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>> Anonymous 16jul2017(su)10:44 No.51325 OP P1

A Date with Yvette
On one of the dating sites you found a public profile of a girl named Yvette. She is cute for your
taste, so you clicked the "Like" button. Luckily this girl is online now and you can use all of
your pickup guru skills to get a small chance to get laid with her tonight.

[IMG] a-date-with-yvette.swf (55.33 MiB)
960x540, Compressed. 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 16jul2017(su)11:51 No.51330 A P2R1

lulz, not terrible

>> Anonymous 16jul2017(su)23:54 No.51349 B P3R2

These games are such a weird pile of BS, trying to figure out the arcane nonsensical sequence that
the creator thinks is "right".

>> Anonymous 17jul2017(mo)00:13 No.51350 C P4R3

anybody got a guide jesus christ

>> Anonymous 17jul2017(mo)07:36 No.51363 D P5R4

To hell with this bitch.

>> Anonymous 17jul2017(mo)12:07 No.51366 E P6R5

it's quite easy once you remember that this was created by french faggots and that you have to put
yourself into the mindset of a desperate and horny french cuck. She will then tell you all about
how she sucked off some random dude, swallowed his cum and proceeded to get plowed in his tent.
This will turn her so on that she will try to end the conversation and go masturbate but you can
convince her to let you watch.

Truly a 0/10 """game""" unless you are a massive degenerate who is into that kind of shit

>> Anonymous 17jul2017(mo)18:05 No.51371 C P7R6

"Tell me about his asshole in detail please"

fuck frenchies. Also there are so many better looking girls on that site why would he go for yvette

>> Anonymous 17jul2017(mo)20:12 No.51376 F P8R7

Fuckin seriously? No wonder I never found that conversation path.

>> Anonymous 19jul2017(we)07:16 No.51470 G P9R8

I literally for the life of me can't find this dumb conversation path.

>> Anonymous 21jul2017(fr)19:33 No.51593 H P10R9

I've found a walkthrought. Who the fuck wrote this? A fucking 13 year old?

I thought >>51366 was exaggerating

***Next (the arrow in the bottom right)
***Click on computer
***Click on Sign In
***Click on Yvette
***Click on Like

- Pick up the call –
Hello Yvette!
Thanks, I’m flattered!
Of course!
Well, I’m here to have fun and to have no-strings attached sex.
Says the one who has “I love sex” on her profile?
Of course! But I have to say, it made me want to speak to you more
We can talk dirty if you want, I don’t mind!
You’re right. Why don’t you tell me more about yourself, what are you looking for?
OK…so tell me about the last time you went out.
Was it good?
How did you sleep?
No wonder! Sounds amazing!
Did you sleep with anyone?
Tell me more!
I get it, it was a one night stand.
Wait, I want to hear more about your fling!
But I already told you, I like talking about dirty stuff!
Go on.
And did he approach you?
You were quite upfront!
Did you stay at the bar with him?
What did you do instead?
Lucky guy…
Just there? Behind the tree?!
And then what happened?
And was it good?
I can imagine…
No worries.
Than you, Yvette, I’m flattered.
Who says I would have said yes…
OK, maybe I would have said yes.
That’s a shame. Why?
You can’t just hang up like this! Did I say something wrong?
Ah, OK. I’ll leave you alone then. Can we talk later?

- Read the message –
- Reply to Yvette you’re on your way –

- Go in and join her
I don’t live far.
OK, why not!
Thanks, Aren’t you coming?
Why don’t you come and give me a blowjob in the kitchen?
OK, I’ll be right back!
***Click on the door on the far right of the screen
***Click on the cushions on the right-hand side couch.
***Click on the door on the left
***Click on the blank bar at the bottom of the screen
Yes! I love your ass!
No, wait!
It’s just I found a sex toy in your living room.
Don’t move!
Do you want me to keep going?
And we’ve barely even started…
Keep going!
Come sit on my dick!
Yes, turn around!
With pleasure!
Let’s do doggy!
Not yet…

>> Anonymous 21jul2017(fr)20:56 No.51595 I P11R10

Trash game, seriously, gosh. Any actual proper option ends up with two shit options that lead to a
game over, while you have to end up being a pervert to in fact score - just the fuck.

>> Anonymous 21jul2017(fr)21:59 No.51597 J P12R11

Grow up people, women all just want the D.

>> Anonymous 21jul2017(fr)22:10 No.51598 K P13R12

See >>51363
>To hell with this bitch.
D doesn't want them.
Also, who cares what women want? Fuck off, go respect them somewhere else.
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