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>> Anonymous 21jul2017(fr)13:18 No.51578 OP P1

[IMG] (21.25 MiB)
640x480, Uncompressed. 3975 frames, 29.97 fps (02:13).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>> Anonymous 22jul2017(sa)02:10 No.51601 A P2R1

How about no?
The animations were bad enough as it was. Any redeeming quality, however incredibly small, is
ruined with these. Utter shit.

>> Anonymous 11aug2017(fr)11:44 No.52397 B P3R2

it's not bad

>> Anonymous 11aug2017(fr)12:14 No.52401 C P4


>> Anonymous 11aug2017(fr)14:36 No.52404 B P5

How come expectations are always through the roof when it comes to flash porn?

>> Anonymous 11aug2017(fr)15:37 No.52406 D P6R3

>expectations through the roof
yours are just low

>> Anonymous 11aug2017(fr)15:42 No.52407 C P7

>why can't we all just like everything?
Fuck off, hippie.

>> Anonymous 11aug2017(fr)18:07 No.52408 E P8R4

I like it.

Mainly the fact that the style is similar to the real cartoon plus the insert of original clip make
it look canon.

>> Anonymous 12aug2017(sa)14:08 No.52426 F P9R5

yes, ftf is a cheap zonetv ripoff, we get it, for the 100th time

>> Anonymous 14aug2017(mo)00:19 No.52471 G P10R6

We are bored of the truth, please tell us lies.
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