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[_] † NEARER MY GOD TO THEE † Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)13:50:19 No.3265858

  >Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash. Specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the
  Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash
  content to these new open formats.

  It has been a fun time.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)13:57:40 No.3265859

  What will happen to /f/ once flash is kill in 2020?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)13:59:47 No.3265861

  Hi mod-san, they've been encouraging content creators to fuck off for years now, and the flash
  plugin/sa downloads have been buried in their AIDS-ridden piece of shit site where it's hard to
  find for even longer.
  I don't think they've sold the flash creation software on its own without being part of a bundle
  for a long time.

  Maybe this will inspire more work on gnash or shumway to come into parity, or maybe adobe will be
  pressured into letting the source for flashplayer go. Either way the only change here is a date
  to download the standalone player by.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:03:05 No.3265862

  you should make the name of this stickied thread a little more obvious (like the previous thread >

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:04:27 No.3265863

  What the fuck do you mean sticky?
  And why the fuck does a sticky have a flash with a filename from 4plebs?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:07:49 No.3265864

  It is a good thing they are finally getting rid of it, in my opinion. There's too many exploits
  and issues with security. I already blocked Flash on my browser.

  This thread may garner enough replies to appear interesting soon enough. Unfortunately, there is
  no sticky icon visible in the index.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:10:27 No.3265865


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:11:20 No.3265868

  like I asked in the other thread will the standalone flash player projector still work by then?

  I still use it for playing mid 2000 era flash games

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:12:51 No.3265869

  It's not like flash depends on a 3rd party server to run unless the SWF itself does. The
  projector will still work, it'll just be a security nightmare.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:13:06 No.3265870

  They might spare it, but they also might GPL both the flash and shockwave players so someone else
  can still make use of them past 2020.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:13:56 No.3265871

  As long as you have downloaded it by then, you won't be able to get the download anymore. Unless
  the flash you're trying to play has some networked content. Which you should be sandboxing out
  anyway it's already a terrible idea to let flash communicate with the internet.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:17:37 No.3265873

  posting in a double sticky

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:18:22 No.3265874

  I don't know why it does that, lel.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:19:05 No.3265875

  they won't due to patent licensing issues

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:19:50 No.3265876

  >posted as a sticky
  >Then turned into a sticky
  yotsuba is terrible code and this is all vacbob's fault I have no doubt.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:20:28 No.3265878

  yfw 4chan is going to replace it with a HTML5 canvas based redistributable format and we'll enter
  a new age of content creation.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:20:59 No.3265879

  don't bully mvb, he tries

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:22:42 No.3265880

  Well, maybe they'll release what they can or do it under a permissive license. Sun released most
  of java of what they could when they released the source code back in 2006 with only third party
  graphics related stuff not released.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:23:05 No.3265881

  You're a rudeposter.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:23:56 No.3265882

  >there is finally a proof of Mod existence and is actually right here right now
  >he makes a sticky rather than getting rid of shitty youtuberips
  also thanks for reducing the flash limit from 30 to 29

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:24:08 No.3265883

  >Flash and MS Paint outlived Chester Bennington
  tried so hard and got so far

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:26:00 No.3265885

  youtube rips are the cancer destroying this board

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:26:12 No.3265886

  I know, as I recall he was the only one who even read the queue for the frog and my beloved OG
  I just think this is one of the many stupid things the inline extension does bad for the very few
  things it does good, the classic default posting style was more condusive to not being a web 3.0
  social media retard.

  But at the very least some of the people who have some inkling of the importance of the culture
  around flash on the internet will call for a cleanroom developed alternative with parity I hope.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:27:01 No.3265887

  You do know that you should report posts like this, right?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:28:06 No.3265888

  /html5/ when?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:28:58 No.3265889

  >implying Hiro gives enough of a shit to make it
  He probably doesn't even know /f/ exists.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:29:05 No.3265890

  Enforce /f/ rule #1.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:29:41 No.3265891

  to be fair, moot didn't really realise /f/ existed most of the time either.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:30:24 No.3265892

  it's already here, m8

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:32:23 No.3265893

  >not interactive
  >4mb limit
  heck the heck off?!?!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:32:49 No.3265895

  The HTML5 working standard isn't a good replacement for flash, especially not with EME baked in.
  There really isn't and never will be a real replacement because the niche that flash filled was
  stupid and incidental, vector graphics animations based on input that was hacked into games and
  movie players, the closest we're ever going to have is unity web apps.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:33:24 No.3265896

  >unity web apps.
  Plugins are dying unless browsers have the ability to natively play unity web apps

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:33:45 No.3265897

  Remember the one time everyone posted Dr. Katz and it got deleted. Everyone cried and moaned
  about it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:36:33 No.3265898

  /g/ here. Sad to see it go but glad it's gone.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:37:55 No.3265899

  at least we're gonna have endless amounts of pron inbetween our migration threads. /f/ will
  become a neo-/f/ community shitposting throughout time

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:38:02 No.3265900

  fuck off //pol/ with smartphones/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:38:35 No.3265901

  4chan should switch to /f/-only mode for 3 years and increase the thread limit to 500.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:39:14 No.3265902

  so he's gonna be the same or maybe even worse?
  also don't forget that 5 days IP block range that happened this year. Nobody said shit about it
  and the only answer was given on a thread on /qa/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:39:47 No.3265903

  Please don't bunch us in with those undesirable people. Believe me, I hate them as much as you do
  and respect the culture of this very special historical board.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:41:07 No.3265905

  >Plugins are dying
  Browsers are dying, the codebase for mozilla and chrome and their derivatives (anything using
  libwebkit, geko, or that shitty safari one) have become infinitely more complex and all we've
  gained for it is less supported tags and more shitty javascript "features". HTTP 2.0 is a flaming
  shitheap and even with the standard being bad all vendors only implement parts of it, and not the
  same parts. Plugins helped maintain compatibility and extension features, but those are being
  pushed out in favor of stupid shit like node.js. We need a simple browser with support for a
  standard secure community version of flash that is stable.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:42:27 No.3265906

  I always knew this day would come... But I wasn't ready.

  Damn it, we're not dead yet!

  Unity killed of their web player but they do have WebGL support. I don't know if that exports to
  a single self-contained file though.

  It's not even close to the same anyway, they don't have vector graphics or any animation/timeline
  tools. It's a game engine, nobody would make loops in it.

  Guys just keep in mind that even though official support is gone it doesn't mean the format dies.
  There are still people around making things for the Amiga. If anything there's a chance that this
  will make us feel closer to each other than we've ever been!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:43:57 No.3265908

  When flash is no longer worked on, the format can be reversed engineered to be forever supported.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:46:11 No.3265909

  they would be 200 retarded for just killing flash, instead of creating a final version and never
  updating it again.
  >oh were adobe and were cumrag mushroom retarded, were just gonna kill the thing that made us
  gabillionaires and have no way of ever getting it back

  fuck off adobe, i want my falling sand copies, i want millions of mediocre to kinda entertaining
  games, i want my "what day is it" homo cavalcade, and i want my zankuro flashes. is that too much
  to ask?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:46:38 No.3265910

  the spec is already open, it's just a nightmare to implement

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:47:06 No.3265911

  There used to be a standalone shockwave player too, but it's lost to time along with all the
  shockwave projects that were ever created. Spybotics - The Nightfall Incident can't be played
  without fucking up your browser installation with an ancient download, there needs to be a
  drop-in replacement for flash if anything is to be preserved.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:49:24 No.3265912

  Too bad the later zankuro games left flash behind for some other format, same with Erotic
  Condenser so they sadly don't get posted on /f/ anymore.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:50:39 No.3265913

  Biomediaproject has an ancient version of mozilla thunderbird available for download specifically
  for use of various shockwave games that only work with it like spybotics or galidor quest.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:51:24 No.3265914

  >don't forget that 5 days IP block range that happened this year
  >the only answer was given on a thread on /qa/
  you mean this?

  "If you're seeing the message in pic related while posting on any board, you're running into a
  Cloudflare issue. We can't do anything to speed up the process, but it is being worked on." --
  mod on /qa/

  Not much of an answer. It's basically just saying that 4chan isn't the one doing the blocking,
  the content distributor is. Doesn't explain why.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:52:05 No.3265915

  I can't wait for Adobe to pull the Nintendo card in 20 years announcing miniFlash with all the
  flashes for 10 dollars each

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:54:00 No.3265916

  That shit's going straight on eBay

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:54:34 No.3265917

  yeah I meant that one reply from mod in that thread.
  at least someone checked what's wrong and didn't let us hang on a noose

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:55:58 No.3265918

  and 6 months later they'll announce miniShockwave that will have the same fate

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:56:30 No.3265919

  The worst thing about replacing flash with HTML5 is that we can no longer keep phoneposters out
  this way.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:58:20 No.3265921

  but you can view flashes from phone, tho

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)14:59:28 No.3265923

  They want to not be held responsible for any future problems flash may cause. If they make a
  final version but make it still officially available it's possible that some huge exploit is
  discovered in 2030 and media comes to bite them in the ass for it.

  What they should do is make an open-source GitHub repository for the browser plugin and just bask
  in the goodwill it would create for the company.

  That way the community would at least have a way to patch any exploits if discovered and there's
  a chance the format could improve. I bet there are people out there that would love to build upon
  swf but don't have the time to create everything from scratch.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:00:55 No.3265924

  Adobe should be contacted by any means necessary to pressure them on open sourcing adobe flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:01:58 No.3265926

  you're right, they should have made a global announcement to calm everybody's tits about what's
  going on instead of leaving many hanging

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:06:25 No.3265928

  I think I'll gather a massive folder of swf. This format literally holds my personal internet
  grow-up story in it. I'll get the newest possible installer of flash player when it's close to...
  ceasing to be, and take it all in an external drive. Maybe a flash player 7 or 8 as well, for the
  older ones.

  I can't think why adobe doesn't think of the flash based games and interactive sites when
  publishing this information. We have had sites like Miniclip, Kongregate, Armor Games,
  Addictinggames etc that are 100% flash player games.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:08:05 No.3265930

  I'll miss z0r.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:12:26 No.3265934

  kongregate et al aren't 100% flash games anymore AFAIK

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:16:08 No.3265936

  Rule 1 is too vague and everyone has their own different definition on what's japanese culture.
  Some people think video games made by a japanese corporation is japanese culture while others
  think only VNs are.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:20:55 No.3265938

  Adobe made money with typesetting technology.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)15:32:20 No.3265942


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)16:12:20 No.3265961

  False, I regularly phonepost from Android 4.1.1 over 3G. I know others do too.

  HTML5 will change nothing, except to redefine
  Flash = ".swf content"
  Flash = "the entire fucking web"
  HTML5 is so vaporous and broad, Flash is a specific file format for a specific type of content.
  We won't be seeing this board go any year soon, and new content will continue to appear as long
  as there is a machine still running a copy of .swf-exporting CS or CC.
  The scales and feathers will only change a bit. Shit evolves.
  Technological Darwinism.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)16:25:53 No.3265965

  you, you DOUBLE STICKY
  but seriously, this sucks. /f/ was one of the first boards I started coming to regularly.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)16:27:09 No.3265966


>> [_] Nurse 07/25/17(Tue)16:28:51 No.3265967

  I got banned, for a day kek
  Months ago it was originally me then another anon joined in and since we haven't posted at all
  for the day, we were wanting to max our posts all just katz and then a third anon joined in. I
  wake up the next day and I'm banned for a few hours.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)16:45:20 No.3265974

  >except to redefine
  >Flash = "the entire fucking web"
  im sorry but that sounded so stupid i had to laugh

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:01:23 No.3265979

  rest in peace?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:18:58 No.3265984

  >a file format made to display vector graphics somehow manages to be have major security holes
  Pretty sure they could just scrap anything security related from the animation aspect of flash
  and voila : virus free swf

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:22:16 No.3265986


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:28:43 No.3265990

  Don't be sad its over, be happy it happened anons
  In the past decade i have had some of my best memories with all you guys, its been great
  See you space cowboy(in 3 years time at least)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:31:01 No.3265993

  Mods rarely say anything publicly.

  But mods have never forgotten about /f/. I'm idling in #4chan and they sometimes post the links
  to flashes from here.
  Also they said they are working on the issue with range block in IRC in the very first day. It's
  just not a single anon bothered to repost this information in /f/.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:32:20 No.3265994

  guys hold me

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:33:02 No.3265995


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)17:35:12 No.3265997

  You need at least flash 19 as well, adobe broke compatibility with a bunch of things with flash
  20. Including older zone animations.

>> [_] FLASHY ANON 07/25/17(Tue)17:36:11 No.3265998


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:03:50 No.3266007

  We're gonna need more screencaps for the next few years

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:13:13 No.3266012

  we need html5 containers

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:20:36 No.3266018

  Well this sucks. What's the alternative to Flash for web game developers?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:21:49 No.3266019

  All of the alternatives are shit with frequently larger filesizes, with even less functionality,
  and don't really do or achieve the same goals. This is
  >oh shit nigger what are you doing

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:22:26 No.3266021


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:24:01 No.3266022

  HTML5 canvas, of course. Haven't you been paying attention?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:31:02 No.3266025


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:33:10 No.3266026

  how sad, flash was a big part when i was very young, porn, games, almost everything in that time,
  and now is literally a security disgrace, sleep well flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:36:48 No.3266029

  Why the fuck is everyone making such a big deal over this? First off, it's not happening for
  another 3 years, and besides, no one posts OC on /f/ anymore.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:37:53 No.3266030

  Flash is part of internet culture, it's sad to see it die, but also because there is no drop in
  replacement for it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)18:51:18 No.3266037

  if they delete flash I will suck a wolf cock
  you CAN'T do it

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:05:50 No.3266038

  I hope something can be done to keep /f/ alive in some form, even if it means making it /html5/
  instead. It's one of the few decent boards left, even if there's almost no OC.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:09:00 No.3266039

  I post OC sometimes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:10:13 No.3266040

  from what I understand, hiro ran 2ch the same way moot ran 4chan; that is, barely running it at
  all, which is probably why we haven't seen any significant changes when hiro took over

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:11:42 No.3266041

  you sound like a redditor

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:13:05 No.3266042

  construct 2

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:23:30 No.3266044

  and you sound like a butthorn.
  Also, wtf is a 'redditor'? Is that your mum's brand of dildo?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:46:58 No.3266049

  4chan will be gone by 2020

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:55:03 No.3266052

  >stupid shit like node.js
  >bringing up node.js in the context of web browsers
  I fear you're talking out of your ass, anon.

>> [_] F 07/25/17(Tue)19:57:03 No.3266053


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)19:57:04 No.3266054

  you all forgot this is Adobe

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:00:46 No.3266056

  ther number 1 (800) 833-6687

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:01:22 No.3266058

  What part of "here forever" do you not understand?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:01:53 No.3266060

  RIP best board
  You were too good for this world

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:03:11 No.3266061

  man Ill probably be dead in a ditch somewhere by then.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:05:03 No.3266062


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:09:51 No.3266064

  At the very least you can say you tried

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:15:01 No.3266066


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:17:38 No.3266067

  RIP /f/, you were my homeboard for years


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:23:54 No.3266071

  i love you guys

  what will we do after 2020??

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:27:43 No.3266072

  Those of us unfortunate enough to have survived to see the end will all gather in ritual suicide
  at :v's house.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:28:22 No.3266073

  source on song?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:28:55 No.3266074


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:31:07 No.3266076


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:33:40 No.3266078

  bless you anon

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:35:20 No.3266080

  What's the ritual gonna be like?
  Will there be an orgy beforehand?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:37:25 No.3266083

  we all nee to dm @Adobe on twitter and ask them to give out the source code

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:38:45 No.3266084

  yes but because this is 4chan it will be a gay one

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:41:24 No.3266086

  We'll draw a big flash logo on the ground with our feces then masturbate onto it furiously. Last
  one to spill his seed on the shit /f/ has to behead the rest and is forced to stay behind on this
  awful planet.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:45:21 No.3266088

  What if we invited traps?

>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)20:46:48 No.3266089

  I'm s-sure by 2020 we will all have moved on and started living p-productive lives r-right?

  >A way will be found and shitposting will continue as normal.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:51:14 No.3266090

  I think I'll miss you most of all scarecrow

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:54:16 No.3266093

  I want a board where I can just upload arbitrary HTML5 files. Put the files on a different domain
  to prevent same-origin attacks. I'm sure idiots would find a way to give up their facebook logins
  or something equally dumb, but who cares?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:57:11 No.3266094

  Even though I've been here not for so long (around since I don't know 2013), /f/ feels more like
  a home than all the other boards combined, especially more than fucking /v/ and /b/.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:58:55 No.3266095

  flash version actually beats the original. the flash uses the drumless middle section, just
  slowed down.

  OP's flash doesn't loop seamlessly though. the original MACHINECODEISNOMORE.swf has a seamless
  repeat (also higher audio bitrate)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)20:59:57 No.3266096

  that's what I thought about 2017 five years ago. here i am.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:00:49 No.3266097

  no traps on 4chan only man who fap to them

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:02:46 No.3266098


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:05:53 No.3266102

  I think now's the perfect time to ask this, who's :v?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:06:38 No.3266103

  It's >>3266089 him.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:13:05 No.3266105

  how didn't I notice this tripfag earlier? am I retarded?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:14:12 No.3266107

  Yes, you are

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:14:32 No.3266108


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:16:00 No.3266109

  I've been on /f/ for 10 years now and I still have no fucking clue how to make flash videos

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:16:06 No.3266110

  okay okay I sorry, but since when is he around?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:22:47 No.3266112

  Now is the perfect time to learn!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:23:33 No.3266113

  How do I get started? I can't draw well but I'm trying. No idea where to get any programs that
  would make flash stuff

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:24:15 No.3266115

  I only made a single 4 frames + song loop because the original version of it was a fucking 6mb
  VIDEO in shittier quality due to encoding.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:25:30 No.3266116

  If this board gets deleted where are you guys moving to?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:25:32 No.3266117

  cracked version of adobe flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:26:13 No.3266118

  Where can I download one? Literally any torrent site I've used is a honeypot or has gone down

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:27:38 No.3266119

  NOT /gif/
  NOT /wsg/

  Those places have NO soul.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:28:02 No.3266120

  /bant/ and /s4s/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:30:54 No.3266122

  this, it's just vinefaggotry and porn.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:31:46 No.3266123

  Just use thepiratebay...

