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>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 24jun2017(sa)20:19 No.50645 OP P1

EroPharaoh - May's Forest Training (18+ commission)

Commission featuring May (Haruka) from Pokemon, hope you enjoy!

[IMG] EroPharaoh - May public.swf (4.93 MiB)
800x530, Compressed. 6 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 24jun2017(sa)22:18 No.50647 A P2R1

The voice in this is fantastic! You don't see actual dirty talk in these usually.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)03:28 No.50649 B P3R2

This is so fucking good.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 25jun2017(su)05:59 No.50651 OP P4R3

Thank you! :)

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)06:35 No.50653 C P5R4

It's alright. 6/10. Don't like the voice to much, and X-Ray shouldn't be on automatically. The art
style is good, though.

I like your work, but you do some minor things that piss me off. I can definitely see you getting
up there, though. You got that potential.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 25jun2017(su)06:52 No.50654 OP P6R5

Thank you! I can leave the x-ray off by default in future public commissions that have an external
cumshot - I only left it on by default for the internal cumshot. What do I do that pisses you off?
I can fix it if it's reasonable! I'm always looking to improve, so these kinds of comments can
really help. I've been doing adult animations for a bit over 2 months now and I want to do my best
to improve any potential to entertain and arouse. :)

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)07:22 No.50655 D P7R6

I did, thank you very much! Always like it when Pokémon balls are used for ballgags.

I think the "reduction" boob size is closer to how they actually are for the May character.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 25jun2017(su)07:37 No.50656 OP P8R7

Awesome, thanks :D

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)08:22 No.50658 E P9R8

if you do, if you can,
be better than zone.

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 25jun2017(su)08:40 No.50660 OP P10R9

Better in quality? I think Zone is extremely talented. I don't like to compare to other artists
anyhow, we all have something different to bring to the table. Or under the table.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)11:14 No.50666 F P11R10

Yeah, it really depends on art animation quality the most.
And you seem to nail this very well. I can't tell you how to improve on that, but keep at it.
For all the systemic nitpicks, I'd also suggest:
Make the canon boobsize the normal one, and make f.e. large and very large breasts or something
like that. Maybe a real reduction to appease lolifags (lots of them in pokemon).
I would also turn off xray at default (I always disable that) unless it's crucial to the experience
(like xtremely detailed internal cumshot animations) - The only part ist, that will probably make
lots of people miss the option. Maybe make it its own button?
Most artists do it that way. I find your two system menus a bit overkill in most flashes.
I can't always distinct what is system menu, what is other menus.
What's wrong with quality toggle in right click menu? I don't think most people go beyond high
You could move it there and name the menu simply "sound". And the other one "appearance". Make the
appearance menu at least more visually featured than the not so important system menu.

>> OceanMan 25jun2017(su)13:44 No.50668 G P12R11

Who this new guy? Damn he's good.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)13:56 No.50669 H P13R12

Which flash version you working with? If you ever have actionscript2 or 3 questions let me know.
just pm me via

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)17:41 No.50672 I P14R13

Well I'll be damned (thanks to your flashes, most likely), Nearfatal still exists. I hope your
tastes haven't lost any of their severity -- there's a criminal lack of such content.

>> Anonymous 25jun2017(su)19:03 No.50673 J P15R14

Think you're already doing better than Zone given how quickly you're working on these flashes.
Personally I'd like to see some variation in line weight or maybe an option to change the sizes of
more than just breasts(like having smaller or thicker thighs or wider/narrower hips)

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 25jun2017(su)22:14 No.50678 OP P16R15

Thank you! The default is currently what the commission guy wanted, but I can switch those defaults
to what you said for the public version. I disable quality toggle in the right click menu because I
don't like the "low" quality setting - it rarely actually seems to help the flash run much better,
and makes it look way worse. My quality button only goes from medium to high. I can definitely
refine those menus for the next one to make them more straight-forward :) Thanks again for the

Thank you!

I work in AS3. I appreciate the offer!! :) I will contact you if I have scripting difficulties (so
far I've been able to handle it, but I may do more complicated games later on).

