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[_] ; ; :v 10/09/17(Mon)16:14:05 No.3286065

  I'm so tired.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)16:28:37 No.3286068

  Hang in there fren.

>> [_] gravelord 10/09/17(Mon)16:40:11 No.3286072

  we need more clocks

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)16:46:10 No.3286074

  welcome back, :v

>> [_] :v 10/09/17(Mon)17:21:29 No.3286083

  clocks are a good way to pass the time
  >welcome back
  I never went anywhere, I never go anywhere. I'm stuck.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)18:18:51 No.3286093

  aren't we all ;_;
  at least we're stuck on /f/

>> [_] recipe inside 10/09/17(Mon)19:36:00 No.3286109

  >I never went anywhere
  Then why so lurk-y lately? Was beginning to wonder if you went full-anon on us.

  Lemme try to get things right again with a recipe.

  Anonymous Rice Crispies
  1 box Rice Crispies
  1 computer (tablet or mobile acceptable)
  1 box Kleenex

  Pour contents of Rice Crispies box into large bowl
  Set in lap and munch aimlessly while shitposting on favorite board.
  Use Kleenex as necessary to wipe away tears/urine/spittle etc.

  Single serve.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)21:06:54 No.3286125

  hey :v you wrote "aren't you late for someting" instead of "something"

>> [_] :v 10/09/17(Mon)21:28:05 No.3286128

  >Jamaican me crazy mon

  I'm abusing the shit out of my sleep aids at the moment it's a miracle I was able to make
  anything at all.

  but maybe its like the imperfections that make it what it is like totally the raw organic process
  of creation maaaan.

>> [_] dedo !drZ3h7esek 10/09/17(Mon)22:01:14 No.3286139

  just hang in there :v, it'll stop eventually

>> [_] Anonymous 10/10/17(Tue)02:38:13 No.3286177

  We'll all stop eventually

>> [_] Anonymous 10/10/17(Tue)02:50:47 No.3286181

  >am i late
  yeah. for sleep. should have been down about an hour 45 ago. yet here i am

>> [_] Anonymous 10/10/17(Tue)05:34:42 No.3286198

  We, the guilty.
  When the King come down, to trumpet sound
  The dead men share our bread.
  Catch you now the Martyr's crown,
  When blind men's tears are shed.

  There is a man at the end of the road, whose mouth is -not- closed.
  He is screaming the sound of the sleepless, who do not while in the witching hour.
  We wait, prisoners to the block. We wait for fate to come, in the quiet. We wait to be called

  They used to print on execution blades, "Cast In The Name, Ye Not Guilty."

  Who are we becoming?
  I say, we the Guilty.
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