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Discovered:17/12 -2017 19:10:12

Ended:18/12 -2017 02:36:59

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File: debiru.swf-(2.24 MB, 550x1020, Anime)
[_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)13:07:41 No.3302039

  Strangely, this wasn't working when saved to my computer itself.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)13:28:17 No.3302045


>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)13:31:59 No.3302046

  click on flash

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)16:46:56 No.3302091

  did you make this? i like it. i coulda given you the cut of the track i used to make test1.swf so
  you didnt have to do it yourself. all i did was speed it up by 20% and boost the bass slightly in

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)17:17:19 No.3302097

  I did not, someone yesterday made it after the Test1.swf was posted.
  I saved it but it won't run off my computer for some reason, unlike most flashes.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)18:34:35 No.3302126


  I'm pretty sure that's Russian so it's a pain in the ass to type without knowing it (I think I
  only got it because someone else typed it out yesterday) Youtube doesn't bring up the right
  results even anyway.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)18:38:02 No.3302128

  dont disable the right-click menu for fucks sake, jesus fucking christ

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)19:08:24 No.3302135

  ugh, that beep is in the music source :57

>> [_] Anonymous 12/17/17(Sun)20:34:52 No.3302190

  I didn't even notice that. Apparently it's in the original song too
  om/watch?v=0hfTVwz2puc 1:25
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