I'm a huge fan of thick girls, so I plan on doing a lot of different body types in my personal
projects (which won't be worked on much until my Patreon picks up). Since this was a commission,
stuff like breast size was paid for. I need to get these out as quickly as possible so I can move
on to the next commission and pay my bills - I only put a few extra things in if I have time. :)

>> Hello 25jun2017(su)22:43 No.50679 K P17R16


Your stuff is great EroPharaoh. Love it much.
Nice art and smooth animations.

It's nice that you have such a great attitude!
My only comment is that it's too short... When a game's good you want more! That being said, don't
overwork and kill the passion and fun of making things, that's most important ;)

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 25jun2017(su)23:08 No.50680 OP P18R17

Thank you so much! I wish I could've put more in, but I gotta keep it going! ;)

Though it's scary living commission to commission money-wise (I could lose my living situation and
the car I'm in the last year of paying off. Plus not having much money to eat isn't great) it's so
much fun working on and learning all these different styles and the little details that sets them
apart. It really makes me appreciate the original animations that much more. I'm having a lot of
fun making these, and I'm thrilled that it appeals to so many people.

Thank you to you, and everyone :)

>> Anonymous 26jun2017(mo)08:50 No.50687 F P19R18

Welp, I always seem to forget how commissions work exactly.
I think of it such as "MAKE A FLASH OF MAAAAAY"
and not like "this boobsize over here, thighs as thick as shown in excerpt B" xD

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 26jun2017(mo)19:45 No.50697 OP P20R19

Yep! In my Supergirl loop for example, I made her hips and thighs thick and they requested I tone
it down, heh.

>> Anonymous 27jun2017(tu)09:21 No.50704 L P21R20

I think the substance just needs to be closer. you have your scenes so far out that I can barely
feel the action. I think your style of art is fantastic but, your positions for the characters seem
ordinary. I don't mean to be cliché but maybe if you just made it more towards your liking (in
terms of sex appeal), than other anons will feel whatever you feel as well. I hope this was
helpful, this is my first time not lurking on this site and I think you have a lot of potential

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 27jun2017(tu)09:34 No.50708 OP P22R21

Thank you! This was a commission - as are almost all of my animations so far - so unfortunately I
have no control over positioning or making it to my liking. My next commission is MUCH closer to
the action - POV doggystyle. Nothing unique but very fun nonetheless. ;) Keep one eye out for it!

>> milk 27jun2017(tu)19:31 No.50716 H P23R22

Thank you, I am always trying to improve. Thought there is a bit of a lack of gore in my works on
patreon, cause I would regret to lose my patreon. But I am trying hard to get it in somehow.
Biggest constraint is my time factor. Anyway, glad to hear you enjoy my work.

If you love thick girls check out blackadders work, I think he mastered it. Sometimes goes
overboard and most of the time nails it, so don't look at only one of his sets and say nah. Check
his earlier works too for less thick girls and mid for most thick. Not a thick girl fan myself, but
I like change. So yeah, love his works:

Anyway, back to topic: I personally don't like as3. Everything takes 3 times as long to code as in
as2. As3 is good for huge projects, as2 is good for efficiency. Just my five cent.
I like working with CS3 because it got the best help file (local, quick and easy to search) and is
the smallest memory hog of the adobe series. MX has the best most accurate and perfect vector brush.
And maybe interesting to you, last week I figured out a feature (in cs3) that I wanted for many
years and tried to do it but never could figure out how, until last week. Thought I am not sure if
it really works because I still need to do a bit of testing with it. So my xxx animations a huge as
fla. Like over 100mb. So the files become instable and slow and I have problems having multiple xxx
scenes in one fla. So my solution for now was importing xxx animations as swf which works fine, but
is a bit of a hassle and can be asynchron with big files. So I wanted to embed swfs into flas like
movieclips, which doesn't work. BUT last week I discovered (I know I am fucking blind because I was
looking everywhere for that feature) that you can import a movieclip from another fla, without
embedding it. It only is linked to the fla and gets embedded on publish which is EPIC if it will
work. Haven't tested it yet thought. Because there are pitfalls with it I need to figure out to use
without problems. Because as you know flash is super efficient and so it shares movieclips. If the
imported fla has a girl1_head movieclip and another imported movieclip has a girl1_head1 too, which
one is the latest :O It would be easy to store all movieclips in a folder named after the fla file.
But that's not efficient. All movieclips that are equal would be duplicated :( So I need to figure
out how that works if at all. But man, when I saw that feature (under Movieclip properties) I was
filled with pure joy :D

Anyway, keep up the good work. Doing comissions keeps you from making bigger projects like games.
But hey, animations are awesome too.

