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[_] [H] This should be popular. Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)10:32 No.1120872

  I like it when zone rapes someone's childhood.

Marked for deletion (old).

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)10:38 No.1120875


>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)10:44 No.1120877

  >>1120872 I like it when zone rapes someone's childhood.
  I like it when someone renames a zone flash and spells the character's name wrong.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)10:45 No.1120878


>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)10:56 No.1120879

  I don't watch fosters on the account of I'm terribly fond of the show and that I hate most of the

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)11:57 No.1120898

  That was more funny than sexy. I had a little chuckle, I won't lie.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)12:13 No.1120907


>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)12:23 No.1120909

  >I'm terribly fond of the show and that I hate most of the characters.
  >fond of the show
  >hate most of the characters


>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)12:38 No.1120914

  That was funny, very funny.

  Love Zone's work all the time!

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)12:58 No.1120919

  edited for clarity:

  "I don't watch fosters on the account of I'm not terribly fond of the show because I hate most of
  the characters."

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)13:03 No.1120920

  this made my day

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)13:04 No.1120921

  Well, see THAT makes sense.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)13:20 No.1120931

  i can't fap to this.

  it's too hilarious.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)13:21 No.1120932

  >Implying Foster's was ever a part of our childhoods and wasn't most likely a part of our late
  teen years.

  Give it a few years and THEN it will ruin someones childhood.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)13:40 No.1120938

  >our late teen years

  Speak for yourself, youngster.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)13:51 No.1120943

  too short

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)15:02 No.1120994

  >spells the character's name wrong.
  shallow and pedantic

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)15:23 No.1121004

  I couldn't even fap. I just stared in complete bemusement.

  ...still feel violated.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)15:30 No.1121008

  This is amazingly clean and polished. ZONE is becoming quite impressive.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)16:03 No.1121025


  Yes, but it's a clean and polished flash cartoon parodying a flash cartoon

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)16:07 No.1121026

  Fosters was not animated in Flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)16:08 No.1121028



>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)16:16 No.1121035

  it was.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)16:42 No.1121053

  >Girls can't resist the pearly whites.

  I burst out loling.

>> [_] KCIN !nEcw8UBlRU 11/21/09(Sat)17:46 No.1121087

  cannot unsee

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)17:49 No.1121088

  do not want to unsee

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)18:18 No.1121112

  needs more Goo

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)18:27 No.1121119

  lol mine too

>> [_] Anonymous 11/21/09(Sat)18:34 No.1121126

  For the fucking win.

>> [_] ME-tan !AW11phd3JE 11/21/09(Sat)18:41 No.1121133

  Zone is getting better at this.
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