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[_] gimme motivation please you can probably guess who 07/17/17(Mon)00:30:13 No.3262913

  First, I'm the /f/aggot always screaming about SwfH264. Now that that's out of the way...

  I've been slogging away at this for a little over 3 months, and have about 1 minute out of the
  4:30 completed. Sure, I have precious little free time to do this, but lately I can't even get
  the joy boiling enough to open this project and continue. Real Flash is not the easiest thing to
  shit out; it's a painstaking process doing animation of any sort, much less Flash.
  I figured I'd drop a preview sample of the intro anyway. Maybe anon can give me the push to
  either finish this, or dump it in the river under the boat.
  Also open to inspirational ideas, or feedback on what anon wants to see in the /f/uture. (PLEASE
  don't say "moar videoz")

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)00:42:14 No.3262918

  "moar videos"
  In all seriousness though, why do you have pepe pulling wojak and not the other way around?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)00:42:41 No.3262919

  If you don't have motivation, drop it and come back when you regain some. You did a fine job.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)00:43:59 No.3262921

  I don't want to give you motivation frogposter
  I want to give you depression
  I want to give you a concussion

  fuck everyone who posts that fucking facebook frog on my site

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)00:46:28 No.3262923

  You flash skills are great, but don't waste it on this.

>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)00:52:00 No.3262928

  >why do you have pepe pulling wojak and not the other way around
  I honestly don't even know. I was bored? I'm not an expert on robot memeology.
  Probably Wojak strikes me as effete and Pepe has ulterior motives for pulling.
  Really, this is all just an experiment in Linklater-style rotoscoping.

  >fuck everyone who posts that fucking facebook frog on my site
  I think I found some motivation. Thanks m8.
  If you want to see something in the finished product, gimme some clues.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)00:55:03 No.3262931

  I have to say it looks fantastic, specially for a one man band

>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)00:57:21 No.3262932

  and thanks again.
  So, what SHOULD I waste it on?
  Throw me a crumb, gingerbread man

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)01:00:40 No.3262935

  >I don't want to give you motivation frogposter
  I agree with this guy. Why'd you have to make it the facebook frog instead of a vector rendition
  of the original video? I mean even the kind of quality that blackwhite.swf has would be

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)01:29:14 No.3262943

  Looks good. It's ultimately your choice on whether this is worth spending your time on, but I
  will say that the projects I regret aren't the ones that turned out poorly, it's the ones I
  didn't finish.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)01:32:28 No.3262945

  You're trying too hard to fit in.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)02:00:54 No.3262952

  I love original content. I love original content of old content! Keep this shit coming!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)02:22:54 No.3262954

  Don't read this shit, it is awesome, go back to work NOW EVERY IMPROVEMENT WILL SERVE YOU IN THE

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)02:26:02 No.3262956

  pepe is a slave

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)02:30:59 No.3262958

  Make a hentai flash for my pathetic penis weanus to fap to

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)02:39:03 No.3262960

  OP i love your work. Nobody makes actual good .swf files anymore. I fucking hate the subject
  matter though. But it is pretty funny. Good soundtrack.

  >facebook frog
  Am i missing something or are you retarded? I hate the fuck out of the frog but who calls it that?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)02:40:27 No.3262963

  This really is sick OP. I want you to finish it. You are a beacon of hope in these OC dead times
  we are living in. Finish it and spark a revolution.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)03:08:30 No.3262973

  ill metaphorically suck your dick if you finish

>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)03:22:26 No.3262975

  I just sprung a metaphorical boner.
  Hmm, a plan...
  should it be hyper-visual and action-sparse like zone, or bouncy and furry like -8? :^)
  I better order that tombstone.
  That kinda touched me. wise advice.

  Thanks for the interest, after a good sleep I'll keep hacking at it.
  But... still no suggestions the remaining 3:30?

  I wanted to experiment with rotoscoping, but not actually drawing the subjects - but rather,
  superimposing other characters in their place. The original video in this case is simply an
  onionskin reference for motion and scale.
  I feel you though, I'm not particularly a Pepe-Wojak fan myself, but I know they'll be
  recognized. It seems to induce a healthy dose of rage, so it's probably a good thing.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)03:32:00 No.3262977

  This is top tier stuff OP, some actually good OC. It's been a desert and you are presenting dying
  anons with an actually good drink and not mud to swallow.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)03:44:40 No.3262979

  great shit OP. continue pursuing whatever you want because you clearly have talent for flash,
  even if it takes you a while to make

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)03:48:39 No.3262981

  Bumping this flash again. Thank you for actually making some good shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)03:52:54 No.3262984

  Why not just rotoscope using the original video?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)03:55:26 No.3262986

  Try not to make it as slutty and simple as minus 8, but don't push yourself over the edge with
  hyper-visual shizzle. Find your own style, homes

>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)04:01:57 No.3262989

  Ermmm, isn't that what I said I did?
  I just didn't faithfully COPY the original.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)04:09:12 No.3262990