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:32:15 No.3266124

  >using a honeypot
  I don't want to get a letter from my ISP because I downloaded flash

>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)21:33:02 No.3266125

  I only started posting under :v roughly a year ago.
  Hi /f/ren


>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)21:34:15 No.3266127

  Just get a cheap vpn and setup a trash box to pirate and test wares

  Jesus what is it 2001?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:40:22 No.3266129

  keep up making good music! hope you get somewhere with it someday.
  Also have a good day! you made mine a good one for sure.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:44:34 No.3266130

  Yes, because I don't live in America friendo so I can't just "get a cheap VPN" because it's
  illegal here

>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)21:50:48 No.3266133

  Thank /f/ren
  I see, are services like socks5 tunnels accessable? I think a big name one is tunnel bear?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:51:02 No.3266134

  You're a fucking idiot. It doesn't matter where you get a torrent file from. Your ISP could track
  it either way if you're not using a vpn.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:52:34 No.3266135

  The Magic Mirror says YES


  Wow, do you still make fire by rubbing sticks together?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:53:57 No.3266136

  >test wares
  LOL why did I misread that as "test whores"?
  See what 4chan has done to me?

>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)21:55:37 No.3266138

  Ruined your reading comprehension?
  I'm sorry Anon, they have DVDs for that
  Hooked on something or other

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)21:56:21 No.3266139

  how many fingers can you fit inside your vagina?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:01:15 No.3266141

  Hooked on Hydroponics, IIRC

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:02:16 No.3266142

  no actually I think it was hooked on homophobics

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:03:25 No.3266144

  No, it was hooked on Homophones.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:06:06 No.3266145

  so weird seeing so many replies in /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:07:52 No.3266148

  I honestly don't know what I'd do without you, guys. Please don't leave me.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:12:27 No.3266150

  Hey wait a minute...
  >Where we’ve seen a need to push content and interactivity forward, we’ve innovated to meet those
  needs. Where a format didn’t exist, we invented one – such as with Flash and Shockwave.

  Did Adobe just say that THEY invented both Flash and Shockwave???

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:13:06 No.3266151

  Hooked on stereophonics?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:14:48 No.3266153

  Wait, they fucking bought them didn't they?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:16:38 No.3266155

  How am I supposed to get my weekly dose of ironic gay pornography?

  How am I supposed to get my daily dose?

  How am I going to hear the sweet sounds of the traditional suona?

  I will miss /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:17:05 No.3266156

  I don't see /f/ ever going away unless you can make insanely serious exploits in it that could
  cause problems to 4chan itself

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:17:48 No.3266157

  In what universe does buying the rights to something make you the inventor of the thing you

>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)22:17:54 No.3266158

  Two usually does it for me

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:19:33 No.3266160

  No, I was shocked by his reminder and reaffirming what he said. (Or you said, I don't fucking

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:24:15 No.3266162

  Alright /f/riend

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:27:59 No.3266163

  >Top games
  >Undertale mixed with flappy bird

  These are not my people.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:32:50 No.3266164

  >will still work through 2020
  Well, we got 3 years to figure this out.
  Maybe by then there will be an HTML 5 player that we can throw stuff into.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:34:36 No.3266166

  Fuck. And Xenon just came back again. NOW EVERYTHING I LOVE IS FUCKING DYING

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:37:08 No.3266168

  Pretty sure they've acquired and absorbed all of Macromedia, so technically they did invent it
  since Macromedia is now a part of them.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:37:43 No.3266169


>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)22:48:27 No.3266175


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:49:05 No.3266179


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:50:33 No.3266180

  first paint, now flash
  when the uprising starts?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:56:57 No.3266183

  My 12th story balcony, and then to the ground

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:57:26 No.3266184

  Yes. You are.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:57:50 No.3266185

  well pant is just no longer preinstalled on new copys of windows 10

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)22:59:50 No.3266186

  Have you cooked anything tasty recently?

>> [_] :v 07/25/17(Tue)23:03:17 No.3266187

  I know...
  I just made a meatloaf with glazed carrots. Was pretty good

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:04:53 No.3266188

  talk about the depressing demise of our home, not some fucking carrots you shoved up your ass,

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:08:23 No.3266192

  MVB is literally the only reason aside of moot's stubborness the site lasted this long.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:09:36 No.3266193

  Meatloaf is a tragically underrated food.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:13:54 No.3266196

  what does the 8th U.S. president have to do with anything

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:16:43 No.3266198

  >being this new

  many of the mods are also old as the hills and one of the reasons why this site just keeps going.
  Many of them were in high-school or freshman year of college when 4chan became a thing, and now
  they're in their mid-30s and married. Mods may be fags but they're committed

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:31:22 No.3266201

  And Macromedia acquired it from previous buyout (although they renamed it to flash)...

  But to your point, I'm not sure it counts the same when you absorb another entity for the express
  purpose of destroying them. At the very least, Adobe did not invent the IDEA of flash, and that's
  what counts to most of us

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:37:42 No.3266205

  If they released the source code for flash and allowed it to become something akin to the
  demoscene they would become heroes on the eyes of the whole flash community

  True. Though some could use retirement, I feel like they've been jaded to all hell because of
  this site.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:48:38 No.3266206

  Well, good night for now, /f/.
  I hope this was all just a nightmare...

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:51:18 No.3266208

  Life is tiring, friends. The few sources of happiness I have are slowly disappearing, and with
  this another one is gone, it hits the hardest.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:52:31 No.3266209

  let's make a petition to get adobe to give out the source code for flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:54:33 No.3266210


>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:57:04 No.3266212

  With enough love in flash it will happen, hell a game that is long dead is still being played on
  /v/, and is actually triggered a dev to make a newer updated version

>> [_] Anonymous 07/25/17(Tue)23:58:11 No.3266214


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:03:06 No.3266215

  let's make it happen

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:09:25 No.3266217

  >the spec is already open

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:13:12 No.3266219

  What game was that?

>> [_] :v 07/26/17(Wed)00:16:42 No.3266221

  It really is. Another plus is that it's easy to make and to top it off reheats well!

  I mean...
  >shitters clogged
  what else do you want to say about it?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:17:53 No.3266222
  Sign and make suggestions to make it look better

>> [_] ui~senpai !NOPE...... 07/26/17(Wed)00:18:12 No.3266223

  sad day boys. sad feels itt

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:19:18 No.3266225

  wow cool i've never seen a sticky on /f/ before

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:21:05 No.3266227

  the only time has enacted change is when the dude who shot up the Conservative
  baseball game signed one to "enact political change"

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:22:05 No.3266228

  we can at least try, man... I am still waiting for this one

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:25:13 No.3266230

  Well this fucking blows.

  I have a massive .SWF collection. At least they can't take that away from me.

  I'll always love you /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:26:07 No.3266231


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:33:22 No.3266232

  So, time for /html5/?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:35:00 No.3266233

  Paint is not getting removed, the whole thing was a ruse to promote Windows store, Paint now will
  be UWP.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:39:24 No.3266234

  Yeah, I read that there too, and raged hard. Fucking liars, they bought out Macromedia. I was
  using SwishMAX back then because Macromedia Flash was *impossible* to pirate at the time.
  There's a lot of other bullshit in that post, but I'm not in a state to begin ranting on it. Just
  suffice to say it has to do with their *INFLUENTIAL "PARTNERS"*
  Now you know why Flash is dying.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:41:43 No.3266235

  how about just /5/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:41:49 No.3266236

  >"In addition, we plan to move more aggressively to EOL Flash in certain geographies where
  unlicensed and outdated versions of Flash Player are being distributed."

  What exactly do they mean by this?

  Will this effect me being able to watch flash on my PC in the future?

  I really hope they open source this shit, though I know they won't, being adobe and all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:43:56 No.3266237



>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:44:38 No.3266238

  I don't even really know what html5 is desu

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:45:04 No.3266239

  but it will not hurt to try

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:46:14 No.3266240

  That's just the filespec, not the whole fucking codebase to Actionscript 3.0 + current Flash
  Player/Projector, which would probably be a terabyte+ and take 10,000 monkeys with typewriters to
  All of GitHub isn't big enough to contain that much cancer-code.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:49:52 No.3266243

  Triple sticky.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:53:26 No.3266245


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:54:02 No.3266246

  only once before in recent memory, on the first posting of doctorpixel.swf http://archive.4plebs

  I was thinking the same thing. Flash is very popular and while it has security vulnerabilities,
  they could have done something to keep it around. My idea is that since Google and other
  corporations which rose to monopolies and have their fingers in every pie are bribing Adobe to
  kill it so that they can release their own multimedia platform. Remember when Chrome and even
  Firefox all but disabled Flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:56:24 No.3266248

  I said the spec is open. Which it is. You asked for it, and I linked to it. That is the
  specification for the SWF format.

  Code is different from specification.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)00:57:19 No.3266249

  Damn. Its not just us but Newgrounds, ABS and the like are all fucked now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:05:31 No.3266252

  I'm honestly more worried about Newgrounds than /f/. Without new flash, the site will surely kick
  the bucket. I hope there's someone out there who has an archive of all the good flashes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:05:43 No.3266253

  >Remember when Chrome and even Firefox all but disabled Flash
  Of course, that's why I'm 5 versions behind; newer versions further break fundamentals.

  >You asked for it
  That was a different Anon. I just pointed out the 'error'. Yes, codebase IS different from
  specification. A distinction that had yet to be made in that convo.
  Carry on.

  They've been pushing their users toward video vs. Flash for quite a while now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:11:32 No.3266255

  >tfw /f/ got trolled so hard mods made it a sticky

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:12:05 No.3266256

  So what the fuck do I do with all the fucking flashes....What the fuck, are they just gonna be
  useless relics taking up space on my hard drive? Does the best board really have to fucking die??

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:12:17 No.3266257

  Indeed; M$, Crapple, Jewgle, Blowzilla, they all are the motive forces behind the 'decision' to
  abandon Flash, as they already have done so ages ago in pursuit of their own ends. Adobe is and
  always will be a suckup hax of a Corp, swallowing the competition and pretending they have a
  vested interest in the 'forefornt of Web technology'. They are the Klingons of IT.
  They also have always had that Midas Touch; but everything they 'touch' turns to utter shit.
  Flash, Dreamweaver, etc...
  It's shameful.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:12:43 No.3266258

  >They've been pushing their users toward video vs. Flash for quite a while now.
  and content creators. everything went downhill since tomfulp and that other guy released swivel
  and converted a bunch of older flashes to video

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:15:33 No.3266260

  Get the standalone before the bell tolls >>3265868

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:17:37 No.3266263

  hey guys! the central bank of Venezuela website uses flash. this must be
  adobe's real motivation behind killing flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:22:21 No.3266265

  Dirty Secret:
  Adobe never removes their deprecated works; they simply hide the links in ever-increasingly
  obscure links.
  You have to search-hard to find the actual links to legacy resources, but they still exist. You
  can often find them through tech blogs and such.
  You can still download the original installers for CS3 straight from the Adobe servers if that's
  your fancy.
  The API references for AS1/2, all that is there for the finding.
  (don't ask for links, I haven't got them handy, but I know from recent experience this is so)

  >...all images with sunglasses
  one is a hamster wearing photoshopped DEAL WITH IT specs!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:27:07 No.3266268

  but it should still be open source

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:36:49 No.3266272

  >in 2017

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:44:42 No.3266273


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:52:31 No.3266277

  Can't wait for flash to become open source

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:54:28 No.3266280

  don't get your hopes up this is adobe

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:55:40 No.3266281

  Well there is gnash.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:56:58 No.3266282


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:57:50 No.3266283

  >ITT: paranoia

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)01:58:38 No.3266284


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:00:48 No.3266285

  >in 2017

  shit sucks

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:11:30 No.3266294

  good night sweet prince

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:27:52 No.3266307

  At long last my comrades..... No king rules forever

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:29:10 No.3266308

  but I can't die now

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:36:03 No.3266312

  >what now..

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:39:08 No.3266314

  make it flash open source

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:39:43 No.3266315

  This board was already dead. Only now it is going to die for good.

  I'll miss you anyway. RIP best medium.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:41:15 No.3266316


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)02:43:17 No.3266318

  I've never been so sad, not ever

  Rest in Peace /f/, forgotten and then gone, in that order

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)03:02:05 No.3266320

  I didn't expect to feel this sad

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)03:16:25 No.3266321


>> [_] Former Ryder Club Vice President !T/nuP8UdCs 07/26/17(Wed)03:16:32 No.3266322


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)03:23:39 No.3266324

  Well I'm gonna miss this place, at least we have a good 3 years of shitposting left

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)03:32:40 No.3266326

  Flash has basically been my home for 7 years
  I'll be really sad to see it go... We'll just have to make the most of it while it is still
  I'm a /f/aggot forever

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)03:33:21 No.3266327

  >tfw those swf files will remain as relics
  >everytime you stumble upon them to find a certain file in your folders, you will instantly be
  filled with sadness
  well, this fucking sucks.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)03:54:37 No.3266331

  Adobe fucked Macromedia up. THEY FUCKED IT UP!

>> [_] BismuthVectoring !ojFRESH.oI 07/26/17(Wed)03:59:52 No.3266334

  I'm certain an alternative will be found, we've been warned two years ahead.

  however if the browsers actually make it impossible to load flash, I don't know how this board
  will make it. I think it's obvious that flash game sites will die together with Newgrounds and
  albinoblacksheep, unless they willingly turn into flash archives

  swfchan's admin must be about to hang himself. First the whole advertising debacle and now this.

  I hope for the best. Flash became a medium for really cool and creative things. /f/ alone has so
  much great content under it's belt it'd be disheartening to see it go

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:00:01 No.3266335

  We knew it was coming, hell, flash has been on the way out for a long while now.
  And it's still two and a half years or so away until the official discontinuation.
  Still sucks though.

  When the day comes /f/ will be the first board to be closed down for no other reason than being
  legitimately defunct and obsolete.
  Fuck, that is really sad to think about.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:10:39 No.3266340

  Also a tragically underrated singer.

  Some faggot mod is sitting behind the Console laughing his aspie ass off with his 'burger buddies
  at how he stickied a psst and made /f/ come fucking unglued, hair-on-fire. (as if this doesn't
  get posted every 3 months)


>> [_] Black_Knight !DlQLyppdkQ 07/26/17(Wed)04:13:53 No.3266341

  A sticky, on /f/?

  These are truly the end times of 4chan.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:14:52 No.3266342

  Ace of Spades

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:17:45 No.3266345

  2020 still sounds like it's so far away. i wanna be 12 again.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:18:06 No.3266346

  2.5 posts per anon


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:20:05 No.3266347

  >109 unique posters
  lol wtf i always thought flash only consisted of 10 people shitposting about the same things.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:24:13 No.3266349

  Had to end eventually.
  Surely there's decent converters out there, right?


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:25:32 No.3266350

  it always was.
  /b/ has been recruited to fill in the blanks.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:25:44 No.3266351

  I haven't frequented /f/ since 2010. These dark times bring us home.

>> [_] Black_Knight !DlQLyppdkQ 07/26/17(Wed)04:28:18 No.3266352

  I'd rather it be 2005 again.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:28:33 No.3266353

  i see your reasoning but dont agree, if company A existed before company B invented something and
  then company A aquire B it doesn't mean A were the ones doing the things B did

  macromedia didnt really claim to invent future splash either. they did however take the core of
  future splash and rebranded it as flash, and this was all the way back in 96. i dont know exactly
  how similar flash and future splash is but id imagine flash is very different. probably so
  different that i wouldnt object if macromedia invented flash because it was so different from
  future splash. has to be a limit somewhere, otherwise the company that created future splash
  wouldnt be able to claim they invented future splash because they didnt invent vector graphics.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:33:44 No.3266354

  i see what you did there

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:39:16 No.3266356

  In the year 2525, if flash is still alive...
  If internet can survive, they may fiiiiiind...

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:42:14 No.3266357

  I'm not worried about losing flash as much as I'm worried about losing this board.
  /f/ has become a home to me and the /f/aggots I share it with are like family.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:42:25 No.3266358


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:44:11 No.3266360

  what was the name of that flash, i haven't saved it yet.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:47:03 No.3266361

  fucking sticky, this is moving like /b/

  we all deserve to die.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:49:56 No.3266364

  /v/ fag here
  Our hearts go out to you, friends. It was a good run, full of nostalgia and boredom kickers. But
  all good things have to end. Let's hope adobe snaps out of it and changes their mind.

  Love you /f/, hope we're all going to make it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)04:59:07 No.3266365

  >wanting 250 post threads with only 10 files
  >the other 240 posts are "ZOMG SAUCE"
  yea nah you're a cunt

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:00:13 No.3266366

  >250 posts of "I don't understand how anyone could find that attractive"

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:01:16 No.3266367


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:03:02 No.3266369

  >Remember when Chrome/Firefox killed flash
  No. Runs fine on my machine. PM me for the fix.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:04:38 No.3266371

  Holy fuck this too.
  >Thread about big tits
  >Some small tit fag comes into thread he doesn't care about
  >Starts shitposting
  >200 text posts later and everyone's discussing bread and politics instead of just posting tits.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:06:51 No.3266372

  >the one fag that's spamming .5 sec .gifs of a girl doing something that was already sped up

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:17:27 No.3266375


  Just read every single word in this thread, from 115 anons, and I can't believe it'll all come
  cascading down. Not in one gigantic heap, but slowly, the older fundamentals of the internet are
  going to fade.
  Newgrounds has been there with me as much as /f/ has, but at least they have other things now, as
  >>3266253 said. We're all a bunch of shitty animators and silent lurkers, will we really find the
  fabled "cure" for this? >>3266349
  We can only pray, ay? That someone will do the work for us, like Adobe making their bastard child
  open source,
  like everyone is hoping. Again, it's Adobe we're talking about here. >>3266280 If we want the
  community to survive, we gotta do it ourselves. Emphasis on we.

