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This is resource QZIT2PP, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:12/8 -2017 08:56:03

Ended:12/8 -2017 21:16:37

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File: template is no more.swf-(2.27 MB, 550x400, Loop)
[_] Gratitude inside Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)02:52:22 No.3271786

  I wanted to thank those who helped me the other day by posting the blank version of x is no more
  in case it can be used as a template, I don't understand flash too well. As someone recommended
  JPEXS helped decompile and remove the sprite of the character and now I/you can put in whatever
  you want.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)02:56:01 No.3271787

  >someone recommended JPEXS
  That would be this Anon... glad you got it sorted. I couldn't find my homemade template, I got
  too many HDDs, and a few don't work any more.
  I might revisit this, it's a classic maymay.
  Post any questions you have about Flash technicalities, OC-er's here are happy to help.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)02:59:17 No.3271788

  Thank you so much! Well I guess I have one question, I converted the file into .fla from JPEXS
  but when I opened on flash all of the stuff was on 1 frame so I couldn't extensively work on it.
  here's the example. Is there a way to make it more expanded? Or is this the best I can hope for?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)03:20:40 No.3271796

  >all of the stuff was on 1 frame
  That's the way this one is built....
  the single frame on the master timeline contains 4 sprites (movie clips)
  Each sprite has its own timeline.
  It might be a little confusing at first, but that's a designed feature of Flash's asynchronicity,
  and it's quite a powerful tool once you wrap your head around it.

  Basically, when the flash is run, it plays the one frame over and over again at the project's
  framerate... each time, it generates an onFrameEnter() event in Actionscript, and each time it
  enters the frame, it advances any child sprites (Movie Clips or Graphics) by one frame on their
  own embedded timelines. It's a way of simplifying the organization of a complex animation.

  Example: The project is 24 frames per second; the main scene's timeline has 1 frame, it has a
  single keyframe containing a movie clip sprite that itself has 24 frames of whatever animation -
  so, each time the main timeline enters (replays) the single frame (will do 24 times every
  second), it will play each successive frame of the child movie clip.

  Pretty simple, right? :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)03:35:25 No.3271801

  Holy shit that sounds insanely complicated but at the same time if you know what you're doing,
  very simple. You made feel like Patrick from SpongeBob. Thank you so much for this information it
  seems like it'll be difficult for me to know what I'm doing with this if I want to enter my own
  briefly animated sprite. Do you have a link anywhere that will teach me exactly what you're
  telling me? Flash seems difficult to learn unless you have some info.

  I gotta say though being able to do everything in one frame is incredible and efficient as hell.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)03:44:17 No.3271805

  >being able to do everything in one frame is incredible and efficient as hell
  It is.
  Basically, you want to replace the movie clip that contained the portrait with your own. Nothing
  more complicated than that.

  Some food for thought:
  Don't worry about the different versions CS3/CS5/CS6/CC, etc, the fundamental concepts are the
  same in all. (the differences between the versions are mostly UI and arcane)

>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)07:45:08 No.3271851

  Thank you so much. I hope to bring OC to you guys in the future.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/12/17(Sat)15:14:03 No.3271924

  the audio repeating with a gap is bothering me beyond reason
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