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Discovered:31/1 -2018 06:35:32

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[_] What is she saying in Romaji? Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)00:32:13 No.3312191

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)00:45:54 No.3312194

  It saddens me that Demo-sama will probably never return to youtube

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)00:52:38 No.3312195

  He's been doing plenty of streaming, during the day, since monster hunter came out

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)01:18:50 No.3312197


>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)01:56:46 No.3312201

  Kanita ka nya~
  but don't quote me on that

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)02:06:22 No.3312204

  Doki *** daka nya?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)02:22:53 No.3312207

  Shut up guys, I'm trying to ID that rifle in the background. AR-15 of some kind? Airshit?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)08:45:52 No.3312253


>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)09:46:49 No.3312259

  that's a Nerf Vengeant

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)16:24:02 No.3312300


  are you telling me people dont have real guns lying around their house

  and arent nerf guns supposed to be cute and colorful

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)16:42:46 No.3312306

  how the fuck do you expect someone to identify a gun with only this

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)16:59:20 No.3312308

  Do you even /k/?

  I reasoned it's probably AR-15 because the shape of receiver, magwell, trigger guard and pistol
  grip clearly resemble AR-15 family. Also, they are most common civvie rifles in Burgeristan with
  lots of aftermarket options.

  What throws me off is the shape of the mag. Doesn't seem like normal stanag-compatible 30-round
  5.56mm NATO mag. Maybe it has some hipster caliber upper. The optic also seems to sit weirdly
  high. The stock might be weird too, hard to tell for sure with that resolution. Seems like it's
  sloped down so much the buffer tube couldn't fit.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)17:00:52 No.3312310

  "tokimeta ka nya" i think

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)17:02:17 No.3312311

  post it on /k/ then

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)17:02:43 No.3312312

  But that wouldn't be fun.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/31/18(Wed)17:07:08 No.3312313

  no worries, I did it for you

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