  "Memories are nice, but that's all they are."

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:17:46 No.3266376

  >/f/ will be the first board to be closed down for no other reason than being legitimately
  defunct and obsolete.
  makes you wonder how long until 4chan as a whole follows that path

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:18:29 No.3266377

  >PM me
  cheeky fuck :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:20:11 No.3266378

  >a bunch of shitty animators
  I'm an excellent animator, I just get off on slumming.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:20:36 No.3266379

  I despise HTML5 as much as any other person, but this is nonsense.

  HTML5 is more than capable of emulating the vast majority of Flash files perfectly fine.
  The only ones it won't be able to do is the really intense ones because JavaScript timing isn't a
  guarantee, it is a privilege.
  But even that can be overcome by using message timers instead of setTimeout
  The former message-based timers are closer to instant and reliable as you can get in JS.
  setTimeout is throttled by the resource manager both if the tab is focused or unfocused.

  The BIGGEST issue with HTML5 as a flash replacement is the lack of a single, unified file.
  The only realistic option is something like a zip file. You put a zip decoder in the JS and make
  all the internal resources file blobs and assign a virtual URL to them.
  That way you can distribute one single file.
  Doesn't need to be named .zip either. you could name it .shittingdicknipples if you want to.
  I think .h5f sounds best. html5file. I did have game instead, but what if the project is not a

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:21:57 No.3266380

  Reminder that Adobe, Google, Firefox, Microsoft etc are all only killing Flash because they can't
  make any jew gold from it. They want """content creators""" to move to Jewtube so they can make
  $$$ off of other people's shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:22:26 No.3266381

  This legitimately made me laugh.
  Thanks, I needed that.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:23:50 No.3266382

  Realistically though, most people are overreacting. Nothing is gunna stop people using or posting
  .swf. People will just pass around an old installer for Flash and use an old version of a browser.

  There are whole websites dedicated to old versions of programs, because newer doesn't mean better.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:24:39 No.3266383

  Prove yer worth, actually make a flash about flash dying, unlike the fp now flooding with shitty
  remakes of older flashes (see >>3266254).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:26:39 No.3266384

  >mfw /f/ dies renaming flashes will die out too.
  >we'll be stuck with facebook-tier "You will not believe what happens, watch until the end"
  videos, vines and shitty porn clips on /gif/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:28:44 No.3266385

  That's what I've been saying! :^)

  Already on it; besides, I got more OC on this board than your grandmother has skidmarks in her

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:30:51 No.3266386

  I'm... glad, I think. OC is good. That's just more than I expected.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:32:51 No.3266387

  i've got it saved as "2525" or "in the year 2525"

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:36:01 No.3266389

  >renaming flashes
  God damn it Anon

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:37:36 No.3266390

  I never rename them I just save them as they come.
  I probably have a third one saved as well with the proper name(if there is one).

  It's hard to keep track of 2000+ swiffs

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:41:45 No.3266391

  Of course, in reference to making a ZIP file be the replacement for SWF , some will think "but
  that's fucking dumb, how can you guarantee standards?"
  WEBM on here is fairly standard. Hell, there are 2 separate splits, one with audio, one without.
  Both incompatible and the latter soundless WEBMs an abuse to get better animated images since GIF
  is fucking awful.

  All you need for your new project is an HTML page, maybe CSS, JS, and maybe some image and audio
  files if you use them.
  The whole HTML5 file can be hosted inside of a sandboxed iframe with everything but scripting
  This will prevent it from doing dodgy shit.

  Pls mods, send this to the wonderful dev and see what he thinks.
  It is very doable.
  Just need to define a common standard, similar to most web servers requiring an index.html file
  to display as the homepage.
  It's not like security will be an issue. There have already been malicious flash files uploaded
  countless times over the years.

  I just group them all in folders regardless of filename, then give the folder a descriptive name.
  I have so many renamed lolicatgirls and shoops.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:42:24 No.3266392

  Looks like someone posted it rn anyway,

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:44:49 No.3266393

  Yeah it was me >>3266387 for the anon that wanted it.

  Better post it here than send him to that popup ridden buttwhole that is swfchan.

  Also, (you)'d 3 times in 1 post. Feels good.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:47:49 No.3266394

  3 more year, eh? Let's make them count.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:55:13 No.3266397

  If you are worried /f/ will die, worry not.

  Download Sandboxie.
  Install an NPAPI-capable version of your browser of choice inside of your sandbox.*
  Make a shortcut to your sandbox browsers launcher. (chrome.exe, firefox.exe, etc.)

  Shortcut would be something like this:
  I:\Sandbox\[yourcurrentlogin]\FIREFOX\drive\C\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

  * Because fuck PPAPI.
  Pepper is the worst API created. Worse than Mozilla not knowing what an API is and shitting on
  add-on developers every fucking update.
  Protip, you dumb cunts, APIs are supposed to be unchanging and reliable for old applications.
  This is why the concept was created! Fucking Mozzarella.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:55:30 No.3266398

  hi /gif/ how bout those WEBMs, huh?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)05:56:51 No.3266399

  Well kudos to you, (You)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:01:39 No.3266401

  aren't you some super old tripfag

  I vaguely recall the 4chan irc old farts talking about some black night in their "back in my day"

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:03:12 No.3266402

  has to be the worst offender of all interweb technologies. Still the best-rendering browser of
  all of them.
  If only there was a way to make them 'normal'.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:07:08 No.3266403

  No way to fix them. They are hell-bent on suiciding.
  Ever since they went down the path of constantly adding add-ons as browser features, I knew it
  would end some day.
  Chrome went down a worse path, ad-aids and spying everything.
  Opera still fucking blows and has no support because of awkward UIs designed by people from the
  4th dimension.

  Everything fucking sucks.
  I almost want for a net-nuke. Something to reset it it all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:10:32 No.3266404

  calling them "developers" is a bit of a stretch.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:13:06 No.3266405

  >fucking mozzarella

  le mao

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:18:06 No.3266409

  How does it make you feel knowing that there are people on 4chan that are too young to know about
  Newgrounds or /f/. OR they know of Flash but only see it as a spammers tool for making cheap
  animations for un-targeted popup ads?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:41:52 No.3266414

  old and sad

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)06:54:17 No.3266419

  hey, fuck you

>> [_] Old Man Sou !!VxWspnN285O 07/26/17(Wed)07:07:06 No.3266422

  Well I guess the clock is ticking now isn't it? I dunno how I'm gonna pull it off but I guess try
  is gonna have to evolve into do. But if 2020 is /f/'s expiration date then I make a vow to the
  moon and stars on this day /f/ellas.

  /f/ will win a 4chan Cup tournament. I have a lot holding me back from autism but if the final
  countdown is approaching I'm gonna find a way to dig deep and do better than my best. And even if
  I do fail I'll at least fail with what little pride one can have for being a virtual divegrass

  I love you all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)07:33:31 No.3266428

  You rock Sou, even if we never win a Cup.
  It's all in fun, and your work's appreciated.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)07:48:56 No.3266429

  Everyone knows about newgrounds at the very least

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)08:25:52 No.3266431

  It's pretty hard to imagine flash (the format) dying.
  It's still widely used, there's nothing that neatly fits as a replacement, and there's a bunch of
  third-party players that would likely see a lot more development if/when the official player is

  As an example: Shumway.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)08:33:16 No.3266433

  truly /f/ was an unforgettable experience to me since the dark days of the internet, it was like
  a pandora box or exploring a dungeon crawler back then, mainly the suprise factor of it, you
  could sometimes get a HOOD, or a DAILY DOSE, or a REALLY ADDICTIVE game or a nice hentai
  animation, it was the unpredictable factor what made it for me, considering there was no YT or FB
  back then, it was the only source for many great things you could hardly find somewhere else.

  thankfully my /f/ folder has over 400+ files and starts from 2005, I built good memories from

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)08:43:48 No.3266435

  You thinking of making a mega link for this newfag over here?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)08:44:56 No.3266436

  Somebody make a countdown to /f/'s death

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)09:13:16 No.3266443

  >>3266334 we will use this

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)09:26:42 No.3266446

  Someone from Adobe will release the source code unauthorizedly. The wildcat will get caught and
  executed behind closed doors, but his sacrifice will never be forgotten.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)09:27:43 No.3266447

  Doubt that will happen, but one can dream.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)09:57:00 No.3266452

  That wouldn't do anything. Flash binaries are already available, and no-one is going to put
  serious time into maintaining something like that.
  Better to focus on the free flash players.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)10:05:43 No.3266453

  >Those places have NO soul
  Damn that hit me. You don't think about it much but this board has a lot of fucking soul.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)10:14:55 No.3266454

  Just imagine how amazing would be a standalone open-source flash player.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)10:30:17 No.3266458


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)10:36:53 No.3266459

  As soon as I saw a thread with 30+ replies I knew some bad shit was going down.
  Rip flash, we had a good run

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:07:29 No.3266468

  Just remember guys. I always loved all of you.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:12:11 No.3266471

  we will not go

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:15:19 No.3266472

  This is silly. Nothing is going to happen for another three years, and then nothing will probably
  happen then too.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:17:49 No.3266473

  Gnash can barely support Flash 7. Everything that relies on a newer version is fucked, and the
  development seems to be extremely slow (AKA no new stable release since 2010-2011).
  It's not an alternative at all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:27:12 No.3266476

  we can improve it

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:32:46 No.3266477

  No they made it default to not run. Chrome built their own flash player (pepper flash player) and
  won't let you install the regular flash player. Some differences was that it lags on certain

  How does the filesize compare to doing it in flash?

  Only if you violate Adobes usage terms of flash, which is what the Devs of Gnash are trying to

>> [_] John Moses Browning 07/26/17(Wed)11:37:54 No.3266478

  Rest in Pasta, /f/

  Best post in this thread

  Oh well, can we at least try to shift the flash expiration date to 2025 or something with a
  petition or a huge internet fight?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)11:47:06 No.3266480


>> [_] John Moses Browning 07/26/17(Wed)11:55:05 No.3266482

  I was hoping for a huge internet fight

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:03:40 No.3266483

  I've been coming here for 15 years. Flash no longer being supported won't stop me.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:06:24 No.3266484

  hey mod, please leave this sticky up until 2020

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:08:50 No.3266485

  The great thing about flash is that you could post them without needing your own server, or git
  repo, or anything else like that. It was a single file, so you could build portal sites like this
  or Newgrounds.

  Someone needs to make a self-contained HTML5 format thing that can be read by browsers. For
  security, it should not just be a zip file, but something else. It should be optionally
  compiled/obfuscated, depending on whether you want other people to be able to open it and read
  your code, or remix/repost etc.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:10:34 No.3266486

  I'm going to make a yotsuba-like uploader based on this suggestion. Very neat.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:10:35 No.3266487

  If they open sourced flash, they would open source shockwave as well, right?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:12:03 No.3266488

  I really don't want to do .zip files, because then people can put all kinds of irrelevant crap in
  there. Maybe the server-side process can use zip files, but expressly forbid anything that the
  browser can't actually use. We don't want this thing spreading viruses.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:13:26 No.3266489

  How would it be able to spread viruses?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:17:55 No.3266490

  Seconding this.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:20:24 No.3266491

  Do a torrent as well.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:20:52 No.3266492

  >sticky in /f/
  Holy shit, has this ever happened before?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:29:51 No.3266493


  Flash is dated in that you had to contain a website in a single file, but that means it can serve
  as container format for all kinds of things as well.

  Is there anything that could be the new .swf file?
  >read thread

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:35:17 No.3266495

  >Flash is dated in that you had to contain a website in a single file
  what do you mean? you can split flash projects into several swfs that doesn't need to load at the
  same time, or you can load external files of non-swf data directly. people did it all the time,
  especially if they made a website in flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:41:52 No.3266498

  I meant homepage/site navigation. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:42:03 No.3266499

  rest in peace

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:45:36 No.3266501

  If there's a browser bug that lets you execute downloaded code, they can contain the payload in
  an .exe file. Not to say they couldn't like base64 encode something then force it through a
  buffer overflow, but still. We don't want to make it quite that easy for them.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:49:31 No.3266503

  You see, any place that runs this kind of software turns into a potential vector for malware.
  It's like leaving your server wide open. You *have* to take precautions.

  I want to be lenient, and foster creativity to as great a degree as possible, this means letting
  them do whatever they want in the actual payload file... To let a user be brilliant, you have to
  let them be stupid too. But I don't want to make mistakes that give the software a bad name.

  I've been wanting to do something like this for ages.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)12:55:56 No.3266505

  The usual approach to this kind of thing (other than constraining what people can post to the
  degree it's just another facebook or tumblr clone) is to limit limit limit. Limiting content
  makes it easy to aggregate, easy to present in a "feed" etc. It basically fosters a super-shallow
  type of content creation-- everything you make has to be able to be consumed in its entirety
  while a user is scrolling their feed. I think that sucks.

  I miss the old newgrounds experience, where an individual creator would have your undivided
  attention for minutes at a time, in a frame which they had complete control over, and could do
  any unexpected thing imaginable. A 2 minute movie followed by a search puzzle? A 10-frame long
  window during a 30 minute episode where you could click a particular spot for an easter-egg?
  Fuggin wonderufl.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:03:01 No.3266506

  Like, if you approached a company to make a "self-contained content format" today, the likely
  approach would be to structure everything in a particular way. Set constraints.

  Audio goes here, animations go here. Code goes here, but it's a special language we devised so we
  get final say over what you can do. Oh, someone wants to fill their canvas with a function,
  pixel-by-pixel? Someone wants to use some bleeding edge HTML5 thing to emulate a Yamaha YM2612?
  Sorry, the dev gods didn't think of that at the time they were making their container format, so
  that's not supported.

  Damn, I'm getting excited. Sorry, I know this isn't the place for this kind of thing.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:06:22 No.3266507

  Flash was honestly never a good option for that kind of thing. Even if that's partly what it was
  designed for, it was still a HORRIBLE idea. Luckily it fell out of favor for that kind of thing
  very soon after it was introduced.

  Flash really shines for end-products. Games, animations, interactive "toy" demo things, etc.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:10:55 No.3266508

  I know the feeling. My /f/ folder started in 2006, but I had an HD crash in 2008. That was such a
  blow at the time. There are so many flashes I haven't found again, even to this day.

  My /f/ folder has grown to around 5k flashes. So many damned memories.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:14:45 No.3266509


  I agree.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:24:10 No.3266513

  The way I'm thinking it'd work is, you'd need a special server-side script to decompress and
  serve the HTML5 package, but there's nothing preventing your app from offering a "download this"
  button next to it. Just for convenience, we could easily make a "projector" app for it that just
  decompresses it (to memory or a temp folder) and launches it in a browser (either baked into the
  projector or the user's default).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:53:19 No.3266527

  >tfw lost all those flashes

  I know that feel dude. I lost all my pre-2013 flashes, and almost all my flashes flashes mid-2015
  onwards. It fucking sucks. I've been saving flashes since I first found Newgrounds in the early

  /f/ has been slowly dying since the start of 2016. Unlike most boards, it's not because of who is
  here, but who isn't. We loose traffic, and newfags aren't rushing in to start posting on /f/. I
  feel like this is a big wakeup call, people will start posting and making content again, which
  makes me happy. Hopefully I'll be able to rebuild my collection.

  My folder has 1K currently, but before I lost most of everything I something like 6-7K

  It fucking hurts.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:56:20 No.3266530

  swfchan going up for dl when?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:56:55 No.3266531

  the kike running that will probably start selling the flashes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:58:07 No.3266533

  >swfchan going up for dl when?
  Please this.

  Whatever happened to that /f/aggot who was going to download every "culturally significant" flash
  from SWFchan?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)13:59:01 No.3266534

  My collection has 341 flashes right now, and I've lost everything that's pre-2014 due to an HDD
  problem... I've learned to backup everything now. Shit's sad, yo.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:10:46 No.3266538

  It's fucking painful though. I'm missing just under a decades worth of flash files, with
  everything from September 2015 onwards gone, and anything before January 2014 gone. I have years
  of flashes just gone. The worst part is that I want to go back and just see the threads over the
  years and find what I missed, but swfchan and dagobah will show its initial post date only, while
  4plebs only goes back to 2014.

  I feel like I have no control.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:14:54 No.3266540

  Marked for deletion (old)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:21:49 No.3266542


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:22:38 No.3266544

  you know you could just upload your folders, merge them and then just scan for duplicates, right?

  not that it'd matter in a completionist way. Newgrounds alone has probably well over millions of
  SWFs. yes, even the crappy ones.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:25:10 No.3266546


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:34:04 No.3266552

  Can't we just get to post .swf in threads now? It'll make sharing stuff much easier, especially
  since people will wanna be doing that much more often.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:35:10 No.3266554

  not to mention all the lost material. I've been looking for this stupid Berserk video I saw on NG
  a couple times. it was really just cutouts of the manga with Forces playing in the back.

  but I think it was deleted, either by the author or NG is really just purging old data.

  it's really scary that media can disappear like that but holding onto measly 10K swfs is just a
  coping mechanism. a preservation project would be magnitudes bigger.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:37:19 No.3266555

  oh god no, please dont do this. threads would just turn out to be about nothing, endless dumping
  of files with no comments or multiple topics going on all at the same time. terrible idea.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:37:27 No.3266556

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:40:38 No.3266557

  if that would be the case this place would turn into a wasteland really quick

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:41:51 No.3266559

  bad idea

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:43:09 No.3266560

  Doing the Zip file method, probably comparable to a typical Flash project.
  If you were to do it purely without a zip file, the most efficient way I have found to encode
  data is base91.

