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[_] when was the last time you visited your parents? Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)09:20:47 No.3329661

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>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)09:29:44 No.3329663

  im one of those adults that visit my parents way too much. even live with them some parts of the
  year. ill be devastated when they die.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)11:33:54 No.3329687

  Just once a year at Christmas.

  I'm only 22...

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)14:02:11 No.3329707

  my mum died last year

  i last saw my dad and sister last month on my birthday

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)14:17:30 No.3329709

  Four months ago.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)17:43:41 No.3329748

  Today. Before that about 2 months.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)18:09:54 No.3329756

  last time i walked upstairs for tendies

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)18:27:13 No.3329760

  last time was christmas. I was supposed to go home easter weekend, but I missed my flight back,
  got blackout drunk at a strip club near the airport, and then missed the last flight of the
  night, stumbled home via train in the early morning feeling like a complete human trash can.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)18:44:06 No.3329768

  usually don't see them for months. it's always bad news like someone died so I try not think
  about it.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)18:53:08 No.3329770

  I want to see them less, but they try to force their hand into my life even after I've lived over
  600 km away for four years. I can kinda understand why, but in all honesty they have been
  overprotective from the beginning, to the point where it has been manipulative. I haven't lived a
  free childhood. Or an easy one, with all the bullying and school doing nothing about it.

  They are living safe lives so I guess I'll be seeing the usual "live old, die of age" with both
  of them. I can't say for sure but I don't think I'd cry if my parents passed away. Either way
  they are still irreplaceable and I feel I must respect them for that.

  If they have been good to you, be good to them anon. Even if they didn't know what they were
  doing, they only wanted your best benefit... unless of course they were actually pieces of human
  garbage. I can understand hate where it's reasonable.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/16/18(Mon)19:19:46 No.3329777

  I am 18, and live with them.
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