on weekends.

  According to the blurred date 12/11/2006 falls on a Sunday.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)09:20:01 No.3287154

  fake audio

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)09:50:36 No.3287158

  I've only seen this in gif form. thought it was fake

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)10:02:26 No.3287160

  Damn I really wanted to see her ultimate form too

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)11:02:31 No.3287164

  Me too.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)14:42:05 No.3287189

  Regardless, You do hear the scum of the earth say
  "Do you know who i am?"
  whenever they decide to get offended.

  Why WOULD anybody know who these bottom feeding lowlifes are Unwarranted self importance.


>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)16:03:15 No.3287204

  It all varies franchise to franchise. Some are open 24-7 and serve nuggets all day, others close
  or swap the menus for breakfast.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)17:56:53 No.3287221

  I had the same reaction when they didn't have my szechuan sauce

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)18:52:50 No.3287233

  Lol I love how the next car just pulls up after that shit like they're still going to get waited
  on nbd.

  "So uh...McNuggets?"

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)20:27:19 No.3287253

  no she seems spun the fuck out on drugs.
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