  You already stated why it isn't a bad idea in your own post.
  It's trivial to base64 executable code and exploits.
  It's literally an HTML5 front-line feature.
  The sandbox would be as (un)safe as the flash container is.
  There's already malicious flash files out there as it is. They get uploaded here fairly
  regularly, in fact.
  A zip file is the easiest way to do an HTML5 replacement for Flash for the sake of making it

  Doesn't need to be that complex.
  A script is embedded in the HTML5 sandbox.
  It downloads the zipped HTML5 project from server, decodes it in memory then runs it.
  To make it so it can be standardized, you could require them to have a function called "main"
  that starts the project.
  Or you can make it a self-invoking function.

  Doing an HTML5 preloader is even more of a pain.
  What could be done is a separate folder in the zip called preloader, downloads that first which
  then downloads the rest. But that requires server-side stuff to extract that then serve it to
  clients first.
  It would all need to be formalized and such.
  There are loads of other ways it could be done.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:43:35 No.3266561

  >We just need animation to be in video format.
  the end of /f/ is nigh

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:45:24 No.3266562

  Press F for respects

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:54:27 No.3266568

  >Flash was never the reason for bad advertising on the web
  >Flash as a security threat was kind of a meme.
  >It really bothers me when people cheer the death of Flash

  It's a fucking travesty that over all these years artwork creators were clinging to this
  disgusting proprietary behemoth that was flash instead of jumping boat to a viable open-source
  alternative as soon it was possible. But no, you people were content with taking the adobe dick
  up your ass and now you're left with thousands of artwork locked in a proprietary format that is
  getting deprecated in 3 years. You didn't even bother supporting gnash, it can barely play a swf
  movie, let alone a full game.

  You people are even worse than /v/tards, you have chosen your path and now its time for you to
  suffer, you deserve every bit of it, thank fucking god I wont have to see any website using this
  proprietary abomination of software.

  Press S to spit on grave.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:58:29 No.3266570

  richard stallman what are you doing on 4chan

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)14:59:01 No.3266571

  Back to /g/ with you.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:02:51 No.3266573

  the problem is /g/ is now getting filled with winfags

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:03:57 No.3266574

  For many years flash was the only option along with shockwave and java, it wasn't until a few
  years ago it seemed that html5 was mature enough to replace flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:08:49 No.3266575

  >The sandbox would be as (un)safe as the flash container is.
  You're probably right about this, but I still think it'd be good to have some way to prevent exe
  files from existing in the container. It wouldn't even necessarily need to exploit a browser
  bug-- it could just be put in place in case someone decided to decompile the project to change
  it-- name a file misleadingly so they'll double-click without thinking.

  Maybe it could be a server-side thing.

  >To make it so it can be standardized, you could require them to have a function called "main"
  that starts the project.
  I like the idea of having an index.html better. This is in line with pre-existing standards-- a
  game project made after this pattern could just be unzipped and viewed in a standard browser-- or
  fed to nginx/apache.

  It'd also make it nearly braindead easy to port a lot of existing html5 projects to this format
  for easy sharing.

  I think for this kind of thing to take off, it has to have as few barriers to entry as possible.
  Lots of people already know how to make basic HTML/JS projects, and to share it, using WinZip
  isn't a stretch.

  >Doing an HTML5 preloader is even more of a pain.
  I think this kind of thing is in the past. Internet connections are so fast nowadays... I often
  don't even get a chance to see those clever early 2000s preloaders before the thing starts.

  If we go the unzip-before-serving route, you can just let the author use any one of the many JS
  preloading frameworks that already exist.

  The point of this, as I see it, isn't to slavishly duplicate Flash, it's to emulate the things it
  got VERY right. To make it easy to create little projects that can be easily shared.

  Although I could see a container being built with some kind of future hyper-accurate version of
  Shumway to run a specific .swf file.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:10:07 No.3266576

  >Maybe it could be a server-side thing.
  I meant to write here: "maybe it could be a server-side option for the people running the site."

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:11:34 No.3266578

  Gentlemen, it has been a privilege hoodrolling with you.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:13:51 No.3266579

  >To make it so it can be standardized, you could require them to have a function called "main"
  that starts the project.
  Another consideration, Adobe has replaced flash with "Animate," that makes little js/html
  projects. It'd probably be good to stick to the way the web usually works to make integrating
  those as simple as possible.

  I did some messing around with it a couple of years ago making some frame-by-frame animations I
  could use in my own JS projects, and it seemed like it should be able to do it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:13:56 No.3266581

  To expand on those ways of serving:

  Upload .h5f file to 4chan
  It generates link to the full file as normal.
  You click it, opens new page with a script and sandbox iframe. (which is 100% width and height,
  like a typical Flash file)
  The script loads the HTML5 project to the sandboxed iframe.

  If it opens in a new page, what will actually happen instead is the server intercepts that
  request and sends you an HTML page with a script and an iframe, which then downloads your file to
  the sandboxed iframe.
  That iframe will be the full dimensions of the document like when you open a Flash file in its
  own tab.
  But if you right click and save it, it won't be able to do that redirect, so will save normally.
  The issue comes with a person that saves the tab they are in. People will just need to get used
  to not doing it because they will save the loader and the HTML5 file together.

  >If we go the unzip-before-serving route, you can just let the author use any one of the many JS
  preloading frameworks that already exist.
  Would use more bandwidth, but it is doable.
  It would essentially be creating a webpage on 4chan, all the resources would be saved there, you
  download them.
  If you save the page, it would save every resource in a folder (if .html) or together (if .mhtml)
  Would be easy enough to recombine them all in to a zipped file. (but still a pain)
  Although, it would be possible to do the same redirect intercept method in the upper half of this

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:15:03 No.3266582

  >Damn, I'm getting excited. Sorry, I know this isn't the place for this kind of thing.

  Aye m8, this is exactly the type of place to get excited. We need people to get excited, to save
  our niche way of life, either by convincing a God to bow to mere mortals or by creating our own

  Spreading your opinions is welcome, on this board, for now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:15:07 No.3266583

  Fuck you, wintoddlers and other proprietary fags like you constantly shit up /g/, might as well
  come here and dance on the grave of the most disgusting software in the history of mankind. You
  people just got EXTINGUISHED.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:16:47 No.3266585

  The problem is also that there isn't an easy way to make (drawn) animations in html5 like Flash's
  graphic tools or timeline allows you to. It's also nearly impossible to time audio and video on
  all systems like in Flash. (yes, exists, but still...)

  It will be nowhere as easy to create content in html5, even if THEORETICALLY it's possible.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:20:40 No.3266588

  So. Early internet is kill now.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:20:57 No.3266589

  There are and were several of open-source options for 2d animating, also several open-source 2d
  game engines.
  >inb4 you couldn't run it from a browser
  Well that just confirms that /f/ and newgrounds are containment sites. It's time for a purge.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:22:32 No.3266591

  Stupid fucking kids these days... early internet? Flash isn't even early web, much less internet.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:23:08 No.3266592

  Please stop shitting up the thread. It's easy to get replies at a time like this, but it's really
  not what /f/ needs right now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:24:36 No.3266594

  Agreed, too many meme shitposting replies right now, you can really tell who's coming from the
  containment boards rather than an actual /f/riend.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:24:42 No.3266595

  This is what /f/ deserves. Again, you are the sole creators of your misery, nobody forced you to
  lock yourself to a proprietary format. You people deserve this, let this be a lesson for you.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:26:00 No.3266596

  >If it opens in a new page, what will actually happen instead is the server intercepts that
  request and sends you an HTML page with a script and an iframe, which then downloads your file to
  the sandboxed iframe.
  >That iframe will be the full dimensions of the document like when you open a Flash file in its
  own tab.
  >But if you right click and save it, it won't be able to do that redirect, so will save normally.
  >The issue comes with a person that saves the tab they are in. People will just need to get used
  to not doing it because they will save the loader and the HTML5 file together.
  I think that's too elaborate for something that won't really net you much. I think just offering
  a download link somewhere, either on the posting page, or maybe a little icon in the corner of
  the page would work fine.

  I also think we should keep the burden of unzipping and running the file off of the client side.
  Your method would have to find all the resource requests, in both code, HTML, etc... and replace
  them with your own resource blobs/virtual URLs. It would basically be a script transpiler that
  runs in the browser. This opens us up to unexpected bugs if someone decides to do something
  unusual in their code. I think we should reduce complexity as much as possible.

  Your thing could be an option, definitely, an alternative implementation, but if I'm going to
  make one it will be a node.js thing that just unzips to a temporary directory (or maybe uploads
  to a CDN) and serves it. My focus is on making the app itself easy and seamless, and for me,
  something as tech heavy as that would take me on a long detour from my goal.

  So, if we're going to do anything, the absolute most important thing is to agree on a file
  format. I like using a zip archive with the .h5f extension, but I'd want to bootstrap it by just
  loading index.html, (in an iframe or not, to the server operator's taste).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:26:43 No.3266597

  Newgrounds got legal threats from a massive (((MEDIA COMPANY))) telling them they'd get their ads
  pulled off if they didn't get rid of all their "copyrighted content". A lot of flashes I liked
  are fucking gone too, a lot of shitty spam flashes I liked got deleted by faggot mods in the
  early 10s too.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:26:58 No.3266598

  Not yet, but that's definitely coming. The availability of tools like this would give the browser
  vendors an impetus to improve.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:28:09 No.3266600

  >2020 is more than 2 years away
  >already having threads moaning and bitching

  Fuck, you guys are pathetic

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:30:23 No.3266601

  Yeah, most likely that will get more attention and work done to it.
  Would be great to get others to know this exists and try it out.

  The timing will be a huge issue.
  JS timers are fucking awful.
  The closest you can get to reliable timing is message-based timers which get sent as instantly as
  the JS engine can parse it.
  But that is also at the whim of the JS engine.
  Normal JS timers get throttle hard, but an overloaded engine can shit on your sync.

  Of course, this is true of ALL games in general. Flash actually holds your hand in that regard.
  It might actually make better developers in general.
  Writing proper code where the logic and graphics is in sync manually rather than depending on a
  timer also makes it much easier to developer and debug I find.
  So that way even if it were throttled, it will ALL be throttled equally since the stepping system
  keeps it in sync. Stepping is just better.

  Yeah, it is overly elaborate. But if to save bandwidth, it would be necessary.
  I'm just a mad optimization fag.

  I do agree that a separate download being visible would help.
  Now that I think about it, webpages have full access to keyboard input.
  You could intercept ctrl+s and send the event the URL to the actual zipped file.
  That way it keeps it all neat instead of the typical .html and the resources in a folder, or an
  .mhtml compiled HTML file.
  That method works a lot easier.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:31:06 No.3266602

  give it a few days and things will go back to normal

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:32:17 No.3266603

  All good things must come to an end.

  Rest in peace Flash.

  Thanks fellow /f/riends and /f/ags, it was a great time with you all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:39:09 No.3266605

  I haven't mourned like this since the death of hypercard.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:41:12 No.3266608

  People like you two are the actual future of this board, you should create identities for
  yourselves so we can come to recognize your efforts.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:41:29 No.3266609

  >I'm just a mad optimization fag
  You know what they say about premature optimization...

  > ctrl+s and send the event the URL to the actual zipped file.
  I like this a lot. It could definitely be an option for server operators. Or maybe the authors
  could optionally place hooks to helper functions that the website makes available, just in case
  the h5f file itself wants to use ctrl+s (i.e. if it's a paintchat program, or some neat little
  authoring tool that actually has documents you can create/load/save).

  Like, there would be a shared library you could include in your project, and by default ctrl+s
  would tell the site to send you a download of the h5f file, but you can override it.

  >JS timers are fucking awful.
  I haven't read that much about this... What about requestAnimationFrame and counting time between
  each call? That's what I use, but I don't know if I've ever needed to do any timing I'd call

  If we don't push forward with this, there'll be no impetus for the browser vendors, standards
  people etc... to make it any better. We're probably going to have to just stumble along with
  whatever's available until they get their shit straight. That's what they did with Flash, the
  first game that made newgrounds famous was hacked together in as1, which IIRC didn't have
  variables or anything else.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:42:53 No.3266610

  >lock yourself to a proprietary format
  >cry like a baby when the company decides to deprecate it because its literally a pile of shit

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:44:18 No.3266611

  >ctrl+s and send the event the URL to the actual zipped file.
  >just in case the h5f file itself wants to use ctrl+s
  Brilliant, Holmes(s).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:50:20 No.3266614

  I'm thinking of making a git or something to make this project more a generic system rather than
  just 4chan based.
  A lot of people would likely be interested in helping with it.
  A lot of HTML5 hosting systems all have their own systems, but making a generic hosting solution
  for others would further advance its adoption.

  Yeah I was thinking that, as a generic project, what you could have is the key-intercept code in
  a separate JS file which gets loaded in to the main file by command.
  If a website doesn't want to allow files to be saved, they simply remove that file and command.
  Or could just do it as a flag and they set it to 0. They'd likely obfuscate the code anyway, so
  peering eyes won't be able to find it as easily.
  And if they wrap it in an anonymous function, it is completely locked out from external access
  anyway. No console actions can access 100% anonymous functions as far as I know. It is an
  unintended feature of the privacy system since you have no access to the entire memory state of

  >What about requestAnimationFrame and counting time between each call?
  Yeah, that system works well.
  Stepping through the code both in logic and graphics separately can keep them in sync. This is
  how I always done it too.
  It just makes the entire process so easy to work with and figure out rather than depending on the
  system to maintain 60FPS all the time every time.
  If you need an animation to run at half-FPS, you simply half its stepping, simple.
  Also makes it easy to add 2-3-4x speed to games

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/26/17(Wed)15:51:25 No.3266615

  Fine, but only for this thread. I'm the unzip-and-serve guy.

  Hypercard was incredibly badass. It's something I'm definitely looking to for inspiration on how
  to do this whole project right.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:54:30 No.3266616


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:54:37 No.3266617

  RIP ;_;7

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)15:59:31 No.3266621

  What again is the bump limit for /f/?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:01:15 No.3266624

  >>Flash as a security threat was kind of a meme.
  Holy shit that faggot actually wrote that

  You literally can't make this shit up, my sides are gone.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:01:17 No.3266625

  This is a sticky, so doesn't matter.

  I don't think there is a bump limit on /f/ any more.
  I remember it used to show the thread was being pruned for being old. Oh man, I forgot about
  that. ;_;

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:02:44 No.3266626

  He was drool right about how flash vulnerabilities were exaggerated. Adblocker and flash on click
  to play took care of any vulnerability.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:03:21 No.3266627

  Threads do not have bump limit.
  Thread gets deleted after 30 more flashes were posted.

  >I remember it used to show the thread was being pruned for being old. Oh man, I forgot about
  that. ;_;
  What? It still shows that.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:05:29 No.3266628

  html 5 is just as bad as far as security goes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:06:25 No.3266629

  Do it, make a hub, somewhere centralized. The best works of 4chan _have_ to go off-site to
  flourish. 4chan is great for brainstorming and shitposting but anonymity becomes cheap when real
  work becomes expensive.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/26/17(Wed)16:06:34 No.3266630

  >And if they wrap it in an anonymous function, it is completely locked out from external access
  anyway. No console actions can access 100% anonymous functions as far as I know. It is an
  unintended feature of the privacy system since you have no access to the entire memory state of
  Well, there's nothing we can really do to guarantee that code stays obfuscated. I'd like to
  include the option to do things like not allowing downloads and stuff because, hey, it's their
  server, but for me it goes against the kind of culture I'd like to build up around this.

  Companies etc... can just build their own HTML5 pages from scratch anyway. This whole system is
  more for the sharing/remix/community thing. Where people post flashes, someone downloads it,
  decompiles it, adds a bunch of stuff, and reposts it. This would be just like /f/ is now, but the
  decompiling part of it is a lot simpler, and you'd get access to the whole project's original
  code. Also it can run on smartphones (which may be good or bad).

  >Yeah I was thinking that, as a generic project, what you could have is the key-intercept code in
  a separate JS file which gets loaded in to the main file by command.
  I'd like this to be 100% optional on the author's side too. I'd like these projects to not need
  anything else to run. The details for how key intercepts should work etc... are something I think
  can be left for later.

  Can't tell if that's sarcasm or not.

  Little touches like that are often what make certain frameworks and systems awesome to use. It's
  something I hate about a lot of open source projects, and it's probably why they have a hard time
  gaining popularity.

  Mumble existed and was really good for years before Discord came on the scene. It had a lot of
  niggling problems, and its interface was badly dated. It would not have taken that much effort to
  bring Mumble to parity--even as far as web interfaces for it, for which they had the API for
  years but nobody used it.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/26/17(Wed)16:09:02 No.3266631

  Discord took the market basically overnight, and it was by doing the extra 1% of the work that
  Mumble didn't do.

  Maybe the problem was that the Mumble people saw their competition as being TS/Ventrilo, and not
  what would eventually come along to replace them all. What they were doing seemed "good enough."

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:09:32 No.3266632

  >Successful exploitation could lead to arbitrary code execution
  Meanwhile at nothing.

  Successful means escaping the Pepper Sandbox on top of Flashes sandbox too.
  In the case of how awful Flash is, the Flash one may as well not exist, but escaping Pepper would
  be hard. More so, if it is Chrome, escaping Chromes sandbox is even harder. Doing all of these
  successfully will net you a fuckload of money at pwn2own.
  Sandbox and VM escapes are hot shit right now at these conventions.
  Last pwn2own had a VM escape. Spooky. But the requirements were crazy, 3 chained exploits.

  Click2play also removed a huge chunk of people from abusive flash files.

  >What? It still shows that.
  Wait, what? It does?
  Where does it still show that?
  I've seen threads stay up for years that weren't stickies and never showed that message since it
  got removed.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:11:36 No.3266633

  >I've seen threads stay up for years that weren't stickies and never showed that message since it
  got removed.
  Oh, you mean outside of /f/? Yes, it was removed. It was probably made to not encourage pointless
  bumps from page 10.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:12:47 No.3266634

  I really wish the Mumble devs would get off their ass.

  I use the thing regularly, using it right now actually (friends VPSs for game servers, chat, file
  host, etc.)
  But fucking hell there are so many dumb annoying things with it.
  It's like it is designed for advanced and noobs at the same time. It's dumb as shit.

