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>> Anonymous 1jul2017(sa)16:36 No.50839 OP P1

[IMG] PP34_BJ.swf (1.66 MiB)
605x519, Compressed. 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>> Anonymous 1jul2017(sa)20:27 No.50842 A P2R1

I'm not very turned on.

>> Anonymous 1jul2017(sa)20:49 No.50843 B P3R2

This looks fucking horrifying.

>> Anonymous 1jul2017(sa)23:16 No.50850 C P4R3

I think her character is hot as fuck. She probably is a lot shorter and fatter irl, but atleast her
arts good.

>> Anonymous 1jul2017(sa)23:49 No.50852 B P5R4

That's of course implying that they are actually a she and not a person pretending to be a women.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)00:01 No.50853 D P6R5

When women draw porn, they tend to draw lisps all puffed up. It's not proof, but it's an indicator.
Also, seeing how anti-feminism our videogame-anime-hentai internet community is, it would probably
be a better choice to pretend to be male instead. Not that we're sexist, but just in case.
You're being just a tad paranoid.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)00:16 No.50855 E P7R6


Females earn money in the internet for the sole fact that they have a pussy, e.g. twitch or patreon
female painters, being a female or pretending to be one is highly and easily profitable on the net.

You are just being a tad dumb.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)01:17 No.50860 F P8R7

I preferred when her character was chubbier.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)11:14 No.50864 D P9R8

Not in our anti-feminist hentai internet community.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)11:54 No.50865 G P10R9

There are armies of normalfags who will come to the aid of any woman. They have been brainwashed
into believing that they have to protect women, and they are too stupid to realize that females are
bitches who deserve no compassion.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)12:16 No.50866 H P11R10


You're sounding a lot like those far-right nuts who think women shouldn't be allowed to have a job
that doesn't involve shitting out blue-eyed blond-haired ubermench

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)14:18 No.50867 I P12R11

According to my observations:
Female average (whatevers) do get more attention/money, like GRL GAMERZZZ, etc.
But only after they revealed that they are female (like video footage, public life on social media)
Creators/Anons being allegedly female will suffer more from the effects of the anti-feminist racist
videogame-anime-hentai internet community.
Guess for the whiteknights it's TITSORGTFO.

Also: Why do I get the impressions this is a traced Zone flash. Am I paranoid already?

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)19:03 No.50873 J P13R12

check the kim possible zone flash. If it isnt traced, it atleast rips it off super hard.

>> Anonymous 2jul2017(su)20:17 No.50875 K P14R13

So many options. They all feel the same. Boring.

>> TheBleckGuy 3jul2017(mo)09:37 No.50895 L P15R14

I wonder... Whats the urge to make porn of yourself?

>> Anonymous 3jul2017(mo)14:52 No.50900 M P16

This cow only steals flash content. This exact same models have been used in way too many blowjob

This is YCH tier trash. PeachyPop should consider suicide

>> Anonymous 3jul2017(mo)22:03 No.50909 OP P17R15

>makes half a grand for making shitty flashes
>should consider suicide


>> Anonymous 4jul2017(tu)00:25 No.50915 D P18R16

Fair point, but you know what he meant.

>> Anonymous 4jul2017(tu)00:51 No.50916 F P19R17

>This cow only steals flash content.


>> Anonymous 4jul2017(tu)11:49 No.50921 M P20

>Reskinned -8 flashes
>Flat out 'borrowed' zone flash mechanics
>Use of exact same models
>Took credit of -8 shygirl fame and innovation
All and all PeachyPop should kill itself. That whale is wasting earth's precious oxygen and
hotpockets supply for that matter

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)09:56 No.51029 N P21R18

fucking terrible

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)09:56 No.51030 N P22

fuckin bad

>> Anonymous 7jul2017(fr)21:48 No.51054 O P23R19

>flash mechanics you mean... you mean the buttons that change the scene? that's patented by zone?

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)00:05 No.51055 P P24R20

You should kill yourself you little wank goblin for saying such stupid shit. Does anyone actually
care if she borrowed or reskinned any other work other than this shitlord? Considering most of her
flashes are pretty decent improvements to boring loops. Also minus8 said he liked her work on 4chan.

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)00:10 No.51056 Q P25R21

Some of the stuff is okay, this is not

>> Anonymous 8jul2017(sa)00:19 No.51058 P P26R22

yeah this isn't great

>> Anonymous 9jul2017(su)10:09 No.51103 G P27R23

Sup, PeachyPop? In full damage control mode I see.

>> Anonymous 9jul2017(su)14:03 No.51124 M P28

You never learn, do you?
>Talking in third person
>Takes everything personal
>Turbo white knight cuckery
>E toughguy bullshit
That being said, sup landwhale? How's content theft going for you?

>> Anonymous 13jul2017(th)16:12 No.51248 R P29R24

im suprised no one has made a black version of this flash yet

>> Anonymous 14jul2017(fr)05:47 No.51258 D P30R25

Black gingers aren't really a thing anon. That would be silly.

>> Anonymous 16jul2017(su)01:31 No.51309 R P31R26

but imagine it thou

>> Anonymous 17jul2017(mo)20:42 No.51378 S P32R27

An attention whore that wouldn't get attention showing her real body

>> Anonymous 18jul2017(tu)21:26 No.51423 T P33R28

I mean if she's trying to do porn, why not just do porn? I demand a hunt of how Peachy looks.

>> Anonymous 19jul2017(we)04:28 No.51460 G P34R29

She looks skinnier than before. We must feed peachypop to get her fat again.

Food for thot.

>> Anonymous 19jul2017(we)04:31 No.51461 U P35R30

She looked a lot better in the last flashes compared to this one.

>> Anonymous 24jul2017(mo)10:06 No.51689 V P36R31

Character is cute as fuck, easy fap.

>> Anonymous 24jul2017(mo)23:37 No.51705 Q P37R32

Let it die™ already, no need to comment on the fucking character just to keep this trash alive

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)04:57 No.51717 V P38R33


Well in that case, I'll be sure to comment every day.

>> Anonymous 25jul2017(tu)05:50 No.51719 W P39R34

so you're telling me, you're going to comment on this everyday just to spite that guy?
wow, you sure got him

>> Anonymous 26jul2017(we)01:18 No.51764 I P40

continuous replies from a single Poster actually reduce the health of the thread over time, so let
him spam if he wants to

>> Anonymous 10aug2017(th)02:28 No.52360 X P41R35

The guy behind Peachy Pop probably finds all this drama hilarious

>> Anonymous 12aug2017(sa)00:48 No.52416 Y P42R36

You know, for a board that hates this chick so much, you sure do spend a lot of time giving her
free publicity

>> Anonymous 12aug2017(sa)14:13 No.52427 I P43R37

It's an anonymous upload board, everyone gets free "publicity" here.
If you meant that they sure argue a lot about things they don't like, welcome to the internet.

>> Anonymous 14sep2017(th)08:04 No.53286 Z P44R38

get off the internet for a while bro, go outside, smell the flowers
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