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This is resource E07K39E, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:15/8 -2017 02:36:38

Ended:15/8 -2017 13:33:35

Checked:15/8 -2017 15:30:20

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[_] [A][M][E][S] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)20:33:55 No.3272544

  I got 62 seconds

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)21:17:08 No.3272547

  up to 129, fuck that gay purple game

>> [_] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)21:25:39 No.3272550

  I got to 97 :^

>> [_] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)21:27:00 No.3272551

  153, first try.

  Just hold the space bar down most of the time, let it go when a wall is too high to avoid that

>> [_] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)21:37:30 No.3272553

  205. It's the blue game that gets me most often.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)22:48:25 No.3272567

  221, my only regret is i fell short of trips
  Also, fuck red game. I get too caught up watching the ball roll around i forget about the other
  three games.
  Blue game too easy. Heck, blue and purple can safely stay in top and you never have to worry
  about them
  Green is just filler. 10 seconds is too much time

>> [_] Anonymous 08/14/17(Mon)23:17:33 No.3272570

  I suck at those fucking flappy-bird games, i'd probably lose if that was the only challenge.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/15/17(Tue)07:14:09 No.3272664

  that feel when 62 ; ;

>> [_] Anonymous 08/15/17(Tue)07:21:24 No.3272666

  this desu
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