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>> Anonymous 6sep2017(we)16:00 No.53062 OP P1

[IMG] vegahunters_v7_03_by_balsamique-dblmbxx.swf (4.86 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 97 frames, 20 fps (00:05).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 6sep2017(we)18:15 No.53063 A P2R1

not a lot so far but like the dune game it has gorgeous art so i cant wait for more

>> Anonymous 6sep2017(we)19:04 No.53065 B P3R2

So just the one repeating f/f scene and a blowjob?

>> Anonymous 6sep2017(we)20:18 No.53068 A P4R3

wait where'd you find the BJ
also yeah its a very early build

>> Anonymous 6sep2017(we)23:14 No.53071 C P5R4

Theres another world where you can fuck a robot and give some girl a facial.

>> Anonymous 7sep2017(th)04:08 No.53079 A P6R5

i found the facial and the robot but i cant fuck the robot

>> Anonymous 7sep2017(th)05:41 No.53080 D P7R6

I read that has VeganHunters and was kind of dissapointed it wasnt a game about hunting and killing

>> Anonymous 8sep2017(fr)05:04 No.53121 C P8R7

I dont remember the steps but the main quest needs you to steal the robots memory card so try to
find the next story step.

>> Anonymous 8sep2017(fr)06:45 No.53124 E P9R8

kind of a shame every background is ripped right out of mass effect then smeared into a dream

>> Anonymous 9sep2017(sa)05:40 No.53148 F P10R9

what a shame

>> Anonymous 12sep2017(tu)02:39 No.53226 G P11R10

it's just filler for now

>> Anonymous 12sep2017(tu)04:07 No.53228 H P12R11

cant wait for the next version

gotta complain about something

>> Anonymous 12sep2017(tu)10:56 No.53231 I P13R12


This game borks itself in the title menu. You want to click "Beginning:Palace", or the game throws
you in the middle of the story while cutting you off from certain scenes.

>> Anonymous 13sep2017(we)20:21 No.53266 J P14R13

I made a full playthrough/walkthrough of all the content available so far!

-alien prostate blowjob
-teen handjob
-android cowgirl+doggy
-lesbian scissoring

>> Anonymous 13sep2017(we)21:45 No.53267 K P15R14


>when you are so casual you are unable to play a visual novel

>> Anonymous 15sep2017(fr)10:55 No.53317 L P16R15

God this is youtube again, thankgoodnes its not a letsplay

>> Anonymous 18sep2017(mo)14:32 No.53427 M P17R16

still, thanks anon

>> Anonymous 26oct2017(th)06:26 No.54552 N P18R17

>anon in charge of complaining about stuff
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