>> Shrek 27jun2017(tu)22:07 No.50720 M P24R23


Your porn games is selling like a god church. Keep it up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 28jun2017(we)05:39 No.50729 OP P25R24

AS3 is efficient enough to me, though there are a few things I wish they didn't change.

You seem pretty behind in versions of Flash (now Adobe Animate) - the vector brush in Animate is
infinitely better than in MX with all the different things you can do. All the drawing tools for
that matter, line tool, pencil tool, etc. They also brought back the "bone" tool, which I never
used, but is still fun to play with. It is also much more efficient with saving as well as being
able to import and embed SWF files easily.

As far as the commissions/bigger projects, if I didn't do the commissions I wouldn't be able to pay
my bills and I wouldn't be able to do ANY animations then! When my Patreon is able to pay the bills
by itself, I will be able to work on much bigger projects. :)

Thanks, Shrek! Always there for me!

>> Anonymous 28jun2017(we)07:35 No.50732 D P26R25

This is great, actual discussion about flash creation!

I wouldn't recommend anyone to use ActionScript 2 myself since if you learn AS3 you are basically
learning both Java and C# at the same time. No idea which one is faster between AS2 or AS3 but I
don't think it matters much on small scale and from what I've read AS3 should be more efficient.

Maybe you meant it's faster to work with AS2, as in "a faster work-flow"? If you use AS3 directly
in frames and don't make any classes I think it's pretty fast to work with too. Not sure if you
could do that in the first couple of flash versions that supported AS3.

Flash MX is from 2004, never thought about whether or not it has more "accurate and perfect vector
brush". Flash Pro CS3 is from 2007 and was the first version with AS3 so maybe you can't put AS3
into keyframes directly in that version. CS3 is the first version after Adobe bought Macromedia so
maybe that's why the drawing tools changed. I can't remember them being different since it's so
long ago now.

My personal favorite is Flash Pro CS6 from 2012. It's pretty old by now but the only thing I'm
really missing is being able to import .SVG vector graphics (instead you have to use their own .FXG
or .AI format). Pretty stupid because I think you could import .SVG in earlier versions? They
probably just wanted people to use their own format to try and keep them into their ecosystem. I
think .SVG import is back in new versions of Adobe Animate (I hope it is). They did the same thing
with the bone tool, removed it then put it back in. Adobe does these things for some reason, .EPS
was available in CS4 but removed in CS5 (or CS5.5) for example. I assume .EPS works in Adobe
Animate now too?

I did try Flash Pro CC from 2015 but they had removed the ability to embed XML metadata into the
.swf file (maybe I'm the only one that uses it) but what's worse they also removed the proper
preview window! The bandwidth profiler and download simulation were just gone. Those two things
coupled with the fact that there were not really anything new made me stick with CS6.

You who have Adobe Animate on your computer, would you mind telling me if you can embed XML meta
data into your exported .swf files now? Maybe they added back that feature? I suppose that the
preview window (with the bandwidth profiler and download simulation) is still gone since Adobe
hasn't been showing Flash much love these last years.

>> milk 28jun2017(we)07:48 No.50734 H P27R26

Yeah, I am no fomo, so I usually work with older stuff. At work I am forced to use all the latest
adobe products and they are the purest cancer of instable memory hogs. Also I didn't got the money
for the latest overpriced adobe garbage. We tried to use adobe animate at work, but all animation
programs except flash have the most stiff and unuseable acenite timelines, so we dropped it faster
than a hot potato with shit on it and rather write our animations as code. So yeah, animate isn't
for me. Bone tool I written my own extension for flash. But it's nice they put it back in. I am
suprised they put a way into the editor to import swfs in the fla. Maybe a as3 thing so I missed it
and also not really care about because as3 :) Anyway, thanks for the hint.

