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File: sheepish dose.swf-(3.77 MB, 550x400, Loop)
[_] new dose Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)14:30:25 No.3268034

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)14:55:07 No.3268041

  i'm getting a strong minus8 vibe out of this.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)15:03:53 No.3268045

  This flash is like a sick pleasure
  I want to see it on flash but at the same time I hate it

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)15:08:09 No.3268046

  i want to shag that sheep

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)15:52:25 No.3268055


>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)15:55:30 No.3268056

  mostly because its -8

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:04:15 No.3268058

  I really hate this flash, I don't fully know why though

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:05:18 No.3268059

  maybe because it's being posted way too often?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:06:20 No.3268060

  or maybe because it's a furry shit?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:16:16 No.3268063


>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:37:08 No.3268069

  I really like this flash and I know exactly why.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)17:03:59 No.3268076

  Wasn't this converted to a swf and posted here a bunch some years back or am I misremembering?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)17:12:01 No.3268082

  The song is from Tomska, but animation is named to be by -8 on youtube

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)17:12:53 No.3268083

  >years back
  its new anon

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)17:21:46 No.3268085

  I kind of like it, but at the same time I don't. ┐(´-`)┌

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)17:53:43 No.3268089

  eh, furries are some good artists, it's just how the circle of life goes creatively. blame Walt

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)18:51:43 No.3268102

  I wouldn't go that far, a the majorify of furfags are actually quite mediocre artists, mostly
  producing repetitious and creatively dead works with very little style or substance to them.
  Though I'll grant you there's more good artists to be found there than in basically any other
  western drawn porn community, it's mostly because money is thrown by the bushel at even mediocre
  artists by desperate furfags. I mean average and bland as fuck artists sometimes charge several
  hundred dollars for a single commission, and they do get paid regularly. Also though I have no
  proof of it, I hear that a good chunk of furfag artists actually don't even care the fandom, and
  only do it as a way to earn some dosh on the side, I'm inclined to believe such rumors given how
  soulless a good chunk of the art produced seems to be.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)20:21:22 No.3268120

  No matter how sexy and fuckable those sheeps are, I am not turning into a furry

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:10:39 No.3268135

  Like six years old man.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:14:38 No.3268137

  New /f/ sure is doing well for itself

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:23:04 No.3268138

  the Mandela Effect
  Your age? This is new.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:27:48 No.3268141

  Beep beep I'm a sheep has been around for years before this shitty flash. A furry friend of mine
  would say that shit when she wanted me to rp fucking her sheep self.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:35:22 No.3268145

  >rp with a furfag

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:41:03 No.3268146

  Unless you got involved in some time traveling shit, no.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:49:47 No.3268148

  Newfags need to stop renaming other shit with "Dose" in the name. I can't wait until summer is
  fucking over, Jesus Christ.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)21:58:31 No.3268151

  First seen 2013 you faggots

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:03:41 No.3268153

  you're a fucking newfag if you didnt use sage you piece of shit

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:04:59 No.3268154

  They're talking about this flash, not the song.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:06:02 No.3268155

  Please, both of you, go back to /b/ and never return.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:15:20 No.3268161

  why is it named "Thanks, Smokey!"?

>> [_] M-non 07/30/17(Sun)22:26:31 No.3268166

  1st of all, I'm a furry and even this flash is annoying because of how many times it has been
  posted, if anything bring back nurse-dose, at least komougi can sing.

  2nd of all, unless you are a gay furry joking around with your friends, furfag is really hurtful
  and offensive, can you guys please stop? It's bad enough being bullied for other reasons let
  alone being a furry.
  3rd of all can we please stop spamming this flash out and you know get something of better
  quality. Hell I'd rather hear the you are a pirate song on repeat unlike this song.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:28:32 No.3268167

  >furfag is really hurtful and offensive
  >hurtful and offensive
  top kek lad haven't laughed at a text post on this here board in years

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:38:42 No.3268169

  Aww, do you need a Safe Space?
  >protip: this isn't it.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:40:33 No.3268170

  >not porn
  >still pretty lewd

  >responding to the bait

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:44:06 No.3268172

  it made me laff

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:48:13 No.3268175

  >being this retarded
  Not even the same shit, Einstein.
  It's an American parody of a 2013 Indonesian anti-drug campaign from MIVO.TV

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:50:20 No.3268177

  Enjoyed the Cyriak reference

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)22:52:47 No.3268178

  So what is it?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/17(Mon)00:13:34 No.3268195

  Other than Shaun the sheep and Silence of the Lambs, I don't get any of the other references.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/17(Mon)01:02:17 No.3268203

  shaun the sheep
  parappa the rapper onion
  bitch from zootopia
  the little prince
  judas and jesus
  cow and chicken
  idolm@ster cowgirl and katamari damacy prince pokemon sheep

  That's all I recognized

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/17(Mon)01:22:07 No.3268207

  >it's a clearly sheep MGs are furries episode

  Buncha retards
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