  At least it isn't Miranda. Fuck those devs. Tried to report a bug to them once, took ages to get
  verified on their forum, post bug report, nothing.
  Even the shitty Skype devs fixed the full BSOD issues loads of people had when they created when
  they forced video on everyone with V5 onwards.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:14:12 No.3266635

  There's a fresh flashlike animation editor available called Wick (
  ), but it seems kind of feature-anemic at the moment and the editor is browser-based.
  Nonetheless, it seems like a good start for a flash replacement.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:17:24 No.3266637

  You're not from around here, are you, stranger...
  Pull up a chair and watch the show.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:20:06 No.3266639

  It should stay stickied

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:20:13 No.3266640

  No sarcasm intended, just providing support as I can

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:22:50 No.3266641

  what do people use to animate these days if not flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:24:33 No.3266642

  Rebranded flash

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/26/17(Wed)16:25:21 No.3266643

  Adobe Animate is basically Flash in all but name. It has timelines, vectors etc except it can
  output HTML5. Before you start thinking you can convert your old flashes that way, you can't...
  The project has to be HTML5 from the start to work.

  ToonBoom is another big one. There was one that was apparently used by Studio Ghibli that was
  open sourced recently but I didn't have time to look at it really closely. Neither of them seem
  to be made to output web-shareable stuff, except as video.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:26:11 No.3266644

  It should stay stickied

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:26:36 No.3266645


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:26:58 No.3266646

  they use flash, it's called adobe animate in the newer versions, people still use flash.
  It's just as in like .swf that's going which unfortunatly still had a lot of uses like example
  the YIFF IN HELL button on 4chan city, interactive menus and like variations and loops, and loops
  coming after intros and like one of the best examples was The Void II by Blue Clock where all the
  clocks had real time and all the characters and voices changed each time because they were chosen
  randomly through RNG.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:28:42 No.3266647

  what's some free animation software i can give to my sister so that she can start animating?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:28:42 No.3266648

  What was the deal with the clock stuff? I saw them for years in Newgrounds flashes and nowhere

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:31:49 No.3266652

  If you can pirate Flash (er, Animate) that's still pretty good to start with. Tons of tutorials
  for it.

  OpenToonz is the name of Studio Ghibli's software. I can't vouch for how easy it is to use, but
  it's got a lot of tutorials out there.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:32:15 No.3266653

  Second keeping sticky just for discussion and general planning.
  Of course, it could go to /g/ easily.
  /fg/ - flash general when?!

  Can work on methods of extracting, archiving and converting flash to HTML5.
  Gather existing projects and resources for others and try get people together and work on new
  open source projects to do all of the above consistently and reliably.
  Create solutions for people to host HTML5 content easily and safely, with as much customization
  on the deployment as possible so it can be catered to a hosts requirements.

  Japanese flashes too. It's in so many of them.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:34:12 No.3266654

  thanks dude. my younger sister has been doing a lot of drawing on her tablet so i think she'd be
  really good at animating.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:37:52 No.3266655

  It was a spam crew originally.
  Basically in 2000 a guy called Coolboyman thought it'd be funny to make some extremely shit
  flashes, he made a new account called StrawberryClock which he named after Strawberry Alarm Clock
  and made total shit and sometimes it'd pass portal.
  He made a flash called A and it got blammed so he made another called B. WadeFulp thought it was
  funny so he made it unblammable and it passed. Newgrounds users at the time were just angry teens
  looking at hentai games and assassin games all fucking day so seeing this red letter B just
  pissed everyone off.
  After this a few other people started making tributes as like OrangeClock, RaspberryClock and
  GrapesClock etc. and it grew massively, most of it was spam in the early days but a lot actually
  ended up making decent movies.
  A lot of other crews followed like Lock Legion (FAGS), Star Syndicate, Glock Group, Barney Bunch,
  KITTY KREW etc. the later 3 were all spam and always massvoted through judgement and then
  massvoted down to get turd of the week eventually leading to Wade removing the award.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:39:35 No.3266656

  It should stay stickied

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:45:50 No.3266659

  "technically", it's 350, if I recall correctly. Only ever seen when the board gets broken and
  normal pruning stops working. But this is a sticky, it dies when the mods are done having their
  little laugh at the expense of your collective panic.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:52:58 No.3266660

  what is this

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:54:47 No.3266661

  >Of course, it could go to /g/ easily.
  Search "flash" in the /g/ catalog and you get
  >Adobe Announces Flash Distribution and Updates to End KEK LMAO
  /g/ is trash, death of years of software is treated like a game

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:56:37 No.3266664

  Very true. I did forget that when posting it.
  /g/ is very shit outside of a few discrete communities that generally stay away from the rest of
  the shitposting reddit kiddies and /v/ posters.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)16:59:19 No.3266667

  /g/ is very shit. That's all. The /prog/ and techloli/g/y spirit is gone, It's all GPUposting,
  WHICH PHONE DO I BUY GUYS, battlestation threads, and more, more, more consumer electronics.
  There's nothing redeeming about it anymore.

  And unfortunately, it doesn't seem like any better community exists, apart from lainchan, maybe.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:07:12 No.3266671

  /dpt/ is probably the only decent thread on there. The rest is just circlejerking about dumb shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:07:31 No.3266672

  The end of an era

  It's been a ride

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:08:07 No.3266673

  >wintoddler is mad because people call out the shitty software he uses
  What a surprise, people who actually are concerned for technology are glad flash is dying.
  >death of years of software is treated like a game
  Literally nobody forced you to make animations in a closed-source application, now you reap the
  consequences of sucking corporate cock.

  Most of /prog/ moved to /dpt/ and textboards outside 4chan, they don't give a shit about flash's
  demise, /cyb/ and /sec/ people are celebrating it. Please stay at your containment board.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:08:15 No.3266674

  Tex /f/ag meetup when

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:09:11 No.3266676

  /g/ is the most pathetic board ever.
  I went to it after nyaapocalypses and stayed some time in nyaa replacement generals. So much
  incompetency, so much shitposting, so many people being new and ignorant. And in the end their
  site is not supported even by /a/.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:09:44 No.3266677

  I miss the techloli/g/y days.
  After the macrumors shit, /g/ become known to every shit fag and they all flooded the place.

  I miss /g/oogle wave. That shit was fun.
  All those waves we did.
  But that was at the beginning of Google becoming shit, writing ridiculously high-overhead
  JavaScript by enclosing it all in deep chains like fucking retards. Not to mention the event
  handler abuse. Oh dear christ the horrors.

  /dpt/ is fairly decent.
  /cyb/ has gotten shittier and shittier as time has passed sadly.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:10:19 No.3266678

  lel thanks for reminding me of pantsu's fucking incompetency, that shit was gold.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:13:53 No.3266680

  >Most of /prog/ moved to /dpt/
  No they didn't

  >and textboards outside 4chan
  Which you'd know are all dead if you weren't a newfag, progrider is RIP and most of the old
  /prog/ people just dispersed into various communities. Some on IRC, some on 8ch, and others just
  stopped caring or try to post in the 2 or 3 interesting /g/ threads posted a day

  >Literally nobody forced you to make animations in a closed-source application, now you reap the
  consequences of sucking corporate cock.
  Ease of use compared to alternate and historical accumulation of userbase just made it impossible
  for /f/ to use any other format, not to mention none of them can run in the browser. In the end,
  this is a niche community, and while it is true that Flash is horrible software, for the purposes
  of this board, losing it is still a real tragedy.

  Now get the fuck out of my board.

  >/cyb/ has gotten shittier and shittier as time has passed sadly.
  Yep, the community is filled with emo shits and depressed blogposting anons now. Not to mention
  everything is divided between 8/cyber/, regular lainchan,, and a bunch of other
  splitting drama that nobody fucking cares about.

  I wish it didn't have to go this way.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:18:39 No.3266681

  The massive roleplaying on /cyb/ killed it so bad.
  Also just the general "lel botnet" shitposting that infected everything on /g/.
  Fucking Kaspersky is even getting it because it injects code in to sites to prevent malware. Like
  every pro-active AV.

  There's a large number of legit illiterates in those threads that are purely there for /cyb/
  media, not the actual culture and life.
  So, hipsters.
  Cyberpunk is going to be the new faux geek. Calling it now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:23:06 No.3266684

  >No they didn't
  Yes they did.
  >Which you'd know are all dead if you weren't a newfag
  You don't know there are active textboards and yet still call somebody a newfag kek.
  >losing it is still a real tragedy.
  Again, you have manufactured this tragedy yourself, you decided to get dependent on a company
  because "muh convienience" and now you're surprised you got literally embraced, extended and
  extinguished by adobe.

  >Now get the fuck out of my board.
  No, fuck you, you anti freedom fags have already destroyed /g/, I'm not going to let go this
  opportunity to dance over the grave of some shit software.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:27:52 No.3266685

  Not but really.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:29:51 No.3266687

  Well Synthwave is the new Steampunk so I wouldn't be suprised

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:37:59 No.3266689


  Please kill you're self.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:44:54 No.3266693

  Meh, I don´t think swf files will die though. Too much content that can´t be moved into other
  formats like all the old clicker porn games like moving e.c.m etc. I´m pretty sure in the 3 years
  until adobe stops working someone will develop a programm for running swf files in it (like vlc
  does for mp4). If not I would loose 1/3 of my porn clicker games which would make me rather sad.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:47:53 No.3266694

  >being a jaded oldfag
  Its time to stop being a nostalgic luddite and move on, you're as bad as /v/ manchildren mourning
  over some mallware.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:51:53 No.3266697

  Welp, its been fun lads...
  wish i could post a picture of a man doing a salute here or smth

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:52:05 No.3266698

  What will all those flash porn guys do? There are so many of them and they produce good shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:52:24 No.3266699

  I still visit z0r regularly. The forums may be dead but the rest of the site is fine. z0r's irc
  channel is still surprisingly active.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:52:33 No.3266700

  i was here, was fun, love you guys <3

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:56:15 No.3266701


  That'll do, pig, that'll do

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:56:33 No.3266702

  It won't die instantly on 2020.
  Adobe will stop supporting it. Browsers will likely drop it.

  Millions of people keep around old software for legacy apps that can't be updated easily or
  All it takes is an old browser / standalone flash player to be kept around solely for them.
  Run inside a sandbox and it can prevent people abusing your computer via exploits that might be
  found over time.
  Or go full VM if you are worried enough.
  The overhead of VMs is well below 5% these days with hardware virtualization being common in all
  mid-tier processors by default now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)17:59:12 No.3266704

  Yeah but I dont think the guys that produce it for a living cant afford to keep with a format not
  supported by browsers, it locks out the demographic most likely to pay for porn online: not too
  tech savy people.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:01:30 No.3266705

  I still fail to understand why this will effect flash based content. What exactly are they going
  to do? Delete all of our swf files and uninstall our flash players?

  People have been whining about the doom of flash for years now, just because they posted another
  "This is it for flash" post doesn't mean swf is just going to disappear instantly once 2020 rolls
  around. Honestly its kind of annoying and pointless whenever these flash is doomed threads pop
  up, the fact this one is a sticky just makes it worse.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:01:57 No.3266707

  I hope so. Don´t want to have to jump through loops like disabling autobrowserupdates just to run
  my old porn stash.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:02:24 No.3266709

  >It won't die instantly on 2020.
  >Browsers will likely drop it.
  It will die before 2020. All major browsers are already planning to drop it before Adobe does.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:03:41 No.3266710

  The browsers will stop being combatible with flash. thus u won´t be able to run them.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:03:59 No.3266711

  >what are plugins

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:04:21 No.3266712

  Because this time it's different. Dropping support = browsers drop it = the bottom of the whole
  community falls out.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:04:54 No.3266713

  Eh, most people that follow a typical Patreon tier maker are at the least technically literate
  enough to install Sandboxie and install a flash player inside of it.
  It's barely a few bunch of steps and you're done.
  Even the ones that pirate are technically literate enough. (even though I have seen some right
  dumb cunts on /t/ and here)
  They'd likely lose no more than 20% on average based on figures I pulled out of my ass.

  But yeah, they really should learn new tech.
  HTML5 is fine for all hentai games I have seen as it is now.
  The only things I don't see working in HTML5 that were in Flash are stupidly optimized, hardware
  accelerated Flash.
  That is also very rarely used since advanced Flash actually never took off.
  You can run fucking Unreal Engine 3 in Flash, for example.
  Not checked to see if they have an HTML5 version running. Will do now. yep, they do. God damn. I
  take that back.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:04:55 No.3266714

  rip to probably the best community on 4chan, it was fun you guys ;_;7

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:05:20 No.3266715

  Didn't you read the post you're replying to?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:08:28 No.3266717

  Just because the browser doesn't support flash doesn't mean you can't run it. There's always a
  third party solution.

  Granted, this anon does have a point that it will still alienate a majority of casual users.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:12:10 No.3266718

  we will survive somehow

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:13:23 No.3266720

  Browsers are already dropping plugin support, flash is the last one to go. Firefox is also
  nerfing its addons to the level of Chrome aka useless. You're p. stupid if you believe there will
  be a solution that doesn't involve an outdated browser or HTML5 .swf interpreters.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:13:23 No.3266721

  Godspeed you weed emperor

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:13:48 No.3266722

  This is (not) the end.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:15:19 No.3266724

  Did you read what I wrote? Maybe you should do a second take. Not everyone uses un-customized,
  pre-packaged browsers like you.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:17:02 No.3266727

  Well we can always just download an old internet explorer from somewhere to run them right?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:18:37 No.3266728

  or just not update

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:20:26 No.3266729

  You cannot "customize" a browser to suddenly support a plugin. Are you talking about using some
  firefox fork or an older version?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:21:06 No.3266730

  not very likely considering that microsoft packages them into theier autoupdate. Seems easier to
  just download and old one.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:21:52 No.3266731

  So you are p. stupid.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:21:52 No.3266732

  Part of why I like /f/ so much is because it's a board that's been here since the beginning of
  4chan, it's ancient heritage and the culture has barely changed over the years.

  I mean, take the weekday traditions for example, Miku Monday, Touhou Tuesdays still survive,
  fridayatlast.swf is still posted on fridays, Thursgays is actually pretty new but still. Also old
  flashes from nearly 10 years ago are still posted regularly, some even from early 2000's. /f/ is
  like a window to the past and now it's really gonna die out due to flash finally getting axed.

  I hope hiroshimoot keeps this board where we can endlessly repost til we get forced updates and
  no longer have flash playback anymore

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:22:08 No.3266733

  >using anything from microsoft

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:24:05 No.3266734

  Plugins WERE the 3rd party solution.
  Once the API is dropped, Flash, UnityWeb, Silverlight, VLCs media player for embed/object based
  video and every other plugin is gone.

  Sure, you can almost certainly expect a fork, but it will still mean you are running an API and
  plugin that is no longer being updated by anyone.
  Fine if you run it in a sandbox and use it solely for plugin-based media.
  But the longer it is like that, the more likely exploits are capable of escaping and causing

  Can just keep an old Chrome for it.
  Chrome before they removed NPAPI is best. PPAPI flash is inferior shit.

  If you want to go full-on, make a Windows VM image that boots2Chrome with flash. (pick your least
  hated Windows)
  Strip out anything non-essential for Windows to run. (>90% of it, literally, not exaggeration,
  most is drivers+legacy)
  A little known feature in Chrome is you can ctrl+O to open files. Use that to get your flash
  files. Don't even keep Explorer around. Delete it. It's shite.
  Once you have it all set up, make it read-only VM image. Make a backup just in case you fuck it
  You can always add new flash files if people still cling on to it, or you find new ones you never
  saw before.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:24:53 No.3266737

  >Thursgays is actually pretty new
  Gachimuchi in general is pretty old either way, though, isn't it?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:26:15 No.3266738

  That cut deeper than expected.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:27:17 No.3266739

  >using windows
  >using chrome
  Why are you subjecting yourself to this plebeian shit?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:28:49 No.3266740

  Oh yeah, the original video on nico that started it all was uploaded on 30/Sep/2007

  ...oh god we're about to hit the 10 year anniversary, wonder if there's gonna be anything special
  coming out to celebrate

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:29:09 No.3266741

  Its not about making the browser support anything, you just make a plugin to support the content
  you want. There are plenty of thrid party applications out there capable of playing flash, I
  don't see why that couldn't be adapted to a plugin, unless you're using a crap browser like edge.

  Well, that's what I'm talking about, sure it won't be updated, and there will probably be
  security exploits found, that doesn't mean it will be impossible to play flash content.

  But seriously, why do you need such a convoluted plan for running flash content through a
  browser? There's plenty of third party options, flash no longer supporting or updating won't just
  magically make all that disappear.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:29:10 No.3266742

  Just doing it for the ones that don't want to use Linux.
  Besides, Gnash has zero support for newer flash shit. It's barely even 10 compatible.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:32:21 No.3266743

  cause most of us casual fucks don´t know how to operate anything not prepackaged. VR sounds like
  rocket sience to me.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:32:53 No.3266744

  How about stop using flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:33:33 No.3266745

  >The only things I don't see working in HTML5 that were in Flash are stupidly optimized, hardware
  accelerated Flash
  WebGL basically brought high performance graphics to the browser. Basically anything is possible
  with it now.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:34:26 No.3266746

  Plugins are going away. They were a bad idea anyway.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:35:34 No.3266748

  >But seriously, why do you need such a convoluted plan for running flash content through a
  Because using a one-in-all solution is why even the CIA get hacked.

  Removing old and deprecated systems from the internet is essential to proper security unless you
  absolutely know 100% how it works and how to secure it.
  Most don't. Even intelligence agencies.

  These days Virtualization is so trivial to do.
  In 5 years, it will be commonplace.
  Linux, for example, now has virtual GPU drivers being tested. This will allow a GPU to be shared
  to every OS on a machine in the same way the CPU is.
  This will make Linux with Windows VM for gaming as easy as "click here to turn on [blah blah]".
  At present, using GPU passthrough is hit-or-miss. It is highly CPU, motherboard and GPU dependent.

