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[_] I occasionally come here to repost this Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)03:15:34 No.3272071

  Strange. It seems to be raining.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)05:12:35 No.3272086

  Why are you blinding me with my own tears, anon?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)08:30:25 No.3272106

  The feels are just too much for me

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)09:44:23 No.3272116

  This is one of those flashes that as soon as I see the first few frames I close it. Because I
  know what lies inside and I'm not in the goddamn mood right now

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)11:00:21 No.3272128

  someone tell me what happens

  I saw the girl always follows the guy but I closed it because the general trend in these things
  is that the girl gets tired of him and chases another guy and then the original guy realises that
  he takes the girl for granted but its too late

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)11:17:50 No.3272132

  The only way to know is to watch it.

  Bring tissues.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)11:23:51 No.3272134

  But you saw the moonrunes no? Then you should know this is like anime and not reality. True Love™
  does happen there.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)11:56:26 No.3272142

  dfuck you op

  the change in the music when he goes towards the doctors chair isn't fucking fair

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)13:18:05 No.3272171

  I had "I see no hope" open at the same time.
  Oh god, it made it so much worse.

  The inevitable hands of time keep ticking /f/.
  Get on it.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/13/17(Sun)13:26:27 No.3272174

  But anon, that's what makes it so sad.
  If it was just egoistic assholes trying to one-off each other it would hardly evoke any sympathy.
  Don't feel sad, because you never experienced True Love™.
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