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Discovered:25/8 -2017 22:15:49

Ended:26/8 -2017 16:11:22

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[_] entai Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)16:10:37 No.3275449


Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)16:21:58 No.3275450

  why is this spammed now?
  it's awful, yet it gives me weird boners

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)16:30:44 No.3275451

  I think it's okay, but the more they spam something, the more I hate it. Maybe that's their goal.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)16:38:28 No.3275452

  >implying spamming /f/ has reasons

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)16:49:20 No.3275454

  i want to fuck sheeps now
  fuck all of you

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)17:02:15 No.3275456

  fuck off

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)17:11:31 No.3275457

  because its by some flash animator that makes other stuff /f/ags spam to give each other weird

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)17:31:19 No.3275461

  minus8 is good, but this flash should be spam filtered.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)17:44:06 No.3275471

  YOU should be spam filtered.

  More sheep.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)18:35:16 No.3275479

  minus8 is good, but this flash should be spam filtered.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)19:01:25 No.3275484

  Nice Judas and Jesus reference. Fucking knew that was minus8.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)19:02:27 No.3275485

  having this flash up everyday is what having all the thursgay flashes posted everyday would be

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)19:13:12 No.3275488

  This flash needs to be renamed /scotland/

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)19:40:04 No.3275494

  the correct country is Wales

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)21:00:01 No.3275510

  new zealand

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)21:15:12 No.3275513

  I was under the impression this was not -8, just someone using a similar style.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)21:26:07 No.3275517

  He made it on livestream and the little red -8 is instead transposed into the -8 character who
  cameos at the end.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/25/17(Fri)22:52:50 No.3275530

  I used to follow a tumblr that appeared to be his, but his constant whining about how he wasn't
  good and the subsequent purge of a bunch of his stuff wore me out.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)00:28:36 No.3275550

  that's just the endless cycle of minus8, dude has issues. Korean Issues.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)00:39:44 No.3275552

  I like donkeys, most are JRHNBR. Just right height, no bucket required.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)00:42:23 No.3275553

  >Korean Issues.
  Please elaborate, Like that fan-death phenomenon?Electric fans sold in South Korea are equipped
  with timer knobs that turn them off after a set number of minutes. This is perceived as a
  life-saving function, essential for bedtime use.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)01:29:53 No.3275562

  I'm drunk and I love this song

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)01:38:18 No.3275565

  Getting people who you thought were your friends to out you to the public as enjoying loli/shota
  stuff unironically in addition to other tastes to all of tumblr to try and force you into
  societal or actual suicide will do that to ya.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)02:02:55 No.3275567

  yeah I've been following the trainwreck for a minute. can't help that what he does is illegal in
  worst korea.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)02:10:20 No.3275570

  It really sucks, too. This guy obviously has a couple of hang-ups about his work and, as much of
  a pussy as he is for not getting over it, I can respect someone who constantly and consistently
  makes pretty decent-good work, not to mention that his personal life isn't anyone's fucking
  business in the first place.

  The fact that he's a fugitive for his work in his home country probably fucks with your mind. All
  he wants to do is make porn. Is that so wrong?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)02:56:59 No.3275581


>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)05:07:47 No.3275598

  He lives in the other Korea.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)05:11:02 No.3275599

  All got their reputations for sheep shagging because sheep thieves realized the penalty for being
  caught stealing a sheep (lose all of your fingers) was less harsh than if you were caught fucking
  one (lose a finger).
  This is because all of the deep south states are shitholes outside of their major cities.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/26/17(Sat)09:40:51 No.3275622

  you can still find him posting new stuff on 7chan/fl occasionally, but yeah his tumblrs etc.
  never stay up very long
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