  Yeah. I mean, I knew Quake Live was there, but I thought it pretty much stuck at there since
  nothing else was using it.
  But UE4 works in HTML5 now. Fuck me.
  However, just like Flash, I don't see advanced HTML5 graphics via webGL taking off. I hope I am
  wrong. But I think the web as we know it now will be dead before it gets a chance.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:36:02 No.3266750

  >stop using Flash
  Why oh why are you here.
  >hey /mus/ why use instruments when synths exist lolol kek lmao

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:36:03 No.3266751

  Open Source

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:40:20 No.3266753

  7chan has a flash bored if 4chan's flash get's deleted we will convince 7chan to keep theirs it up

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:40:42 No.3266754

  >comparing the irrational desire to support a dead proprietary format to the art of playing
  musical instruments
  >not focusing instead how to convert it to more open formats
  It's not even funny at this point.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:42:01 No.3266755

  >Because using a one-in-all solution is why even the CIA get hacked.
  Well I really have no concern about the integrity of my system, I don't keep anything important
  on it, and everything I do want to keep, i backup externally. If you want to be overly paranoid
  about a swf, go ahead.

  But honestly, the internet is full of old depreciated systems already, removing flash wont make
  that big of an impact. The whole internet is built off of shitty software that desperately needs
  to be reworked but never will.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:42:36 No.3266756

  rember swiff player and iswiff?
  I´m pretty sure someone is gonna bring out a similar more uptodate programm like that.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:43:15 No.3266757

  Never die flash, I love your lack of security and many exploits.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:43:38 No.3266759

  8ch has one too, which is the least likely to get deleted.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:47:03 No.3266760

  So basically a format isn´t open anymore due to a big company dropping software? That´s dumb.
  Show me an alternative format than that also allows a smooth convertion.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:47:31 No.3266761

  >But I think the web as we know it now will be dead before it gets a chance.
  To be replaced with what? Phone apps?

  Normies still love the web.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:49:06 No.3266762

  I think if we all work on gnash it will be that

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:49:52 No.3266763

  >The whole internet is built off of shitty software that desperately needs to be reworked but
  never will.
  I can certainly agree with you there.

  I almost want a nuclear-level attack on the net to wipe it off the face of the Earth.
  It fucking blows 10 kinds of ass.
  It needs to be redone from scratch.
  So much legacy shit is holding it back.
  Doesn't matter where you look, every layer of the OSI model is fucked, every protocol is fucked,
  every viewer is fucked, it's all fucked.

  TCP, for example, isn't even that good yet it is used for damn near everything. UDP with
  error-correction is better than fucking TCP and that shouldn't even make sense!
  TCP isn't used outside of the internet. Anyone creating low-latency high-bandwidth roll their own

  Then you have IPv4 and IPv6.
  Switchover NEVER. IPv6 is hated by most people that need to implement it and there is no
  incentive to implement it unless rolling out new systems.
  There is so much wrong with IPv6. Holy fuck, such a piece of shit.

  Normies are all on apps now.
  This is why Facebook (the site) is progressively dying.
  If it ain't Insta, Snap or whatever else, it's shit.
  Hell, people are even dropping Facebook itself and exclusively using Messenger now. People HATE
  Facebook now. It's hilarious. They fucked it up so much.
  But as long as they have Messenger, Instagram and some other stuff, they will be relevant.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:51:29 No.3266765

  Late reply, but I haven't updated my Chrome or Firefox for 2-3 years so I honestly never knew
  that they did this.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:51:30 No.3266766

  then there

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)18:55:17 No.3266768

  >I almost want a nuclear-level attack on the net to wipe it off the face of the Earth.
  >to be replaced with Comcast newest innovation
  >the internet is now ONE WAY!
  >you want to watch TV, not let your children get hacked by pedophiles
  >in order to send anything you have to pay for the super deluxe upload package
  >unless its Facebook, who, thanks to a multi-year deal now has exclusive access
  >get 15% off your next bill for informing on your neighbors

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)19:08:35 No.3266774

  swf will never die, due to either getting a standalone program or one that can convert them into
  the next format. nuff said.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)19:22:55 No.3266779

  There's also

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)19:33:30 No.3266781

  515 replies. I never thot I'd see the day.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)19:55:54 No.3266789

  You ain't said near enough.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:16:53 No.3266796

  >This is why Facebook (the site) is progressively dying.
  citation pls

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:22:04 No.3266798

  >This is why Facebook (the site) is progressively dying.
  don't spout BS

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:22:07 No.3266799

  hopefully /f/ will move on to a new format

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:24:45 No.3266802

  In his defense, I heard that snapchat and instagram are more popular with gen z, don't have any
  sources for that though.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:26:12 No.3266804

  guess who owns Instagram

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:28:59 No.3266806

  >looked it up
  Damn, /cyb/ anons weren't kidding.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:36:17 No.3266809

  I'll miss you all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:41:22 No.3266811

  Why is this shit still stickied? We all know now, it's just novelty shitposting at this point.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:44:42 No.3266813


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:54:42 No.3266816

  If it gets unstickied, you'll be reminded of it again with a billion new uploads. It keeps the
  grieving contained.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)20:57:48 No.3266817


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:06:11 No.3266821


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:07:15 No.3266822

  the facebook app is utter shite. It's basically glorified adware.

  Everyone just uses messenger now, which has been developped so much it might as well be it's own

  Feature crawls don't mix well with mobiles. The site is good, still bearable if you like to keep
  tabs on friends and events.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:19:03 No.3266828

  >live in 2channel forever
  seems legit

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:23:28 No.3266829

  >already covered this but here we go again...
  It's not about thee format, it's about everything that goes INTO it... the entire Actionscript
  API and the codebase of the interpreter/Flash sandbox.
  It's taken literally several hundred developers 2 decades to get the state of this art to where
  it currently is.

  Nothing is getting open-sores, and nothing is going to approximate the form and function of such
  a unique animal.

  It's simply time to get OK with the future, and maybe be part of The Next Big Thing.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:25:13 No.3266831

  >to get the state of this art to where it currently is
  To be fair, the last decade of flash was pretty much useless advanced features nobody used.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:25:47 No.3266832

  >reality feels bad, man

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:29:06 No.3266833

  Press /f/ to pay respects.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:31:57 No.3266834

  That's what I keep saying.

  We still got that. Have you looked outside this thread in the past 36 hours?

  Exactly, but rest assured the vacuous nothing is magnitudes more codebase than any 'community'
  could handle. Especially in its state of disease.
  It pains me to say it, but Flash is an evolutionary dead-end. The Dodo of applications.
  If only Adobe hadn't shit all over it since its acquisition, and had the forethought to develop
  in a more... sane? manner, to evolve it inn foresight instead of hindsight...

  This never had to happen, but there's Adobe for you. All about their subscription-based jewgold,
  never about the tech.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:48:01 No.3266838

  So... Is the end? ;_;

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)21:54:23 No.3266840

  Not for a couple years, no.
  Soon, though.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)22:04:49 No.3266844

  I'll miss you all

  It's been a fun couple of years, and hopefully a fun few more.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)22:12:16 No.3266846

  I don't know what's going to happen, but I love you guys and I love this board. I'm going to miss
  you guys and your great/terrible OC.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)22:13:45 No.3266849

  true /f/aggots will find an alcove, we will carry on.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)22:14:28 No.3266850

  I've been here for about 10 years, I'll follow you into the dark, anon.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)22:48:19 No.3266858

  this is the only board i even visit

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)22:56:18 No.3266861


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:03:19 No.3266863


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:04:51 No.3266864

  This reminds me of when Bender downgraded to a wooden chassis and took refuge on that deserted

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:11:41 No.3266866

  well goodbye /f/
  I love you

  I'll draw /f/ tan one last time before he fades off into a memory

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:27:32 No.3266871

  "HTML5 standards implemented in modern browsers provide similar capabilities with improved
  performance, battery life, and security, according to Microsoft, which planned to transition away
  from Flash in Edge and Internet Explorer browsers."
  *improved performance*
  thanks M$, fuck you yet again, and fuck Adooboo for following your shitty ass.
  another case of The Monopolies dictating their terms.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:29:43 No.3266872

  Also, you have that "Midas Touch" too, look what you did to Minecraft. I hope you all die of
  colon cancer, VERY SLOWLY.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:35:14 No.3266874

  man, /f/ was the only reason I'd visit this hell-hole known as 4chan. I've found countless games
  and entertaining content with this little board. Feels pretty bad desu, I'll miss everyone and

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:36:32 No.3266876

  >Implying flash received any care other than the security updates
  >Implying I update Flash regularly
  >Implying anything changing

  Flash is here to stay,
  at least for the people still interested.

  It's already dead to everybody else except us anyway.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:37:45 No.3266877

  well Microsoft for you

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:50:16 No.3266880

  555th reply wohoo

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:51:14 No.3266881


>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:55:44 No.3266883

  So much info, yet so much garbage

>> [_] Anonymous 07/26/17(Wed)23:57:05 No.3266884

  Wasn't that taken up by a dev years ago, re-created, and sold? I've got it on my steam list.

  Or do you mean ANOTHER version that's free and without all the silly addon stuff?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:03:52 No.3266887

  >be /g/tard
  >hates flash
  >goes to a board dedicated to flash
  >starts shit because he hates flash
  good boy this place has trained you well

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:06:12 No.3266888

  >Threads do not have bump limit.
  This is false. Threads stop bumping, i.e. going to the top of the page) at 300 posts; however the
  position of a thread only effects when it gets deleted if two threads have the exact same

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:08:04 No.3266889

  Please don't feed the trolls.

  Reading this, it's clear:
  We'll have to learn an entirely new (unstabilized) API to replicate the behaviour of Actionscript
  and Flash.
  ...and also learn new ways to kluge Javascript to fill in the blanks.
  >spins chamber and points revolver to head

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:08:57 No.3266890

  >I'm suddenly having nostalgia about 2004 internet for some fucking reason

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:11:44 No.3266891

  >Which you'd know are all dead
  not that other guy but the various ones I go to get at least one post per day. Also fast does not
  mean good.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:11:58 No.3266892

  all proprietary software companies are full of shit

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:25:32 No.3266900

  Is /f/ still gonna be around? What does this mean?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:27:29 No.3266902

  Good luck. /f/ooty will be our legacy.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:29:03 No.3266904

  Fuck, I was just getting around to getting motivated to pirating adobe flash so I could get
  started making flash.

  Oh well, rip in piss. You had a good run. It was /f/un while it lasted. See you later space

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:38:24 No.3266908

  To all of you who have posted here and will read this:
  /f/, and flash in general, was what got me so interested in the internet. I played shitty flash
  games and great ones alike, and it taught me how to tell the difference without suffering through

  I still remember the first porn I ever saw, and it was an animation on Newgrounds.

  Goodnight, /f/lash. Goodnight, youth.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)00:53:10 No.3266919

  delete this
  don't let the replies surpass yogi oki doki

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:02:56 No.3266928

  Cool times. What about 1998 internet though?

  >unsurprisingly jewtube messed with this little gem of internet heritage
  >mobileshit won't be trashed along with flash anytime soon
  Hope the heat is adequate down there, Steve.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:22:20 No.3266937


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:33:31 No.3266944


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:34:04 No.3266945

  This sucks. Flash has its problems but I like the quick-n-simple things that were made with it.
  Fuck, this makes me feel like I really don't know about modern tech.

  Also, this got me thinking. Browsing as we know it now could just be fazed away. 4chan could be
  made incompatible to death. Hell, the cynic in me can see the monopolization of the internet
  happen by making certain parts of it incompatible.

  Is that possible? I don't know much, sorry.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:42:59 No.3266948

  Very possible. It's probably what lots of companies are hoping for. Incompatibility means vendor
  lock-in, which means more money for Facebook/Google.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:54:33 No.3266950

  >>3266948 >>3266945
  and if we don't fight it will happen

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)01:57:33 No.3266952

  Here's a shitty story:
  I used to make (and monetize) Flash avatars, pets, toys, and backgrounds on Whirled when it was a
  thriving community.
  Whirled was a purely Flash-based virtual world full of user-made chatrooms, and a virtual arcade
  full of great games where any and all users could upload content (including those games).
  Several years ago, Three Rings gave up on it as it was a loss-leader, selling it to SEGA.
  SEGA promptly killed the monetization model, and disabled music in chat rooms and uploads, as
  DRM-liabilities. Then one of the founders (Grey Havens, gained the rights to
  the codebase and attempted to continue the experience, to no avail.
  April 2016, it finally died, and suddenly went offline, leaving its dedicated Flash artists in
  the lurch. However, the codebase was quietly open-sourced.
  A number of forks were created, though none took off... except Synced (http://www.syncedonl ... note that this site in any of its iterations has only worked in Chrome since about
  2014 - thanks Firefux!)
  Virtually all the dedicated user base found their way there (myself included), and as of this
  writing are still working hard to fix all the long-established bugs and extend the life of this
  wonderful community...
  and then Adobe shits the bed.
  After being tossed off the ship, and surviving shark attacks and hypothermia, the Flash wonks
  that made such a creative, expressive community are now doomed to succumb to drowning in the

  All those thousands of hours I spent developing Flash goodies that brought joy to so many (and
  only turning a meager penny) down the drain, while Adobe vacuums up ever-increasing volumes of
  ducats in subscription fees well beyond the monolith price of their apps...


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)02:35:29 No.3266961

  The software is not dying, it's not dead, only being proclaimed dead. Instead of letting it die
  with the announcement, many of us in this thread, on this board, in your game, in your world, are
  planning to continue not its legacy, but its life. The first person can no longer exist in this
  state of post-EOL.
  It can only be OUR
  >rage and mourning
  that can not be contained, anon.
  Share your stories with us; many of us will have similar ones to tell you, and from the memories
  of the world since passed, we will sprout again anew.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)02:44:16 No.3266963

  >we will sprout again anew
  The great Flash Phoenix, born anew of its own turds

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)02:55:47 No.3266965

  It won't be dead until we are

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)03:10:54 No.3266967

  Hey. It's been a ride man. Love y'all

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)03:15:39 No.3266969

  All I'm seeing is the rambling of a fossil who couldn't see past his nose, and blames the wall he
  inevitably bumped into instead of the most obvious source for blame.
  Not sorry that you couldn't keep up with the times. Because you people didn't re-implement it in
  a modern web format like HTML5, which will never die due to its status as an official part of the
  spec as defined by the W3C, then you only have yourselves to blame.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)03:18:32 No.3266970

  I killed myself.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)03:41:32 No.3266974

  Yeah, you can gtfo any time now.

  You completely missed the point of all that, but that's to be expected of a fucktard.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)03:43:01 No.3266975

  >W3C as canon

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:06:02 No.3266980


  Posting in largest thread in the history of /f/
  Hi mom!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:12:24 No.3266981

  No, the largest had 754 replies

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:16:56 No.3266983

  It's two years away, bitch about it later.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:21:08 No.3266986

  ...and then you wake up one day and it's ALL GONE

  Prepare for the inevitable.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:23:36 No.3266987


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:33:10 No.3266990

  It's worse when you realize people growing up with this type of shit will simply accept it as the
  in fact, it's introduced at an ever earlier age, just look at tablet computers designed for

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:35:56 No.3266991

  RIP flash.

  I've made some good OC for you, including tumblrtale for /f/.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:37:12 No.3266993


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)04:59:00 No.3267002

  mourn with your fellow flash enthusiasts

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)05:32:07 No.3267006

  I agree with this, although I'm not really helping by agreeing
  tumblrtale was great

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)05:57:41 No.3267010

  >silent lurkers
  you found me

  rip /f/, it was a good ride.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)06:15:03 No.3267012

  Yep. Even my 3 year old niece has a tablet of her own with shitty apps on it for children.
  Ironically, she actually doesn't like it much at all.
  She works on MY tablet better since it isn't a piece of junk designed for idiots.
  She can play Fallout Shelter on my tablet, which is way more advanced than I expected for her to
  be able to comprehend.
  That includes managing the resources and invasions. (and I have my vault set up in such a way to
  min-max the fuck out of resource gains)
  I remember three of my cousins at her age. They were thick as shit. One of my cousins was unable
  to say my name properly until he was 7, she could say my full name at 2!
  Genius niece incoming.
  Luckily her mother (sister-in-"blood" I guess, longer story) takes her out and does stuff with
  her often too.
  She won't let her daughter turn in to a vegetable.
  We'll be watching her this weekend, actually.

>> [_] = 07/27/17(Thu)06:33:21 No.3267015


  >stickies on /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)06:33:25 No.3267016

  sure, but that's 7chan. We didn't migrate with them when they split off for a reason.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)06:40:04 No.3267019

  or browsers refuse to run it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)06:41:13 No.3267020

  we're not done yet.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)06:46:00 No.3267021

  Is this why Zone swapped to MP4 for his Extreme Ghostbusters?

  And wow, I bet game sites like Kongregate are in full panick mode right now.

  I know you can still use animate to make videos nearly the same, but how many
  interactive/scripted content creators do you think this will take out of commission, since they
  won't know the new systems?
  Are we about to see a massive drop in interactive OC in three years?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)06:49:39 No.3267022

  Game developers and portals won't have an issue, they can just switch to offering Unity games.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)07:02:27 No.3267023

  1. sure but what about old games on their site?
  2. I don't expect them to switch so much as I expect them to be replaced by creators already
  familiar with those systems, much as what is already happening. For normal games, this is a
  decent enough chunk I think it'll be fine, it's basically already underway.
  For lewd, ehhh, seems more iffy. How many quality lewd Unity/Html5/WebGL game creators are their
  right now? Any recognizable names I'm aware of all use Flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)07:07:49 No.3267024

  Kongregate looks to be doing fine. They started switching over early.

