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This is resource KKUONUV, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:13/10 -2017 09:05:18

Ended:14/10 -2017 05:00:43

Checked:14/10 -2017 05:59:09

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File: kamelåså.swf-(9.92 MB, 768x416, Other)
[_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)02:59:44 No.3287112

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)07:16:27 No.3287142

  Thank you for this one.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)11:52:05 No.3287172

  a true classic

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)14:55:57 No.3287192

  As a Dane i know it is only in Jutland were they talk like this

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)15:06:09 No.3287194

  As a Swede I know that you all speak like this

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)16:08:50 No.3287205

  Danes are the only people on this Earth that become more comprehensible the drunker they get.

  t. Swede

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)18:20:25 No.3287227

  I'm impressed a video this long was shrunk down to 9mb and this held this quality in flash. Why
  are all the other videos converted to flash on /f/ such dogshit if this is possible

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)22:57:49 No.3287275

  I met a Danish chick in a bar recently...
  The language barrier was a bit troublesome, but after some awkward back-and-forth, I tried
  Long story short, she gave me the greatest head I ever had in my life.
  Now I know what kamelåså really means.

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