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Happy midsummer's day!

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>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)10:10 No.50690 OP P1



 faucetgame.swf (26.22 MiB)
750x750, Compressed. 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)10:18 No.50691 A P2R1

what the hell is this literal trash

>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)16:04 No.50694 B P3R2

This can't be real. Surely a troll Patreon right?.... right?

>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)21:20 No.50699 C P4R3

is this 1999?

>> Anonymous 27jun2017(tu)09:27 No.50706 D P5R4

Maybe buy a couple anatomy books or a pose doll...anything. Just draw humans next time. I'm not
sure what is going on with the quality of the art, but it's also using up way more processing power
than it ever should.

>> UnitedAirline 27jun2017(tu)13:25 No.50713 E P6R5

burn it... burn it to the ground and throw the ash to the ocean

>> Anonymous 27jun2017(tu)19:39 No.50717 F P7R6

I like it, thought I prefer monsters over machines and it'S not explicit enough. Either the sprites
in the flash should be set to smooth in the properties or you should use vectors instead of pixels

>> Anonymous 27jun2017(tu)20:18 No.50718 G P8R7

This is worse than beef curtains

>> Anonymous 27jun2017(tu)20:38 No.50719 H P9R8

It's really astounding just how bad this thing is, like how could this possibly even be made today?
This thing is worse than flash games that came out 15 years ago. The "animation," and I'm being
kind to even call it that, is some of the jankiest shit I've ever seen. Like it's not even a
problem of internet connection or long loading or anything, it just IS that horrible. Just how can
someone be that incompetent?

>> Anonymous 27jun2017(tu)23:48 No.50722 I P10R9

did the artist/autist purposely make it blurry or something

>> Anonymous 28jun2017(we)11:53 No.50748 J P11R10


>> Anonymous 28jun2017(we)20:25 No.50757 B P12R11


Is this it? The new beef curtains?


>> Anonymous 3jul2017(mo)02:26 No.50883 B P13


>> Anonymous 3jul2017(mo)21:04 No.50906 K P14R12

oh my god what is this

>> Anonymous 4jul2017(tu)14:11 No.50923 B P15R13

The new beef curtains is what I want it to be ^^

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)10:39 No.51031 L P16R14


>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)12:21 No.51032 M P17R15

actually good stuff but why in the hell do people put that huge ugly patreon logo into their
things? it's super distracting. you'd think the huge link saying was enough so why the
logo in bright orange too?

also is patreon still trying to hide the fact that 90% of their money is from porn projects or do
their terms now actually allow these things?

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)04:29 No.51064 K P18R16

>actually good stuff
i hope god erases you from fucking history

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)17:59 No.51082 M P19R17

you simply don't appreciate the finer arts. your porn is played like a series of advertising
jingles while mine is played like jazz.

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)18:47 No.51085 N P20R18

and I thought peachypop having a patreon was highway robbery

>> Anonymous 11jul2017(tu)10:51 No.51191 O P21R19

new beef curtains

>> Anonymous 12jul2017(we)14:51 No.51222 B P22R20

thank you

>> Anonymous 15jul2017(sa)17:55 No.51300 B P23

never die

>> Anonymous 15jul2017(sa)22:49 No.51306 P P24R21

hey beef curtains had to step down for this new meme to be crowned.
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