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[_] Care to dance, /f/? Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)10:16:06 No.3263036

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)10:56:54 No.3263042

  Whatever happened to the BioShock series anyway? Infinite came out in 2013 and Burial at Sea was
  finished in 2014.

  I'm all for not over-using a game franchise but it should be right about time now to announce an
  upcoming fourth game if there's one in development. I can't imagine that Infinite did poorly in
  sales seeing how big waifu status Elizabeth had online.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)19:12:38 No.3263143

  Starbreeze (aka the guys who also own PAYDAY and Psychonauts) are working on a neww Systemshock
  Bioshock on the moon please

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)20:09:28 No.3263158

  they don't own psychonauts or system shock, they are only publishing Psychonauts 2 and System
  Shock 3.

  they don't seem to own Bioshock. 2K Games seems to own Bioshock, since they have published all
  three titles and their expansions. and studios owned by 2K have developed the Bioshocks

  so there's no reason why bioshock shouldn't be able to get developed at the same time as
  systemshock, they actually dont have anything to do with each other except maybe some borrowed
  mechanics and the word "shock"

  seems like Night Dive Studios actually own System Shock 3

  on the systemshock 3 developers' wiki
  it says that Night Dive Studios will publish the game. as will Starbreeze? i guess you can have
  several publishers.

  game development can get really messy if you start to look behind just the titles. i didnt bother
  now but if you follow the actual people working at the companies you can see really nice
  connections in some places, or odd ones... to me it's mostly about the people making the games,
  not the companies. i don't understand loyalty to companies if the same people is not still there,
  a good example is blizzard. just a name, the people that mattered has long left the company and
  you can really tell it's not the same people making their games nowadays. that diablo 3 in-game
  shop was a dead giveaway to that

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)22:15:06 No.3263194

  Infinite was shit and kinda bombed, not hard but I still don't think it did well. Levine went off
  the rocker a bit and the series died with him firing the team.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)23:12:57 No.3263207

  Starbreeze is a publisher, not a studio. Overkill is the studio that made Payday.
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