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[_] Beep Beep Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)18:03:32 No.3263417

  Thanks -8

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)18:35:23 No.3263424

  By far the best content on the board today. So fucking tired of 15 year old stale toe hoe
  flashes. Do you people not even change your underwear?
  >inb4 make it urself faggot
  I don't toe hoe. I make everything else

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)18:54:44 No.3263429

  I don't recognize any of the references after the Pokemon. Why is the blushing FBI girl in there,

>> [_] John Moses Browning 07/18/17(Tue)19:01:00 No.3263430

  Damn furries

  Go link it on /trash/ or dont post eet

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)19:04:36 No.3263433

  Silence of the lambs

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)19:27:36 No.3263439

  this. Gettin pretty tired of shitty youtube rips and touhou flashes.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)19:38:28 No.3263440

  damn that's clever

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)19:54:50 No.3263444

  jewish brainwashing

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)20:03:00 No.3263446

  Tomska is an ex-Jehovah's Witness, not a jew, and -8 is Korean and necessarily not a jew. Todd
  Bryanton did free work for Eddsworld when it was live, which is as unjewish as I can imagine.
  No gas for this fire, if there's even a fire.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)20:07:23 No.3263447

  it was a joke my man

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)20:44:47 No.3263457

  jesus and judas

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)20:54:07 No.3263461

  sorry i didn't read the post i replied to's post very well. excuse me

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)21:12:33 No.3263474

  So out of all the references I can name
  -Shaun the Sheep
  -Jesus & Judas
  -Hello Kitty
  -Katamari Damacy
  Don't know what any of the others are.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)21:21:41 No.3263482


  > So fucking tired of 15 year old stale toe hoe flashes

  Better than wsg fags posting garbage youtube rips because of the 10mb file limit.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)21:26:46 No.3263485

  Come to the US Minus8
  you can make as much porn as you want

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)21:32:47 No.3263488

  Cow and Chicken is in there before Katamari I think

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)21:33:21 No.3263489

  >Shaun the Sheep
  I thought that was an albino black sheep reference. The beginning is a Loony Tunes reference.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:08:25 No.3263510

  Y'all are forgetting the Basic Instinct reference (Julia Roberts crossing her legs)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:10:27 No.3263511

  I was sitting here racking my brain trying to remember that movie.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:13:50 No.3263513

  le petit prince is there too

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:32:30 No.3263520

  lol yeah, it took me awhile to knock that braincell loose, myself. Media history is vast.
  Also, I remember someone commenting last time the Parappa bit wasn't so tight, but in fact, it is
  spot on for the way it was animated.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:32:54 No.3263522


  I have no idea what the box is, the girl dancing with the other two confused, and or the one in
  the virgin killer sweater with the pickle.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:33:00 No.3263523

  Is that the guy pushing the big ball?

  Also Cyriak's cow video

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:48:22 No.3263531

  I had assumed sweater girl was HTF from the gore, looks like I was right.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:51:49 No.3263532

  That also is a reference to Zootopia, the character is the mayor's secretary

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:56:00 No.3263537

  ...which is a lampoon of the Basic Instinct trope!

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)22:58:05 No.3263539

  Full List of References in Alphabetical Order:

  Bakumaru (Eto Rangers)
  Catherine (Catherine)
  Chelsi (Artist Scorci)
  Chicken (from Cow and Chicken)
  Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs)
  Cow (Cow and Chicken) 25
  Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia)
  Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
  Jesus Christ (Judas & Jesus)
  Judas (Judas & Jesus)
  Katherine McBride (Catherine)
  Lammy Lamb (Um Jammer Lammy)
  Leggy Lamb (1958 Droopy Dog cartoon Sheep Wrecked)
  Mary Magdalene (Judas & Jesus)
  Master Onion (Um Jammer Lammy & PaRappa the Rapper)
  Melissa Morgan (Super Planet Dolan)
  Mr. pickels (Happy Tree Friends)
  My Sweet Piano (Please My Melody)
  Oikawa Shizuku (Idolmaster)
  Shawn (Shawn the Sheep)
  Shima Luan (Super Planet Dolan)
  Souffle (Eto Rangers)
  Tart (Eto Rangers)
  Vincent Brooks (Catherine)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:00:59 No.3263541

  >By far the best content on the board today. So fucking tired of 15 year old stale toe hoe
  flashes. Do you people not even change your underwear?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:03:05 No.3263542

  >Full List
  Yeah, I can tell at a glance that isn't even close to all of them.
  Also, order of appearance would be much more helpful than alphabetic.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:06:06 No.3263543


>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:10:00 No.3263546

  What? No. I don't have to be the fucking creator of the vid to see he missed Cows & Cows & Cows,
  Lammy from HTF (which is doubly odd since he remembered the pickle), that -8 OC, and one of the
  Planet Dolan characters, among others.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:16:04 No.3263548

  T'was a joke, Jackson, relax.
  But a top troll would have been to answer in broken engrish :^)

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:18:23 No.3263550

  [Confused Anime Girl.jpg]

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:26:21 No.3263559

  take your shitty flashes elsewhere

>> [_] Anonymous 07/18/17(Tue)23:27:57 No.3263562

  This is kinda why I posted it.

  # = scene

  1. Leggy Lamb & The Wolf (1958 Droopy Dog Cartoon, Sheep Wrecked)
  2. Shawn and the Flock (Shawn the Sheep)
  3. Lammy Lamb and Master Onion (Um Jammer Lammy &Parappa the Rapper)
  4. Mayor Dawn Bellwether (Zootopia)
  5. Bakumaru, Souffle, Tart (Eto Rangers)
  6. Alright, not sure who these two are.
  7. Mr. pickels and Lammy (Happy Tree Friends)
  8. Jesus, Judas, and Mary Magdalene (Judas & Jesus)
  9. Sweet Piano and Melody (Please my Melody)
  10. Cow and Chicken (Cow and Chicken)
  11. Oikawa Shizuku and Katamari (Idolmaster) (Katamari Damacy)
  12. Cyriak's cows & cows & cows video.
  13. Shima Luan and Melissa Morgan (Super Planet Dolan)
  14. Mareep not sure what the other Pokemon's name is (Pokemon)
  15. Vincent Brooks, Katherine McBride, Catherine (Catherine)
  16. Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
  17. The artists who made the flash, Minus8 and Scorci.

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