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[_] who the fuck is calling for [H] on my day off? Anonymous 10/12/17(Thu)23:02:37 No.3287070

>> [_] Anonymous 10/12/17(Thu)23:30:34 No.3287077

  woah shit, he's still making these? I remember seeing the first non-animated pages. How long ago
  was that, now?

  Great stuff, keep it up.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/12/17(Thu)23:48:35 No.3287079

  Jesus christ, it's been a while, I almost forgot about this

  Good to see this is still going, seems his blogspot is still somewhat active

>> [_] Anonymous 10/12/17(Thu)23:55:33 No.3287081

  Incest is always fun when it's others doing it, when it's with your actual family it's so
  disgusting to even think about.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)01:03:01 No.3287091

  this desu
  though it would be alright if i was anime, but then again i only have a big titted onee-san
  instead of a much younger little imouto so i couldn't care less

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)01:32:53 No.3287101

  You guys are newfags, this flash is like 2 years old, he is still jerking himself to this day

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)03:41:55 No.3287113

  so gross. wtf.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)06:32:11 No.3287131

  "To be concluded" What is this gamegrumps? IM GONNA CONCLUDE ALL OVER YOUR FACE

>> [_] Anonymous 10/13/17(Fri)06:48:36 No.3287133

  >bop beep pachow

  someone make a meme out of this

>> [_] Bubu1769 10/13/17(Fri)12:14:58 No.3287175

  DoodleNotch still working on Date Night.
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