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>> Anonymous 29jul2017(sa)22:40 No.51912 OP P1

[IMG] panthea ver 0.16.swf (37.33 MiB)
1280x800, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver28, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 30jul2017(su)01:00 No.51919 A P2R1


>> Anonymous 30jul2017(su)01:24 No.51922 B P3R2

actually pretty good! though dem dildos lying around that you can't play with... such tease

>> Anonymous 30jul2017(su)02:40 No.51925 C P4R3

how many of these have to get release on here with no updates? It's been a year the creator gave up.

>> Anonymous 30jul2017(su)03:06 No.51926 D P5R4

password is towatchit ya lazy fuck.

>> Anonymous 30jul2017(su)05:31 No.51928 E P6R5

Most of the scenes in the gallery are broken. Shitty.

>> Anonymous 31jul2017(mo)17:29 No.51994 F P7R6

Uploader fucked up

>> Anonymous 31jul2017(mo)19:46 No.51997 OP P8R7

Thread 11309
>> Anonymous 16may2017(tu)21:06 No.49540 C P4R3 Here's v16, fresh off Patreon. Wasn't going to pay
$10 just to get the gallery code, but I believe you can decompile it to obtain it:

>> Anonymous 17may2017(we)03:08 No.49550 D P5R4 Heads up

Guide if you get following error: Context3D not available!Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing
device support

If you get this, you were probably running game directly from swf file. Do the following instead:
- unpack your zip archive into any folder
- run game from 'leave2gether 1280x800.html' file - this is needed to activate 'direct graphics'
mode for swf file

>> Anonymous 17may2017(we)03:39 No.49551 D P6 >>49540

Cheats for v16

towatchit - gallery
letgethorny - +10 sluttiness
needamoney - +2000 money
letgetfriends - +10 relation with co-workers
letgetboss - +10 relation with boss
letgetcareer - adds carrer points
letgetknowledge - adds technical points

>> Anonymous 31jul2017(mo)20:43 No.52000 G P9R8

Link for V18!pIsxURrL!w1UYwfpKvSJhmsu45NyNwLJU4AEnOxiTVEUaCD8HYrM

cheats for V18
Cheat Codes:

showtime - Open gallery:
funtime - Add 10 slutiness permanently
richtime - Add 2000 gold
friendstime - Add 10 relations
bosstime - Add 10 relations with Boss
timetowork - Add 10 career points
timetolearn – Adds technical points

>> Anonymous 1aug2017(tu)08:33 No.52022 H P10R9

You're the fucking best.
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