And yeah, that's what I thought too. It's good you have an efficient strategy with the commission
:) Keep up the good work!

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 28jun2017(we)07:53 No.50735 OP P28R27

AS3 is great for bigger projects as milk said, as it can do a LOT more. AS3 has a lot more code to
replace the simpler AS2 functions, so AS2 is great if there isn't too much interactivity (for
example, going to the main stage of the project to reference an object in code is
"MovieClip(root).objectname" instead of the much more simple AS2 "_root.objectname" (I think that's
what it was - it was a lot shorter, anyway, and a lot of coding is a lot shorter in AS2).

I haven't been using this new version for very long, so I'm still getting used to it, but it's
absolute 100% better in every aspect as opposed to MX, CS3+4, and Flash CC (before they changed the
name to "Animate") so far. I don't use the formats you mentioned so I'm not sure if they're
implemented, sorry. I think they have a guide on their website that indicates changes between

>> milk 28jun2017(we)08:07 No.50738 H P29R28

Writing code into any frame in any timeline is something macromedia "invented", not adobe. If ya
ask me, adobe is anything but innovative. For me flash stands out from the adobe products, as you
can see it wasn't born in that horrible family. Not an adobe fan myself.

As2 is less letters to write and also has a more simple to write and think syntax, as it's the same
as javascript. Yes, javascript is from hell, but for small projects and in a compiled enviroment it
is perfect. Anyway it's much easier to use. Also it doesn't make your applications crash, because
it ignores errors (like js) which is good for small shit, bad for big projects.

And yes, AS2 is slower than As3, but if you don't catch all the errors in As3 your programs will
freeze your whole computer for a while and crash completly. So as I said, AS3 is good for big
projects and AS2 for small.

It's important to know both languages. You should start learning as2 first as it is easier. And
then as3 which is more professional but not really needed if you work alone.

So that's my five cent on that

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 28jun2017(we)08:27 No.50741 OP P30R29

I agree with everything, but just want to point out that you can turn off the errors for AS3 by
clicking the options for the output and unticking "Show Output" (at least in Flash CC and up, not
sure if that was in earlier versions), so it doesn't slow anything down if there's a minor error.

>> milk 28jun2017(we)19:36 No.50756 H P31R30

Cool, no didn't knew that. Better late than never I guess. I remember when adobe introduced as3
tons of websites caused computers to freeze, because, catching all errors is annoying as fuck.

But just to point out to anyone who's interested:
bewbs.onclick = function(){}; and bewbs.onclick = null; is just one of the many examples how much
faster it is to write and think as2.
As3 would be:
bewbs.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, function(){} ); and bewbs.removeEventListener(
MouseEvent.CLICK, function(){} );

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 28jun2017(we)23:52 No.50765 OP P32R31

I'm STILL getting used to some of those changes. Every now and then I'll get mixed up and type out
the wrong code...but now that I'm getting more used to it, it's alright. :)

>> Anonymous 30jun2017(fr)14:13 No.50804 N P33R32

It was a shame you couldn't cum outside in this one, easily my favourite part of Fun In The Sun

also cum covered fucking would be great

>> Anonymous 30jun2017(fr)14:13 No.50805 N P34

this one was pretty good, but I wish you could cum outside. That was the best part of Fun In The

Cum covered fucking would be good too

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 30jun2017(fr)18:05 No.50806 OP P35R33

Feel free to commission your own! ;)

>> milk 30jun2017(fr)22:01 No.50817 H P36R34

I have no problems when using as2. But for as3 projects I usually have to look up how to set up a
package and class and the specific import paths. Like when I search for 20 minutes why my project
doesn't work because I forgot the public keyword in front of the class. I understand it is
important, but man, that's where the difference between fun and work starts :]

>> EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6 2jul2017(su)19:31 No.50874 OP P37R35

That's true, I don't remember running into nearly as many problems with AS2 either...but then
again, I just figured it's because I'm not very good at AS3 yet. It's kind of convoluted. ;)
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