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File: Ed's Bebop Headbob.swf-(10 MB, 968x720, Other)
[_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)06:34:00 No.3271539

  This is the best I could do with the skills I have. I hope someone better at this than myself
  will improve upon it, but at least it loops and isn't super jarring.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)06:45:37 No.3271542

  Forgot to mention.

  Video from (((YouTube))) that I ripped:

  Just cut some frames off the end to make it transition a bit more smoothly, although not nearly
  as well as I'd have liked considering how smooth the rest of the video's frames are. The
  transitions are perfect right up until my "contribution" fucks up the program.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)07:16:14 No.3271548

  well if you're not using adobe flash it doesn't matter what audio format you use

  I suggest you get adobe flash cs6 or animate if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)07:20:02 No.3271550

  I'll see about it, thanks for the tips man. Have a good one!

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)07:21:52 No.3271552

  also try following this handy tutorial on how to make a simple flash loop

  but instead of using mp3 use wav as I told you in that other thread

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)10:19:49 No.3271584

  >just embedded the video into a swf
  go back to youtube until you learn to make real loops

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)10:21:11 No.3271585

  I'm just glad /f/ is not filled with 4KBs """"""""flashes""""""""

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)10:21:49 No.3271586

  like i said in the other thread, no, use mp3 when you export in flash

  yes - import a wav into flash
  then export the flash using mp3 audio

  the loop will be completely seamless, flash gets rid of the gaps. if you export flash with wav
  data ("raw" setting) you only waste bytes

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)10:41:21 No.3271588

  but I explained it in the other thread that he has to compress it as mp3 >>3271540

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)10:44:56 No.3271590

  im sorry, i got so worried about the potential influx of swfs with wavs in them that i got

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)12:04:55 No.3271605

  Ed best grl

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)15:22:38 No.3271630

  You're literally the one guy on /f/ being a cunt. Go back to bed.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/11/17(Fri)15:26:25 No.3271631

  no, that'd be me bitching about no sauce under the flash and not having black background andusing
  mp3 instead of wavs. This is some other faggot complaining about useless shit, not me.
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