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[_] Time Destroys all Things Anonymous 11/06/17(Mon)23:09:42 No.3292682

  Time is the true god.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/06/17(Mon)23:15:32 No.3292683

  for you to post this today on all days :(

>> [_] Anonymous 11/06/17(Mon)23:54:36 No.3292693

  Time is imaginary vector of space created by human been.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/07/17(Tue)01:11:42 No.3292710


>> [_] Anonymous 11/07/17(Tue)02:15:53 No.3292713

  Time is something we can observe the results of, but not interact with. Thinking about time
  requires some serious thinking outside the box and a very specific perspective that medieval
  people would have called madness. Imagine a 2 dimensional person, all they have is up, down, left
  and right, no forward or backward. Time to us is like depth to that 2-d person, it's a direction
  we can't even begin to imagine, let alone interact with.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/07/17(Tue)02:26:36 No.3292718

  Reminds of how my friend explained those klien bottle things. Like how pictures look like they
  have depth but are just flat, klien bottles are things that look like they curve back into
  themselves but it's just that we're looking from the wrong perspective.
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