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[_] Anonymous 11/18/17(Sat)21:38:50 No.3295642

>> [_] Anonymous 11/18/17(Sat)22:25:13 No.3295650

  Gonna need the source for the mix of songs. Assuming it's a remix, because there was Childish
  Gambino, and Taylor Swift.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/18/17(Sat)23:02:35 No.3295658

  >cool visuals
  >ok beat but gets old/annoying fast
  >horrible dumb rap lyrics

>> [_] Anonymous 11/18/17(Sat)23:36:55 No.3295662

  The childish gambino was bonfire

>> [_] Anonymous 11/19/17(Sun)01:55:32 No.3295682

  gambino is great you fag

>> [_] Anonymous 11/19/17(Sun)08:24:08 No.3295720

  And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

>> [_] Anonymous 11/19/17(Sun)10:13:53 No.3295730

  nah he sucks

  you think I care about some dumb radio rapper with a retarded name
  haha le childish gambino la gangsta tony suprano im so cool ^_^
  im sure he dances well for his shekels
  also I like those super subtle anti-white lines like "you talk white" being used as an insult.
  haha thats a good one cuz no one wants to talk like a lame honky.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/19/17(Sun)11:08:28 No.3295735

  >You talk white
  You know that line was criticizing people that were criticizing him for talking white, right?
  >First of all you talk white
  >second off you talk like you haven't given up yet
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