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[_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)04:03:19 No.3272080

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)04:23:13 No.3272082

  i know its all hip and shit to mock "leftists"
  but for real real, the left has lost itself, it once stood for something, but it has defeated
  itself by moving further and further away from where it started
  in fact they defeated themselves by winning, the things that they used to have to fight for are
  now accepted as reasonable, equal rights, fair employment laws, suffrage, health care, etc... now
  what the hell are they left with, just the loony crap on the outskirts
  at least this is how it is in my country
  its a fucking circus
  the one thing that they still have right is environmental protection, but even then the lemonade
  stands are moving together

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)08:26:35 No.3272105

  go back

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)09:01:07 No.3272108

  Every childhood will have to end eventually, for better or for worse.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)10:08:01 No.3272120

  >it once stood for something

  no anon. they never stood for anything. all this sexual political bullshit has been there since
  the begining. it died off during the 80s and 90s and we thought it was done and gone and then it
  came back in full force in the 2000s.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)10:27:19 No.3272125

  He believes humans are the cause for global warming.

  Jesus fuck, I know he knows we're not. He's done an episode on his original show on shit like the
  planet's tilt, wobble, and orbit shifting so he SHOULD understand how that affects the planet.

  He's done shit on Volcanoes. He SHOULD know the impact they have on the planet.

  He's done shit on Jupiter and he SHOULD know how much its gravity affects our orbit.

  I know he's aware of micro climate change because of all of this. (Last mini ice age for example
  was in the 1930s and lasted for around a decade which sparked famine which fueled Hitler power to
  rally Germans by convincing them to invade more land to farm and feed the people which of course
  turned into WW2)

  So hearing him buy all this shit and then regurgitating it makes me hate him so much now and he's
  murdered all his credibility with me.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)12:55:05 No.3272163

  Like you knew shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)13:23:37 No.3272173

  Fucking hell, were they seriously talking pseudoscience?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)13:36:53 No.3272177

  Science has become just what the jews wanted it to become, as we're living in a jewish occupation

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)13:39:16 No.3272179

  why didn't they just call the show
  liberal science lab while they were at it

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)14:03:21 No.3272186

  >mini ice age in the 1930s

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)16:47:17 No.3272206

  equal rights, fair employment laws, health care.. all true if you live in any western country but
  the US.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)16:57:58 No.3272208

  Happened various times before.

  But pop-science is all about blaming humans.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)17:09:01 No.3272209



  This place, 4chann, used to be populated by people who at least had some kind of usefull computer
  related skill (and of course the ocational furry and weaboo). People who in spite of their
  crippling social awkwardness, were capable of teaching themselves programing, photoshop, or other
  technical computer related skills. We used to expect any anon to be able to at least get into and
  override basic machine codes etc.

  Now 4chan is just full of lower class loosers, who talk about science as if it were some kind of
  black magic, yet claim they understand advanced gass exchange dynamics, based on a questionable
  alt-right website, and a wikipedia article. That the internet has become available to people like
  this is the worst thing that has happened to humanity.

  I belive voting, internet access and other advanced goods should only be available to people with
  higher education and at least one year of military service. Higher education should be free of
  course, so that everyone who wanted these things could get it, but not without working their ass
  of for it, and learning the ability to understand and accept that there are many complex
  problems, and few simple answers.


>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)17:13:14 No.3272210

  wow, you're impressingly stupid

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)17:14:14 No.3272211

  Great argument there.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)18:48:31 No.3272216



>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)18:55:28 No.3272217

  Its hip to mock leftists? I thought it was hip to mock the right wing... Who am I supposed to be
  mocking to fit in, guys?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)19:03:05 No.3272222

  >the things that they used to have to fight for are now accepted as reasonable, equal rights,
  fair employment laws, suffrage, health care, etc
  That's the big problem, though. None of those things are really considered reasonable by the
  Republican party.

  Sure, everyone talks like they are, but the US has gerrymandering and voter suppression like
  crazy, equal protection laws regularly get shut down, health care has just barely been regulated
  and almost left something like 24 million without insurance, and environmental protection is one
  of the hardest fought battles in the US.

  The problem is the far left is only focused on reshaping the world to balance it out in their
  image, and it's making the whole left look like loony nutjobs. Sort of how the far right are
  making all Republicans look like Nazis. And the backlash to that is spurning drastic responses
  and more and more and more backlash.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)19:17:35 No.3272225

  >Who am I supposed to be mocking to fit in, guys?
  Those you don't agree with.

  But seriously, mock anyone who's arguments don't hold water, as long as you can objectively back
  up what you're saying. Argue from a stance of fact, not emotion.
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