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>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)01:44 No.51709 OP P1

[IMG] anime is real.swf (24.01 MiB)
1280x713, Compressed. 3 frames, 120 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)01:58 No.51710 A P2R1

That doesn't look legal...

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)19:00 No.51729 B P3R2

>From an MP4
Source pls

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)19:40 No.51730 C P4R3

You don't look legal, faggot. Radiation island mutants aren't exactly known for being towering
They look 11 until they hit 24, then they shrink in height and look 95.

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)20:18 No.51732 OP P5R4

The video didn't have a meaningful filename and I only remember downloading it from some random
site a long time ago. The video itself doesn't have an intro or outro and it wasn't watermarked. So
I don't know the source, sorry.

Haha! It doesn't help that they always pretend to be half their age either.

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)21:29 No.51745 B P6R5

The filename could still be unique, if you check the file details you can probably tell when you
downloaded it or even when it was encoded.
There's usually a creation date and a modified date.
She calls herself Shiori, but that got me nowhere.

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)21:49 No.51749 D P7R6

Thank God they bleeped the slurs, these bad words almost corrupted my high-valued christian morals.

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)21:52 No.51750 E P8R7

well this was boring as fuck :/

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)21:56 No.51751 B P9R8

They bleeped some names tho

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)22:08 No.51752 D P10R9


May Jesus Christ have mercy on your souls.

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)22:25 No.51753 D P11


Fellow brothers, I stand corrected.
It's actually LALS-07 L@VE SCHOOL Jr, may the Lord blessings be upon you.

>> Anonymous 26jul2017(we)17:39 No.51791 OP P12R10

I meant that I renamed the video file myself after downloading it (because it was just random
numbers), therefore it wasn't meaningful. Also checked if there were any info inside the file
itself because I know there sometimes are info, not this time though. Luckily it looks like someone
in the thread already helped you out with the source!

Regardless of exactly what they beeped it sounded silly, makes me reflect on how stupid american
censorship is with curse words. We flame the Japs over how dumb their censor is all the time but
USA isn't much better by cutting out those nasty little words that everybody knows and says. Many
of the times the US censor is just as pointless as those little black lines over the clit that the
Japanese have, with beeps so short that you can clearly hear exactly which curse word was said.
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