  Also, Unity looks to be dying quicker than flash. It may not be abandoned by its company, but it
  certainly has been by its game creators.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)07:10:46 No.3267025

  Not gonna happen, unity had a very short period of browser game marketshare before it was
  completely overtaken by html5

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)07:54:34 No.3267029

  its been fun boys, I'll miss the good times and the nice posting flash's and you know what I'll
  even miss the bad flash's.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)08:25:00 No.3267031


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)08:27:01 No.3267034

  >only using /f/
  I can't imagine how boring your life must be. /f/ is a fucking dead board. Go to /bant/ or /his/
  too or something.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)08:41:20 No.3267036

  Damn, I knew the day would eventually come
  It's been a great time

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)09:15:46 No.3267040

  i will be coding a program that can run the flash plugin outside the browser and once that's
  don't a plugin to interface with it.
  about 99% of malicious flashes merely direct you to another website with some dangerous bullshit
  (the code isn't actually in the swf) rare exceptions but something that can easily be intercepted
  and stopped.

  basically something like a projector but with some features that simulate the swf being inside a
  web page(tucked away in the settings menu)

  might do shock-wave and java too though they will be separate programs

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)09:19:41 No.3267041

  well not a plugin an "addon" since the "plugin" system disappearing is that i intent to remedy.
  basically a self contained program and a "browser extension" to scoop up the url of the swf and
  open it in a pop up window

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)10:19:57 No.3267056

  For Brits, the day is already fast approaching where sites like 4chan will become inaccessible.

  In just 9 months time, Brits will need to provide their credit card details in order to access
  4chan, and any other websites with porn or 18+ content on it. There are also government plans to
  create a new British government regulated internet, free of any websites that in any way could be
  considered extremist.

  As bad as that is I doubt it will end there, it never does.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)10:30:38 No.3267059

  My question is:
  Is there any chance to stop this? Or is simply the very end?
  Also, what's the song in >>3265858 ?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)10:35:20 No.3267060

  i like in the UK and its fast approaching,
  parental controls are automatically enabled by your ISP and you have to disable them.
  they also have an 18+ setting (made to look like an off button)
  but still blocks 4chan for being a "hacking/anonymizing" site in the words of my isp.

  China will become one of the more free countries not by reform but by other countries becoming
  more draconian.

  Kinda like how Norway was once more far left than Sweden but Sweden overtook it.

  Luckily i have money in the bank and i 3 years time can afford ti leave the uk and become an off
  grid prepper abroad
  £50k should do it

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)11:08:02 No.3267068

  I doubt he only uses 4chan for entertainment

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)11:10:38 No.3267070

  don't update it

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)11:21:47 No.3267074

  On the bright side, this will keep out normalfags who wouldn't want others to know they come here.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)11:32:58 No.3267075

  going whip up something in visual studio that lets me click on where the flash was supposed to be
  and open it
  i plan on having the proof of concept version up and ready in a few months when i have the time.

  i will be testing this with google chrome and java,unity and shock wave plugins so you will be
  able to launch mine craft or world of sand in a pop up window.

  then retool it for flash when it is needed.

  for the time when support for plugging are removed from browsers

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)11:45:40 No.3267077

  bin this thread and start a new one please.
  Don't let this snuff the Legendary yoga thread.
  You'll go to hell if you do, don't toy with your soul!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)12:09:03 No.3267079

  Jeegs, and I thought the UK was gonna be my backup in case the US finally lost what's left of its
  Turns out y'all are going police state before we are.

  Dang. Straya is conservative, I know they'll crack down eventually. Canada is liberal, so I
  expect them to as well. Both sides of the horseshoe want martial law, I don't know where to turn
  to anymore.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)12:33:03 No.3267083

  Britain's always had a reputation for being a complete and utter nanny state. If you're looking
  to get away from big intrusive government, Britain is not the place to go.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)12:42:03 No.3267084

  I mean, I was fine with the security camera.
  But going great firewall of china is nuts.

  Like, at least the US companies trying to force us that route through removal of net neutrality
  are in it for the money. They recognize it's unreasonable and unethical but they don't care,
  sucks for the little guy.

  This.. they think it's righteous! You can't even appeal to morality or human decency, they've
  deluded themselves into thinking that's what they're doing.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)12:54:34 No.3267085

  The truth of the matter is that those in power hate you, and will stop at nothing to see you
  under their boot.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:01:47 No.3267086


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:15:49 No.3267087

  Maybe a couple of people really do think they're doing good, but this insanity is being
  encouraged, fomented in those in power by resentful actors.

  Some of them had their political ideals proven utterly unworkable at best, and malevolent from
  their foundation on average.

  Others are (((ethnic minorities))) whose mythology tells them that you're their oppressors
  (despite them being at the tip top of your society).

  Others are simply your disagreeable countrymen, high in dark triad traits, who have an
  overwhelming drive to reach the top, to win, but were too dumb to do it right. Now that they've
  ended up becoming losers, they think society is rigged against them, and should be torn down.

  induce sexual selection for creativity, intelligence) They won't understand, until that first
  winter bears down, killing most of them, how bad things really can get.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:20:21 No.3267088

  Can't you prevent your ISP from throttling you by using a VPN though?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:26:23 No.3267090

  Until they decide they don't want to allow that anymore.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:28:09 No.3267091

  That's because half of /a/ streams anyway and a quarter will just do whatever is easiest i.e
  Anidex and Pantsu are good enough in that they decentralised things a little.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:28:40 No.3267092

  okay /xpol/. You have a nice day too.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:36:24 No.3267094

  So, yeah, make no mistake. The real people in power probably know EXACTLY what they're doing.
  They are very slowly slowly wrapping their hands around your throat.

  But don't get resentful of them. Don't become what they are.

  I'd recommend you read The Gulag Archipelago (or listen to the audiobook on youtube, which is
  what I did). What he describes is, in microcosm, what's happening in the west now.

  It's a brilliant fucking book. You have to read the whole thing to really get this message, and I
  doubt anyone is going to do that on a recommendation from some anon on an imageboard, so I'll
  just spoil it for you.

  Solzhenitsyn lays out all the atrocities that the Soviets committed. He leads you into a blind
  rage... You want to visit upon them all the atrocities they committed on their victims, and
  worse. You may have gotten the same feeling in your past when learning about Nazi atrocities.
  Kill them all! Painful death, in fact, torture, is just poetic justice. *Catharsis!* Let the
  world be clean of people who would commit such acts!

  Then, while all those images that *you* created of the horrible things you'd have in store for
  these people, if they ever got under your control, he hits you with this:

  “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing
  evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But
  the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing
  to destroy a piece of his own heart?”

  You are just as bad as them. There but for the grace of God or blind luck, go you. Definitely try
  and stop them from doing what they're planning, but treat them, and yourself, with some sympathy.
  Take responsibility, own yourself. You are far more important (and dangerous!) than you give
  yourself credit for. Have some respect.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:38:00 No.3267096

  They can just throttle all VPN traffic.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:48:12 No.3267099

  The Nazis were convinced that the Jews were committing acts of terror against them. Poisoning
  them, casting them down into poverty. Sure, maybe you're justified in doing more than simply
  rendering Nazis harmless, killing them, taking them out of the world, maybe in a painful manner.
  But from a practical standpoint, knowing what kind of a thing you are, do you really have the
  chops to render that judgement? What if you're just blind, demon-haunted as them?

  I think it's enough just to prevent horrible things from happening as much as you're capable,
  regardless of the context. The alternative is endless bloody conflict.

  "And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him
  sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him."

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:50:28 No.3267100

  I'm not a christian, BTW, I'm fedora as shit. I just think that the bible is extremely powerful
  from a psychological perspective.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:52:24 No.3267101

  >>3267092 too.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)13:59:00 No.3267103

  So where do we go from here?
  I've been here 5 years. What now?
  Is this just the end of an era long past it's peak?
  The internet is going to be a lot less interesting without flash and the content and creators who
  have used it for so long.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/27/17(Thu)14:01:41 No.3267104

  We'll figure something out. The web still has a lot of possibility open to it. Consider stuff

  We just have to find some way to make it all as accessible and easy to get started with as Flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)14:08:15 No.3267106

  We have less than 3 years, we better work quickly.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/27/17(Thu)14:12:39 No.3267107

  I'm working up a little node.js app that makes it possible for users to upload .h5f files to a
  website. .h5f files are just zipped web pages. They can be anything: loops, games, videos, even
  old school stuff like YTMNDs could work. It just has to be able to be self-contained.

  My big goal with this is to make it really easy to make these and post them to a website quickly,
  get feedback, or have other people "remix" them.

  I could even think of some ways for us to do massive interactive stuff, have a generic websocket
  optionally assigned to each .h5f file, so you can have multiple users in a game for instance.
  That's for the distant future though.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/27/17(Thu)14:13:29 No.3267108

  I am, I am. I just got two weeks vacation, and I'm going to make the most of it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)14:13:54 No.3267109
  email if interested to try and develop an open source version of flash

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/27/17(Thu)14:15:17 No.3267110

  Also we probably have less than three years. We probably should have been working on an
  alternative since 2008 or so.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)14:23:17 No.3267112

  I completely agree.
  But now is better than never.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)14:36:57 No.3267114

  lel calm down ya cunts, nothings gonna happen, just like nothing happened when windows xp got the
  life support cut off in 2014, everythings gonna remain the same except the overall life
  experience is gonna continue going straight shitwards somehow, but ironically that's nothing new
  im a jew and i grew in this crew with a few what a shit rhyme fuck

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)15:37:08 No.3267120


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)15:42:43 No.3267122

  we will work on gnash not update are web browsers and if f is deleted from 4chan we will move to
  some other site

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)15:47:30 No.3267125

  Where, exactly? Probably should start figuring this out now, huh?
  Diaspora is a shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)16:13:42 No.3267129

  oh lawrd a sticky on /f/
  times a' changin'

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)16:16:45 No.3267132

  >HTML5 standards implemented in modern browsers provide similar capabilities with improved
  performance, battery life, and security
  this shitty lie has been coming and going through tech blogs and company outlets for like half a
  decade now, and it's STILL not actually true.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)16:35:20 No.3267138

  8ch will be a good back up site

>> [_] [RandomHero] !mfGZNk0vaI 07/27/17(Thu)17:16:22 No.3267152


  So i have about couple of years to finish all of my endless projects that i have started? Better
  start snorting some coke.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)18:02:26 No.3267165

  omg its randomhero :O
  i love your flashes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)18:32:29 No.3267177


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)18:39:41 No.3267180


  How will I C.O.C. in 2020?!?!?!?!?!?

  My god it will be the end of my Dick twitch!!!!!!

  I have to come to this crapshoot just to play that game.... I dont even know how to find it ffs

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)18:56:00 No.3267189

  Well, WINE does a pretty good job emulating windows, only about five years behind Microsoft for
  the most part.

  Since Flash VM development is going to be stopped (and it hasn't changed much in years, AND most
  of the popular flash files were already made by about 2-3 years ago), it means that any Flash VM
  emulator's bar is much lower.

  I have no doubt there will exist an open source Flash VM within a year or two of its

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)18:59:17 No.3267190

  Another thing, a Flash emu doesn't need to emulate it at the binary level-- it only needs to
  reinterpret the flash format and do almost everything it does. It can be a massive
  trial-and-error process.

  I'm sure there are enough nostalgic devs who want to make their favorite animutation or idiot
  newgrounds content work properly and submit patches.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)19:04:59 No.3267193

  Three years ahead of time, huh?
  This is going to be a long and painful goodbye.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)19:14:25 No.3267194

  Sad days ahead. I'm just assuming that since they mean it won't be distributed, I'll still be
  able to open up flash files I've saved with a flash projector. Pretty sure I can also open up my
  old version of Macromedia and start making flashes with it. Haven't read the blog post entirely,
  don't want to lose all faith in my favorite board that I check daily every time I can get a
  chance before I play vidya. I've only made 4 flashes, they weren't good but I enjoyed making
  them. You guys better fill me in on what were going to do, were all /f/riends here, right?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)19:59:04 No.3267208


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)20:02:04 No.3267210

  don't update you browser and we should be fine

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)20:37:36 No.3267216

  Lower filesize limit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)20:48:58 No.3267218

  well got a better idea

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)21:11:51 No.3267223

  node.js IS shit

  You have to be less than fucking retarded to RUN FUCKING JAVASCRIPT ON YOUR SERVER

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)21:19:06 No.3267224

  flash gives me the big cums

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)21:21:42 No.3267225


>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)22:15:02 No.3267234

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)22:59:01 No.3267238

  Very nice

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)23:12:46 No.3267240

  I know but we all know that adobe will probably not open source it. Either by choice or due to
  legal hangups of patents and copyrights.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)23:24:34 No.3267245

  You're right, it will never happen, but it's not about legalities etc. They could easily o-s it,
  and give up all right to the technology to the public.
  The problem is, whatever becomes of the fork has the potential to directly compete with their
  existing re-branded Animate CC.
  There's a reason Flash is being killed, it doesn't fit the groupthink model of the way the
  Biggies want the Web to 'evolve' (read 'be controlled'). If people cling to the technology, that
  is interference in their eyes.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)23:25:45 No.3267246



>> [_] Anonymous 07/27/17(Thu)23:45:08 No.3267249

  The number of the beast

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)00:18:01 No.3267254

  Satania please

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)00:48:58 No.3267261


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)00:50:21 No.3267262


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)01:21:46 No.3267267

  Just pressure Mozilla into resuming work on Shumway.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)01:27:54 No.3267272

  >scoop out the ocean with a sieve
  Yeah, sure.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)01:36:02 No.3267275

  One of Iron Maiden's best.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)01:47:31 No.3267280

  >There's a reason Flash is being killed, it doesn't fit the groupthink model of the way the
  Biggies want the Web to 'evolve' (read 'be controlled'). If people cling to the technology, that
  is interference in their eyes.
  Hit the mark right on the head. If I could post images, I'd post the "consolidation of the web"
  one. Look at these quotes from the articles.

  >In addition, we plan to move more aggressively to EOL Flash in certain geographies where
  unlicensed and outdated version of Flash Player are being distributed.

  >Today, if users install Flash, it remains off by default. Safari require explicit approval on
  each website before running the Flash plugin.

  >Over the last few years, Flash has become less common.
  I wonder why . . . I just can't put my finger on why someone wouldn't bother to jump through 3
  hoops and a firepit to get Flash working on your browser.
  >It's taken a lot of close work with Adobe, other browsers and major publishers TO MAKE SURE THE

  >While game built in Flash will run on FaceJew until the end of 2020, WE STRONGLY ADVICE
  >Join us . . . to learn how to effectivly migrate games off Flash with minimal impact to your
  business. To save your spot, please register here.
  I bet that registration isn't free!

  >Micro$hit will phase out support for Flash . . . AHEAD OF THIS DATE.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)02:20:48 No.3267284

  >It's taken a lot of close work with Adobe, other browsers and major publishers TO MAKE SURE THE
  ...and yet, the "standard" has yet to even approach the functionality of what the REAL web has
  evolved into.

  Make no mistake, this is a concerted effort of the leading Monopolies to garner a proprietary
  solution to a FREE-RANGING PROBLEM (for them).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)02:59:59 No.3267292


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)03:10:32 No.3267294

  Never said it wasn't shit. But it has nothing to do with plugins or the browser environment.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)03:20:45 No.3267297


  They seem to be OK with this.
  Cover the mirrors, it's time for the wake.
  My fucking sides...
  are dying of cancer.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)03:50:26 No.3267305

  Unrelated, but figured I could ask here. I used to browse /f/ 2012-2014 but haven't been on since
  then. I have a slight issue and I'm wondering if anyone knows a fix.

  I've always used chrome as my browser, and whenever I clicked on a file, it would automatically
  open in a new tab and play it. Now however, whenever I click on the file it downloads it instead.
  Any idea on a fix?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)03:59:48 No.3267306

  >Feel free to add other interactive art projects, websites, games and experiments that you think
  deserve to be saved:
  lost my shit

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:04:17 No.3267307

  They of course are (always) rather cryptic and tight-lipped, but According to Adobe, Actionscript
  framework (AIR platform) is NOT going away, just support for Flash Player.
  Flash is not exactly doomed, it's just we'll have to learn newe ways to jump the hoops to get
  .swf to play natively.

  There's a lot of good info in that link, much to search out and digest.

  Sleep easy tonight, /f/riends.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:06:20 No.3267308

  i wish there was a button to kill everyone else in this sticky. you guys are retards for clinging
  onto one of the most shitty techs in existence that should've been phased out much, much earlier.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:07:46 No.3267309

  >Make no mistake, this is a concerted effort of the leading Monopolies to garner a proprietary
  solution to a FREE-RANGING PROBLEM (for them).
  What are you on about? Flash is proprietary (or at least, the only complete implementation is),
  and the standards that are planned to replace it are open. The reason there's a push to get rid
  of Flash it that it's a terrible format. I don't doubt that Adobe has ulterior motives here, but
  there's no motive for groups like Google or Mozilla to go along with those.

  Flash itself is shitty, but that doesn't mean that everything made in Flash or the communities
  around it are.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:22:12 No.3267312

  i had this same issue when i changed hard drives but i'm not sure how it was fixed. did you try
  messing around with
  settings -> advanced -> privacy and security -> content settings -> flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:27:46 No.3267315

  Oh look, a meme-poster.
  Did the big bad frog kick you out of /s4s/?

  you misinterpret 'proprietary' in that context:
  it's what THEY want the web to look like, to become. Something they've been working feverishly
  for years, in M$'s case, for decades.
  "open standards" are not what they seem, when you realize just who's writing the standard.
  This is basically like commanding water to lay on the side of the container, instead of allowing
  it to seek its own level.
  There is indeed motivation for those organizations, if you bother to study them in depth.
  Did you ever wonder why Mozilla went from the world's greatest upstart to the world's most
  cancerous example of bloatware?
  (the short answer is 'self-interest')
  It's easier for a megalithic organization to dictate the terms of the framework within which they
  will operate, than to make the effort to develop and evolve within that same framework.
  Don't make the mistake of innocently oversimplifying the situation. There's far more to the
  picture than you see.

