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This is the wiki page for Flash #199851
Visit the flash's index page for basic data and a list of seen names.

minus8 goome.swf
623,7 KiB, 00:00 | [W] [I]

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 7/2 -2017 00:50:42 Ended: 29/3 -2017 08:07:48Flashes: 1 Posts: 8
/ > /fap/ > Thread 10721 Age: 43.3d Health: 0% Posters: 8 Posts: 8 Replies: 7 Files: 1+3
>> Anon 43916 [IMG] minus8 goome.swf (623.7 KiB) 550x400, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00). Ver15, AS3. Network access: Text: Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Video: <METADATA> [find in archive]
>> Anon 43933 I need more goombella in my life. <3
>> Anon 43937 I'd stomp that.
>> Anon 43954 Is minus8 fucking half deaf or something? Why is the music in his flashes always so obscenely loud
>> Anon 43962 >># My dumb ass always forgets how loud his shit always is and I get a mini heart attack every time.
>> Anon 43971 >># >># idk flash in general is pretty loud I always got my volume down to 2 digits when opening swf files
>> Anon 43978 This is almost perfect,it just needs a cum button or ending otherwise i cant get off
>> Anon 43983 quality>quantity. I know i sound like whining faggot inb4 im a whining faggot, but if you'd spend more than 3 days each on each flash, theyd have more quality and a cum scene.
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