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[_] [I] [D] [S] Anonymous 01/13/18(Sat)20:39:10 No.3308073

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] M-Non 01/13/18(Sat)22:58:10 No.3308096

  When i start wondering why steven universe is being ported as a flash. Then I start wondering,
  why aren't all of steven universe's episodes being ported onto flash and being made into a season
  1 to present marathon over a few days through flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)00:21:41 No.3308107


>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)02:19:58 No.3308120

  I hate this show with a blinding passion because it represents all that is tumblr

  but i want to fuck that blue one

>> [_] ERE NULLΛ 01/14/18(Sun)04:13:29 No.3308128

  Good taste

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)06:22:40 No.3308142

  oh my god you got me

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)12:37:30 No.3308169

  shouldnt take to long to wonder about that. because no thank you

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)14:13:07 No.3308188


>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)15:25:44 No.3308201

  the payoff was worth it

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)15:36:14 No.3308204

  Unironically a nice show to be honest, can you anons explain what you mean when you say this show
  is unwatchable due to 'tumblr elements'?
  it has some kinda quirky stuff, like a decent way into the show the protagonist boy and his
  girlfriend/friend/sidekick 'morph' into a single big androgynous human, but that is so deep into
  the show and the creators dont use it at all to shove your face into anything 'tumblr', that i
  doubt its what people are referring to.
  The show in general, especially the first 5 episodes if you want to check it out, is just a
  coming of age story about a ~10 year old boy in some wacky but cute shenanigans. It is an
  important distinction that just because the tumblr elements of the fanbase may larp things about
  the show ("theres a fat character, FAT ACCEPTANCE xDDDD"), the show doesnt touch on these issues
  at all, again it is just a cute coming of age story thats played on cartoon network, of course it
  doesnt try to preach on adult social issues such as sexuality etc. I wonder if the hate this show
  receives is not because of the content of the show at all, but because of a segment of the
  My challenge to the anons who will give me an angry (you) calling me a tumblr shill, is to watch
  the first few episodes(they are 10 minutes each), and give me examples of things that are
  inherently tumblr or 'sjw'
  Again, its a really comfy show, similar in style so something like 'adventure time' which is a
  cute and comfy show to people of all ages

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)16:08:39 No.3308206

  I opened this and had to close it immediately due to how ugly and bad sounding it was.
  Ironman opening is better than this.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/14/18(Sun)16:11:58 No.3308207

  Bad art style and bad execution of that art that is generally off model, even from shot to shot
  let alone episode to episode. The voice acting is bad and the music is just terrible.
  Don't even need to care about the politics to see that the show itself is trash.
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