  Ah, apologies I didn't read the thread fully

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)04:38:46 No.3262995

  >you clearly have talent for flash
  is that your excuse why you're not doing anything in flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)06:21:51 No.3263011

  omfg please finish you are near godhood

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)06:25:08 No.3263013

  you can make you life easier by using cheap filler if you can make it work in an epic way dont
  think you need ever millisecond a master work even if its how it looks so far. true filler only
  enhances the real animation. also i want to have your babies.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)06:26:45 No.3263014

  kek bless you

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)06:48:59 No.3263016


  In 2013-2014ish it was a normie meme.
  People posted it on facebook and twitter all the time.
  I can guess thats what he's talking about.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)07:29:55 No.3263019

  no but where is popo

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)08:20:56 No.3263027

  I'll have this saved even if you don't finish it Anon. Forever! It's pretty great, even though
  the great ones don't get posted too often.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)10:05:32 No.3263034

  so what is it?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)11:07:07 No.3263045

  lulz, this is amazing!

  i think this is good enough mate. just make the audio loop seamlessly, remove the "sample" at the
  end and try to sync the visuals repeating with the audio as well as you can. there's a triple a
  flash loop right there

  not sure if continuing would be worth the trouble, the singing and so forth wouldn't really add
  many more keks other than what was already had

  of course there's the girl singing that could be shoop-da-whoop or moot-cat or yotsuba or
  something, maybe would add another layer to your creation.

  i recommend wrapping it up here though, especially if you got tired working on it. better to
  finish a project than let it die out uncomplete.

  >mfw i just realized you said you have 1 min finished and this preview as just about 15 sec
  >oh well, posting what i wrote anyway

  Ganbatte kudasai, then, I suppose.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)11:11:09 No.3263047

  >Pepe-Wojak fan myself, but I know they'll be recognized. It seems to induce a healthy dose of
  i hear sad frog is officially classified as a hate symbol these days because it was used by nazis
  that one time

  didn't even know that sad guy face was called "wojak", who the hell decides these things? who
  started calling the sad frog pepe?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)11:14:30 No.3263048

  the same people who decided to call rage comics fuuuuuu comics
  or coolface trollface

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)11:32:46 No.3263053

  calling coolface for trollface is the biggest online tragedy

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)11:55:46 No.3263055

  >who started calling the sad frog pepe?
  That's the original character's name. He was appropriated by merry memesters, to the dismay of
  the webcomic's author.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)12:20:49 No.3263058

  It was taken back with scatology.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:04:53 No.3263074

  If you want to stay motivated try not to release anything until it's 100% completed, releasing
  things in chunks or with previews almost always dissipates your motivation because the sweet
  dopamine rush of people reacting to your content has already been experienced and even if you do
  release the finished product it wont be as good as the first time. Previews/demos are generally
  only good if you need funding or something like that

  the flash itself is great, I hope you make more stuff in the future

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:15:16 No.3263075

  nigga you gay and cant read.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:38:48 No.3263077

  >a little over 3 months
  >about 1 minute out of the 4:30 completed.
  Meanwhile I spenf 5 minutes to make new flash using swfh264 and get decent amount of responses
  Get fucked, frogposter.

>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)14:41:30 No.3263078

  >wake up
  >see wall of replies
  Hey /f/olks, thanks for all the good words and support. It's a real shot in the arm. I was
  expecting a rash of "fuck you faggot" and "kys" to be honest.

  Hot at work on this again, and got some spare idea-fuel.

  Pretty much this.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:43:07 No.3263079

  You are The definition of scriptkiddie.
  Does your mommy still wipe your 35 year old ass?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:46:03 No.3263080

  I don't need an excuse for not doing anything in flash

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:48:33 No.3263082

  then why are you not doing anything in flash?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:50:43 No.3263083

  lol what?

  I just find it funny how OP spend 3 months making OC to fight with youtube rips, but in the end
  gives up and basically abandons the project. He won't finish it.

  Also I replace default pre-loader with custom one. All the idiots who always scream about swfh264
  haven't even noticed it's exactly the same thing with the same controls and the same source under
  flash just with different pre-loader.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:53:45 No.3263084

  because I don't feel like it?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)14:54:59 No.3263085


  Great animation, it looks much more technically challenging other stuff getting made today, since
  there is little reuse of character poses. But yeah if you want to abandon it don't hesitate, you
  could be working on something that would be a better fit in a demo reel or portfolio.

>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)15:06:16 No.3263086

  >...haven't even noticed it's exactly the same thing with the same controls and the same source
  under flash just with different pre-loader.
  Oh, we notice. You can't hide the formatting look-and-feel in sauce, besides, a quick peek on its
  swfchan page gives it away immediately.

  And yeah, 3 months of my spare time, totalling maybe 50 hours so far. I have a job and a landlord
  and shit, so I have other annoying duties to carry out before I sit down and scribble.

  >if you want to abandon it don't hesitate
  Dayum, senpai. That kind of talk only drives me to finish (thanks!)
  I already mentioned I'm back on it, I got the next 12 hours to do nothing else except Flash, eat,
  and poop. Maybe a shower too, depends how salty I feel afterwards. :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/17/17(Mon)15:14:41 No.3263089


>> [_] op 07/17/17(Mon)15:56:57 No.3263096

  Actually, I'm Pisces.
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