  Also, interesting (back on-topic):

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:30:16 No.3267316

  >shitty tech
  mmkay, so tell us what's a better replacement?
  (hint: none exists)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:38:10 No.3267317

  >"open standards" are not what they seem, when you realize just who's writing the standard.
  I don't follow you. Open standards are exactly what they seem, by definition. I shouldn't matter
  who writes them.

  >There is indeed motivation for those organizations, if you bother to study them in depth.
  Could you post it?

  >Did you ever wonder why Mozilla went from the world's greatest upstart to the world's most
  cancerous example of bloatware?
  That's basically the normal life-cycle for upstart projects.
  A combination of rising standards and accumulated software cruft tend to lead to stagnation.

  >(the short answer is 'self-interest')
  Really now?
  They intentionally made a worse product out of "self-interest"?

  >Don't make the mistake of innocently oversimplifying the situation. There's far more to the
  picture than you see.
  Like what? You're just posting cryptic hints, when sources would actually be useful.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:38:11 No.3267318

  it's like you didn't even read the op
  >flash users being this dumb

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:43:25 No.3267319

  It also has the ZIP thing people are talking about since about two weeks ago.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)04:57:45 No.3267323

  Come on, man, use your reading comprehension, I stated the case explicitly. Try re-reading it.
  Let me try to re-state it for you in one sentence...
  >Big Bullies want the world to fit THEM, not the other way around.
  More clear?

  >There's far more to the picture than you see
  so, open your eyes a little wider and try to understand what you can see, if you can.
  Nothing cryptic about it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)05:34:36 No.3267329

  >Let me try to re-state it for you in one sentence...
  >Big Bullies want the world to fit THEM, not the other way around.
  What does that have to do with the push from Flash towards HTML5?

  >More clear?
  No, it's almost meaningless.

  >so, open your eyes a little wider and try to understand what you can see, if you can.
  Do you have any actual sources, or is it all just "believe me"?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)05:37:13 No.3267330

  You're drunk.
  Go to bed.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)05:50:36 No.3267333

  Ahh yes, the graveyard-chan.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)06:05:17 No.3267334

  Okay, but they're breaking basic social contract.

  We deign to them, give them nice things, let them lead, because we expect them to take care of us.

  Freedoms relinquished for protection. Obedience given for prosperity.
  Leadership is a position of duty to those you lead.

  And much like your reminder that all have sinned and fallen short, and that none can justifiably
  cast the first stone, of mercy on others because we are no better, this too is a biblical
  concept. It shows up in Matthew 20, Luke 22, Mark 9, John 13, and both Paul's letters to the
  Corinthians, as well as in his instruction to husbands about their wives.

  Thus them throwing us and our needs under the bus to get more power and wealth for themselves is
  a direct affront to that arrangement. A leader which does not perform their duties should be
  removed from power. Monarchic revolution. Democatic revolution. Marxist revolution. It doesn't
  really matter, they all boil down to this basic principle, that a leader of people who neglects
  his people is no rightful leader, and to be forcibly replaced post-haste.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)06:13:30 No.3267335

  I mean, the ice caps are predicted to be gone by 2020 and we probably should have been working on
  that since 2008 too.

  Welcome to human nature.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)06:17:29 No.3267336

  why are we worrying about this?????
  Just because adobe wont be supporting flash anymore doesn't mean we wont be able to play and
  upload flash files on this page.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)06:54:19 No.3267339

  >If I could post images, I'd post the "consolidation of the web" one.
  mind linking it then? I've yet to see it before

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)07:03:56 No.3267341

  >what facts, just get woke lol

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)07:08:35 No.3267342

  until browser's stop installing it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)07:38:04 No.3267343

  Wh'y d'o yo'u d'o thi's?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)07:57:53 No.3267344

  Adobe might take down the standalone player

>> [_] Adobe Flash 07/28/17(Fri)09:15:37 No.3267352

Marked for deletion (old).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)09:16:06 No.3267353

  You can never go back.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)10:14:57 No.3267362

  Forcible removal is something that should be done, as far as is possible, within the pre-existing
  social structures that exist.

  Violent revolution very rarely makes things better for the people that undertake it. The USA at
  its founding was an exception-- they had huge untapped resources, lots of land. They had
  per-capita potential wealth that we can't even really imagine. In that situation, the rewards to
  leaders staying true to their word, and fulfilling their contract with the citizens of the new
  nation was greater than the rewards to becoming unutterably corrupt. People had great value
  then-- society needed them to go out and exploit those resources, bring them back so the rest of
  civilization could use them.

  If we had a revolution now, it would probably end with the new ruling party realizing that, since
  they won the war, they have carte blanche to loot civilization for every bit of value and power
  they can accrue to themselves. That's the best case-- assuming it's a libertarian or any other
  kind of sorta-conservative but not really right-wing party that sits on top at the end.

  It could also be so much worse. If an ideological, PoMo or far right group gets into power, we
  should probably just hunker down for 200-400 years of darkness (2,000-4,000 if Islam is a factor).

  See, we have so many identitarian groups, all of which think THEY should be the ones in charge,
  that it's THEIR turn. They're also profoundly resentful. We don't realize the terrible forces
  that exist within all of us. If given a chance to commit horrible acts without consequences, an
  individual can stop themselves. They can ask "What the hell am I doing?" or "What kind of a
  person am I?" But in a group, the temperamental tendencies are amplified, and the dissenting,
  conscientious voices of self-consciousness are diminished. It almost seems like something you
  could model mathematically-- the conscience of a group of people decreases by the square of the
  number of people in it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)10:32:54 No.3267364

  See, those videos deal with a group of people who consider themselves a single, unified tribe.
  Where there actually *is* a social contract that all the concerned actors recognize.

  That isn't the case in the west right now. Right now, many people (about 20% of white people,
  about half of everyone of other races, and like 90% of muslims) consider themselves a group of
  loosely confederated tribes, conquered and subdued by some over-arching authority ("whites"
  consider it the state, other groups consider the state and whites to be the same). If that
  authority fails, the percentage of people who currently submit to the social contract will
  probably default to tribal loyalty.

  At that point, it's just a mad dash for power, with each group trying whatever it can to get it.
  And once they do, we will probably see another holocaust.

  We all know about the minority of whites who think blacks are animals. It won't be so easy for
  them to deny that assessment when a group of blacks, upset at (what they've been told about) the
  state of society up to this point, ransacks their neighborhood.

  Most blacks (the ignorant ones... I'm not talking about your middle-class neighbor who you've
  known all your life) I've interacted with HATE hispanics. Much worse than they hate whites.

  And hispanics, for their part, come from some of the most racially aware and probably outright
  racist societies that have ever existed-- maybe outside of India at the ancient foundation of the
  caste system.

  If given a chance, there's a high probability (near certainty if you add Islam to the mix, as
  you'd have to in Europe) that whoever gets into power will just slaughter their competitors. That
  is the kind of animal we are when we're scared and the social structures that propped us up
  applies both individually and collectively.

>> [_] Engineered Toast 07/28/17(Fri)10:34:19 No.3267366

  240 posters, huh

  good luck to all you glorious bastards who want to keep the flash community alive

  it's been real
  it's been fun

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)10:54:20 No.3267371

  If we're going to have a revolution, it will have to take the form of a gradual reformation of
  the institutions. Increase regulation of corporations, revoke corporate personhood (I'm VERY
  pro-capitalist and still I believe this is an absolute necessity). We definitely need some kind
  of a social safety net, so that we don't have this underclass who can be easily converted into a
  fifth-column by agitators.

  And we need to FUND PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH AND EDUCATION*. This is the number one thing we must
  do as a civilization if we don't want to end up like every other empire that has come before.
  Don't feed me that shit like:


  because even if it's impossible to understand, it's so necessary for the future of our species
  that we have to try. Because the stakes have never been higher. This may be our last shot.

  We can't morally (or really even practically) make people do things they don't want to do, but we
  can't just let ourselves do whatever we (think that we) want to either, slaves that we are to our
  base temperament. We need to form a new covenant with ourselves, and with our own basic nature.
  This entails that we learn absolutely everything we can about it.

  Otherwise, we'll just stay the puppets of internal forces beyond our reckoning, which we don't
  even want to know about because we don't want to admit we're not always, and probably rarely even
  are, under our own conscious control.

  *(NOT social psychology-- that's corrupted by power politics, and most of its proponents
  implicitly call for violent revolution, which isn't what we want for reasons I outlined above. A
  huge proportion of them are avowed marxists for crying out loud!)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)10:56:22 No.3267372

  Started coming here faithfully only 2 years, but have been viewing flash animations since I was a
  wee one. Will miss this place, and you guys.

  On another note, how do I expand the flash window to check for the song? I forget.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/28/17(Fri)11:01:10 No.3267373

  My hope is to do better than just keep it alive.

  I want to build a loose community of different sites, each of which is like Newgrounds was in the
  early 2000s. I want to build a framework that lets artists and programmers share awesome HTML5
  presentations, the same way you'd be able to share an SWF, and furthermore I hope to make it easy
  for people to download and build upon each others' stuff.

  I think I'll make some kind of download prevention optional, and you can always minify/obfuscate
  your code, but people can still rip and reconstruct whatever you make no matter what. That's just
  the reality of the Internet. You can make it inconvenient to do so, but nothing the client can
  see is ever un-copiable.

>> [_] Engineered Toast 07/28/17(Fri)11:18:15 No.3267379

  i hope you do, i've wanted to get into making animations (or just interactive porn animations,
  that works too) in flash for a while but it seems like i've waited too long.
  still, i hope you guys can make something that keeps the "simplicity" that flash has.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)11:29:10 No.3267382

  html5 is not better that is a lie

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)11:30:19 No.3267383


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)11:34:15 No.3267385

  Most people with a high degree of political awareness hate that over-arching authority. They
  consider it to be a representative of the people who have manipulated it to exploit them. But
  what they don't realize is that that is the foundational structure of their reality. It's the
  thing that made it possible for a company to build a house that has plumbing and sewage and
  electricity. It's the thing that prevents them from being killed for a dollar, because it makes
  the consequences for murder dire enough that no rational person would do it (and make no mistake,
  rational people would murder if they could get away with it-- because IF you can get away with
  it, the only thing that prevents you is IRRATIONAL emotions!)

  in shit all the time.

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/28/17(Fri)11:40:35 No.3267387

  Flash/Adobe Animate can output to HTML5, so it's still very worth learning. As I see it, the big
  problem with it is that it's hard to share anything you've made as self-contained files. It's
  meant for people who have their own site and/or a team of devs to integrate whatever they make
  into a page.

  I hope to make it to where you can just zip up a directory full of HTML/JS/SVGs and post it,
  regardless of what you used to make it. If you want people to remix what you make, that'd be hard
  with Animate, but I guess authors could include the source .fla file in the zip/h5f file if they

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)11:51:34 No.3267388

  >in certain geographies where unlicensed and outdated version of Flash Player are being
  What does this even mean? That implies Adobe really fucked up, which wouldn't be surprising.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)11:53:37 No.3267389


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)11:56:17 No.3267390

  So you know how you can download flash player and install it from Adobe's website? Well anyone
  could simply redistribute those files again. However it's against Adobe's terms of use to do so;
  they are saying they'll spend some extra effort to shut down those websites.

>> [_] Engineered Toast 07/28/17(Fri)11:57:38 No.3267392

  oh, i see, thanks for clearing that up for me
  guess i will try to grab a copy of flash then

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/28/17(Fri)11:58:52 No.3267394

  HTML5 can actually be better in a lot of ways. You can use WebGL (which isn't just for 3D-- it
  makes for buttery-smooth 2D animation as well. Google Maps uses it for example.) It's not slow--
  In fact, I can't think of anything that Flash can do faster.

  You have much lower-level access to the system than you do with Flash, and it's much easier to
  debug JS, because the classes you use for E.G. animation aren't burdened down with years and
  years worth of cruft and a multiple inheritance nightmare. I don't know much about the Flash VM,
  but I think that's a big reason why it was often slow with a lot of sprites on screen at once.
  I'm able to do most things a LOT faster than Flash could.

  Your right-click isn't hijacked by default for a system menu. I think this is a BIG deal for
  action games and authoring tools, paintchats etc.

  You can write shaders that aren't crap.

  Two big reasons HTML5 hasn't taken off the way Flash did are A: all those features are locked
  behind a steep learning curve, and B: it's hard to share what you've made. We'll have to wait for
  frameworks, tutorials, and for authoring tools like Animate catch up on A, but I think B is a
  much bigger deal.

  Most people use social networks now where there's only 2-5 different kinds of thing you can post.
  Text, Images, Video. That's all people really think about because it's all that's presented as a
  possibility. There's no vibrant community for HTML5 stuff the way Newgrounds was able to catalyze
  Flash in the early days. That's what I'm aiming to change-- make sharing your HTML5 works as easy
  as sharing photos and videos.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:06:07 No.3267395

  > There's no vibrant community for HTML5 stuff the way Newgrounds was able to catalyze Flash in
  the early days. That's what I'm aiming to change-- make sharing your HTML5 works as easy as
  sharing photos and videos. good luck

>> [_] FlashMoses 07/28/17(Fri)12:09:00 No.3267396

  >good luck
  Thanks. I/we will need it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:17:55 No.3267399

  This is the scariest thing I've seen in years. People are given every imaginable possibility, and
  they gravitate to one or two different things.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:20:26 No.3267401

  It's too late to go back

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:24:56 No.3267405

  Wizard! Also Double Sticky!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:26:15 No.3267406

  Is the thread going to get deleted soon?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:33:44 No.3267408

  It'll be up until 2020

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)12:35:36 No.3267411

  >stealing joke from >>3266540
  You should be ashamed both as mod and a human being.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:10:18 No.3267417

  Flash has always been part of my life, if it left forever I'd be crushed

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:30:27 No.3267418

  I remember coming home from my night shift's and the first thing I would do every day is get on
  /f/. My favorite days were Sunday-Monday shift because that would be Miku Monday. I would just
  unwind in my room and watch "Pack Very Nice" and "Francium" and wait until the sun came up
  signalling me to go to bed.

  Time flies so fast. I feel like that was just months ago but it was years. 2020 is right around
  the corner in the scheme of things. It will be a sad day when my favorite board begins to lose
  the very creative platform it was based on.


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:35:51 No.3267420

  But Miku Mondays are already dead. And by 2020 no one will even remember they existed.

  We should worry about 2hu Tuesdays though.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:41:07 No.3267421

  It lost the creativity years ago, these days it's just youtube rips

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:44:50 No.3267423

  See you on the other side, friends.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:47:42 No.3267424

  We got 3 years, we're going to make it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:50:07 No.3267427

  2hu tuesdays will never die

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:51:37 No.3267428

  You need all the help you can get

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:55:43 No.3267431

  Well this is it, the final stretch. These next 3 years are going to kill me.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:58:58 No.3267432

  RIP Homestar Runner

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)13:59:24 No.3267433

  Any of the movies are already on youtube

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:00:29 No.3267434

  not all of them are uploaded.

  I'll probably get to uploading the higher quality stuff from my DVDs

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:00:34 No.3267435

  I hope this succeeds

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:01:13 No.3267436

  Awesome, I think this thread is about to beat the record for most posts in an /f/ thread

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:03:20 No.3267437

  Yeah, it's going to be beaten in a few minutes

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:04:51 No.3267438

  What is the record, by the way?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:05:51 No.3267439

  According to it's 743, but I don't know if it's
  counting ghost repies or not.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:08:39 No.3267440

  no matter what we just beat it. So that's that

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:09:19 No.3267441


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:16:09 No.3267444

  I'm surprised at the posting quality of this thread. I've become so accustomed to other popular
  boards where the vast majority of discussion is written at a high school level. It's clear that
  most of us on /f/ are actually old enough to remember the time when flash was so significant to
  internet culture.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:18:16 No.3267446

  /f/ is not one of the more popular boards so less retards come here.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:20:26 No.3267447

  >High School Level

  that's being extremely generous

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:29:48 No.3267448

  Still better than writing at a 3rd grade level like most of the website

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:29:53 No.3267449

  >old enough to remember the time when flash was so significant to internet culture.
  for me personally it's not first hand, but and swfchan exist

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:30:12 No.3267450

  good point

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:30:18 No.3267451

  I only do it with s's at the end of word's.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:33:51 No.3267453


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:39:54 No.3267454

  its official now!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:41:18 No.3267455

  Nope, it's offically offical now

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:44:26 No.3267456

  it's officially officially official now

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:47:04 No.3267458

  Finally tonight i will have enough officiators to complete the official ship and return to
  official planet!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)14:52:18 No.3267459

  dont know if ill miss this place. but i sure as hell had a good time.

  an early farewell to all.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)15:07:05 No.3267463


>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)15:30:33 No.3267468

  Holy shit! A flash I made almost 10 years ago finally gets reposted. I still have that horribly
  cut out yotsuba image on my hdd (chapter 21 page 12 according to the file name).

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)15:50:34 No.3267473

  Just watched the longer version of this video after responding to the shorter one. It's extremely

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)16:19:13 No.3267482

  Very funny, modfags.
  Are you happy with yourselves?
  You accomplished:
  (1) killing the status of the most epic thread ever by (2) manufacturing hyper-dramatic
  histrionics and general panic in our little community.
  It's not April 1st, so go find another way to entertain yourselves.

  Actionscript driven rich-content is NOT going away, just the most convenient way we experience it

  You can all go back to shitposting Touhou and Van now. Carry on.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)16:23:27 No.3267485

  This is the largest thread in /f/ history

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)16:30:46 No.3267487

  It is now, sadly.
  The real one was a legitimate fluke, and fun.

  This is just a concocted fuck show.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)16:47:06 No.3267490

  >being angry about a thread on fucking /f/
  Get a load of this guy

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)16:51:14 No.3267491

  It's over

>> [_] Anonymous 07/28/17(Fri)16:59:22 No.3267494

  >Actionscript driven rich-content is NOT going away, just the most convenient way we experience
  it is.
  There's not really much of a reason to develop "actionscript driven rich-content" when nobody's
  ever gonna see it.

  It's not the tech itself that people are upset about, it's the way this particular tech fostered
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