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[_] I miss when /b/tards were the heart of 4chan and not this /pol/ack wave /f/ren
10/09/17(Mon)00:08:36 No.3285939

  >inb4 someone calls /b/ cancer
  I'm talking pre-2011 /b/
  >inb4 it was still cancer
  >inb4 can't inb4 in first post

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)01:07:28 No.3285947

  4chan died in mid 2014, gamergate had fueled deep hatred in what moot was doing. I would be at
  2x4chan now if they had a catalog. their way of doing things is weird. There's still embers of
  comfort and joy here, and the other boards i go on (and probably the blue boards i don't go on).
  /b/ has become semi /trash/ semi normie, it used to be cool i guess, but with the end of moot,
  gamergate, memes that aren't advice animals, and other interesting things, it's different now.
  /f/ is going to die in 3 years maximum too, which is going to be REALLY sad. As a final note
  through all the ramblings: /pol/ is what's flaying the soul of this website, we troll with nazi
  symbols so much so that we summon actual nazis.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)01:13:06 No.3285949

  and in case any anon is wondering what I browse: /bant/ is really my old /b/, /f/ is my home,
  Otherwise it's my hobbies and porn collecting mind.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)01:17:22 No.3285951

  op can't inb4

>> [_] /f/ren 10/09/17(Mon)01:18:51 No.3285952

  >op can't inb4

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)01:20:01 No.3285953

  whatever you say :v, it not just 4chan experiencing this but also most other places on the

>> [_] /f/ren 10/09/17(Mon)01:22:05 No.3285955

  does :v still post here?
  or Faggot (¬‿¬) for that matter

  Been a while since I've actually made a post here myself

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)01:40:36 No.3285959

  Might have been sucked into the discord hole; that's why I hate it when people organize a
  discord/IRC for the exact same thing that the community was mean for, they could've used /f/ for
  discussion instead. They or other people who are there will probably leave when some drama

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)02:51:38 No.3285967

  >4chan stopped getting good when I joined it
  I hate this argument.

>> [_] discord 10/09/17(Mon)03:41:45 No.3285970

  >exact same thing that the community was mean for
  except it's not even close.
  Not even a little bit. Its central theme is that we are all /f/ junkies, but really it's a lot
  more different stuff going on.
  It's where we plot and launch troll campaigns and figure out how to summon actual nazis.
  Also, it's where we have those flash conversations we WOULD (and DID) have here, except those
  elitist newfag turdbird normies get indignant and shit all over the groove. So don't blame
  discord for what's Anon's fault.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)08:05:11 No.3285993

  Dude sounds like Squidward.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)09:52:27 No.3286003

  4chan died when I stopped visiting regularly

  also /pol/ a shit

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)12:53:24 No.3286022

  2x4chan does have catalog, you dumbfuck.
  It had it since day 1.

  Also, this site died the day Forced Anon happened in 2006.
  That along with invisible moderation.
  Also post Snacks since if he was around, he would have continued nazi-banning the FUCK out of
  retards trying to invade this site from FYAD for their EPIC RAIDS XD.

  moot killed this site more than once with his bullshit.
  Fuck anyone that has a soft place for him.
  He was an ideasguy that couldn't manage shit.
  He kicked out everyone that could manage it in supreme autistic rage-fits over IRC.
  The Snacks ban was over him not implementing moots shitty ideas quickly enough, aka INSTANTLY,
  because as I said, ideasguy faggot.
  His tripcode was the most accurate thing about moot.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)13:10:35 No.3286025

  şu amına kodumun alevisini dinlemeyin

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)13:46:20 No.3286028

  >/pol/ is what's flaying the soul of this website, we troll with nazi symbols so much so that we
  summon actual nazis.
  Idiotic faggot. You know so little.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)13:56:10 No.3286029


>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)14:15:06 No.3286035

  found someone from /pol/

  back to your containment board!

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)14:34:32 No.3286039

  you have to go back

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)15:50:20 No.3286059

  Funny coming from a /pol/kid. Fuck off to your subreddit of a board.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)16:39:09 No.3286070

  >implying i haven't been on for more
  >has a catalog
  I think i may be too retarded to see the button then
  >refuting with no evidence
  Arrogance is bliss to you isn't it?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)16:49:02 No.3286075

  You hate the truth

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)19:12:09 No.3286102

  >4chan died in 2014

  2010 was the real decline when /v/ started its huge drop in quality and increased growth as a
  board. Many the eternal summerfags of 2007 start to scatter in mass to new boards since /b/ began
  to become stale. 2011 was probably the worst as dub threads literally became way to stop
  "cancer". Some board were able to fight off the crossposters i.e. /jp/, but most fell and people
  migated to escape "/b/'tards.

  Then came the reddit escape goat which hell I can't even remember exactly when people stopped
  screaming /b/ then reddit instead.

  The gamergate thing was basically Project Chanology 2.0 and it would only get worse from there.
  The politically climate in media and pop culture launched a new war in earnest and people started
  to pick sides and /pol/ was determined to be at the front of it. The trump movement was only the
  head of what was building up for years now.

  Yet there are still old idiots like me who just can't seem to move on.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)19:14:58 No.3286103

  Basically what I am saying /v/ killed 4chan not /pol/

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)19:34:39 No.3286108

  /pol/ is the beating heart of this website, go fuck off and die

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)19:53:14 No.3286111

  >/f/ is going to die in 3 years maximum too
  Of course it will, as flash itself will die by then most certainly

  It has catalog. It's a little weird, but it is there

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)20:10:31 No.3286115

  Is learning flash now a thing that is not a waste of time?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/09/17(Mon)20:10:38 No.3286116

  cry harder little fagglet
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