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[_] /t/ here Anonymous 01/13/18(Sat)19:09:10 No.3308062

  Now is your chance to request cosplay porn!
  Password: 4chan
  ...but if you don't seed I'll track you down and ____ you.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/18(Sat)20:48:22 No.3308074

  The magnets don't work you hack

>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/18(Sat)21:01:27 No.3308079

  Nevermind, rutorrent was just being a bitch about magnets

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)07:03:33 No.3308149

  223 doesn't work unfortunately.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)07:11:01 No.3308150


>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)07:24:53 No.3308151

  To clarify, every other torrent I've tried on the list works, just not 223

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)08:18:29 No.3308158

  no seeds... what's even the point

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)12:51:17 No.3308172

  This might be true for the older videos of the popular girls. Some cuck told the camwhores and it
  might be possible that they try to sabotate the torrents by leeching till it's dead.
  Keep track of the thread anyway. I might come up with something to share the porn without it
  getting DMCA'd or sabotated.
  Newer torrents should work though.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)13:23:12 No.3308174

  So why are you posting this on /f/?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)13:30:12 No.3308177

  One of the guys who share the stuff said there aren't enough requests so I'm advertising here a

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)13:38:21 No.3308178

  i see... well fuck off. your shit sucks.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)13:54:43 No.3308182

  fuck off back to /b/ spastic cunt

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)14:07:37 No.3308185

  >grabbing a sword by the blade
  /k/ here, you're retarded

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)14:16:30 No.3308190

  look at this nigga who doesn't know what half swording is

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)14:17:21 No.3308191

  >not having a superior edgeless blade

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)15:20:42 No.3308198

  im pretty sure thats not a real sword, actually
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