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[_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)15:48:50 No.3262414

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)15:56:05 No.3262417

  i'm going to fap to this

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)16:27:27 No.3262425

  woah second post and you're already renaming.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)16:51:03 No.3262433

  OP, if your gonna take this from 4plebs, you need to copy the flash name from under the image and
  paste it into the "save as" window for the name before saving. Just a tip. :)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)16:52:32 No.3262435

  this is sweet, it's lewd but something wholesome about it

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:03:35 No.3262441

  i just reposted it to masturbate to the sheep women

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:16:11 No.3262443

  Goddamn it what magics are being played upon my dick

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:33:32 No.3262453

  Looks like that stupid asdfmovie animation
  but 9/10 would beep

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:44:53 No.3262458

  This looks like minus8. Anyone confirm?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:47:44 No.3262460

  was thinking this also. animations are done the same plus i think his trap character was near the

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:48:33 No.3262461

  It's a tribute to his style by the artist.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:49:40 No.3262463

  His style is pretty recognizable, and I always fap to his shit.

  Too bad minus8 is such a depressed fuck to centralize where he posts his work. The hunt goes on.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:50:46 No.3262464


>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:51:07 No.3262465

  Who is it then?

  The only people who "tribute" to minus8 just reskin the same rosalina/peach bullshit over and

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:54:46 No.3262466


  Scorci according to some results.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)17:55:51 No.3262467

  Never heard of them - hope their work keeps coming up, though.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)18:00:06 No.3262468

  >Looks like that stupid asdfmovie animation
  That is the point. It is a parody of weebl's new shitty meme animation.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)18:17:10 No.3262479

  before this becomes a /f/ classic 5 years from now, can somebody please edit it so that it loops
  correctly? Even if you don't really like the flash, I believe you'd do a service

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)18:36:46 No.3262488

  It looks a lot like minus8's animation and their avatar is at the end of the song fucking
  something, so there is some strong pointers to them, but can't confirm

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)18:42:27 No.3262490

  beep beep mother fucker... beeeep beep

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)18:43:58 No.3262491

  bumping for this

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)19:16:10 No.3262498

  judas and jesus, 18+ on youtube. this refrences characters from it, judas fucking mary
  magedeline... and boy do they know how to beep beep like a sheep.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)19:18:16 No.3262499

  someone posted it here yesterday. wonder if it was prep to show this

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)19:23:16 No.3262500

  if thats the case i commend them, this is pretty great.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)19:24:58 No.3262501

  anyone have a flash player that allows you to pause the animation... i needa fap at certain parts.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)19:28:54 No.3262503

  I've been waiting so long for this to turn into porn, disappointing

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)19:35:53 No.3262505

  Read the fucking thread, faggot. It's Scorci.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)20:08:45 No.3262513

  Beep beep Ritchie

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)20:22:32 No.3262515

  This is so shit I'll only masturbate to it 4 more times

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)21:11:00 No.3262522

  My best guess would be that they both work on it, based on minus8's now dead tumblr post and
  scorci's comments.
  But can be wrong, too lazy to contact either of them.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)21:33:26 No.3262527

  I'm not even a furfag and this is hot

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)21:37:24 No.3262529

  I have always wondered is it possible to do good traditional animation in Flash? I mean of course
  it's possible, but really damn hard. The closest things i have seen is some crazy Japs redoing
  anime OP's. I am not saying i dislike pivoting animation like this, but it has made me really
  curious if anyone has done really impressive stuff with perspectives etc. I know some of the
  western cartoons are made in flash, but those have been pretty much pivoting as well.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)22:08:11 No.3262539

  Well, if by traditional you mean hand drawing every single frame of every moving object and then
  stacking all the moving parts on top of each other, there's no reason as far as I know you can't
  do that. If you want, you can even hand draw the frames in one of those flipbook type thingies,
  scan the pages, and trace over them with vector graphics. I would presume you'd end up with much
  larger file sizes than when using motion tweens on basic shapes though.

  Your main problem is probably going to be how hard it is to draw good backgrounds and shading in
  vector graphics and how bad flash is at scaling raster graphics. I think. I'm just doing
  conjecture from having seen a billion jillion flash animations in my day.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)22:56:01 No.3262552

  also remove the &amp shit and stop using 4pleabs for reposting

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)23:04:04 No.3262556

  I recognize some of the references but who's the fat cow girl who's running off with the guy
  right when the cow part starts and the sheep-headed guy crawling away from the two girls fighting
  right before the "silence of the lambs" scene?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/15/17(Sat)23:04:40 No.3262557

  Those who worship Malkuth.
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