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Discovered:13/2 -2018 11:53:22

Ended:14/2 -2018 03:02:46

Checked:14/2 -2018 04:11:43

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[_] Please stand by! :v 02/13/18(Tue)05:51:19 No.3315274

  >warming up touhou posts.....
  >tensioning golbins
  >polishing honking horn

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)06:45:36 No.3315282

  that glowing on intermission is fugged
  you need to start everything over :d

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)06:59:28 No.3315283

  question is, did he intend for the text to be selectable or not? regardless too late now

>> [_] :v 02/13/18(Tue)07:20:50 No.3315290

  can't you just be happy I didn't slap music over a gif for once :<


>> [_] のこ 02/13/18(Tue)08:23:06 No.3315295

  idk why, but i reallly like this song. thanks for the OC :v good to see ya

>> [_] :v 02/13/18(Tue)09:04:58 No.3315298

  Its catchy right?
  Came across when digging for samples and before I knew it I had it on repeat for three hours.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)09:08:56 No.3315300

  is that actually from those 78 rpm vinyl collection that mike posted back on flashgip?

>> [_] :v 02/13/18(Tue)09:37:18 No.3315304

  noap, it's from another archive I found jewtube rabbit-holing
  Now that you mention it I should dig through that collection some more.

>> [_] のこ 02/13/18(Tue)10:15:36 No.3315305

  shit,im coming up on hour 2 right now, you arent kidding!

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)11:22:48 No.3315311

  sauce? youtube shows nothing and google says it's rare french vinyl from 1975

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)12:03:57 No.3315313

  song name?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)12:18:30 No.3315319

  you should, there are some great jams in there.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)17:03:09 No.3315365

  can a nigga get a link bls?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)17:33:37 No.3315372

  Simple yet brilliant. 10 points for the OC

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)20:19:32 No.3315407

  well, the glow changes color when you highlight the text.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/13/18(Tue)21:01:52 No.3315412


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