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[_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)00:13:56 No.3303471

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)02:14:56 No.3303485

  >AMM putting his name on everything
  >Literally posting his botnet here
  top kek

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)06:24:48 No.3303503


>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)06:28:54 No.3303504

  if i understand correctly he puts actionscript in all (?) his flashes that phone home to a server
  every time they are opened. hopefully just to track the number of times a flash has been viewed.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)06:31:57 No.3303506

  Interesting, welp my paranoia has begun to set in so probably wont be viewing this flash anymore

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)06:32:11 No.3303507

  just for the record it has a cunt and is from finland thus the nickname the finnish cunt

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)06:33:36 No.3303509

  everybody is a guy online unless its proved otherwise. i doubt there are any female flash makers
  on /f/.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)06:38:37 No.3303512

  Its almost second nature to assume any Anon one meets online is a guy, and even if an Anon states
  otherwise I mostly dont believe them or dont care since theyre still an Anon

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)10:41:17 No.3303527

  if you have security concerns, you should probably give up playing flashes altogether. I just
  don't care enough to worry about it. viewing dodgy flashes on pirated windows pc with no active
  antivirus, talk about living on the edge huh anon?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/24/17(Sun)19:23:49 No.3303587

  Its like you know me
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